The farmer said that he had visited Mars, the Moon and Venus

Buck Nelson abduction

The era of the 1940s, 50s and 60s was full of stories about aliens, UFO encounters, and alien abductions. The cases of Roswell, Betty and Barney Hill, and George Adamski are among the most famous stories. Widely recognized by people with a great interest in aliens. In the 1950s, a farmer named Buck Nelson claimed to have visited Mars, the Moon, and Venus. On a spaceship with two aliens.

Buck Nelson was born in Colorado on April 9, 1895. He spent most of his life on a farm. And even bought 80 acres of land in the Ozark Mountains, Missouri. In his book "My Travels to Mars, the Moon and Venus," he wrote that his first encounter with aliens occurred in April 1954 at his home in the Ozark Mountains.

Buck Nelson. The farmer is a traveler. Photo: Ken Steinhoff

Buck Nelson. The farmer is a traveler. Photo: Ken Steinhoff

Nelson said it started when his radio started working strangely. His dog was outside and barking. To check the situation, he went outside and found himself in a shocking state. When I saw a large disk-shaped spaceship accompanied by two small UFOs. He broke into his house to bring a camera and took pictures of flying saucers. But I failed to take photos.

What happened next was nothing less than a miracle for Nelson. He pointed the camera at the disk and signaled them to come down. But in response to this, a bright light struck, and he fell. He felt paralyzed until the UFOs flew away. After this strange encounter, he found that his eyesight had improved since he stopped using reading glasses. In addition, he claimed that his muscle and back pain had passed after the first UFO sightings.

Alien guests at Nelson's and regular conventions

On March 5, 1955, he was visited by three strangers, including two aliens from Venus, one man, and a giant dog named Bo. It was midnight, and they spent an hour at Nelson's house. They examined his apartment and were interested in the power source of his radio. Later, the farmer found out that the aliens from Venus use solar energy as a source of energy. And the force between the Sun and the planets. Even before the flight, they told him that someday they would take him on a trip to space.

Ken Steinhoff, retired newspaper photographer and writer. Shared his personal story about his visit to the Buck Nelson Convention on spaceships. Which took place in the summer of 1966. At that time, Buck Nelson was over 70, and he had been organizing congresses since 1954. There were discussions of early observations.

Steinhoff wrote that a man named James Hill, who called himself a close friend of Nelson. He said they had previously lived in California, and before retiring, Nelson worked as a police detective. Hill himself served in the US Army and participated in the World War.
Hill said that Nelson and his dog Ted were taken by the "Space Brothers" on a trip to other planets. First, he flew to Mars, then to the moon, and, eventually, to Venus. He personally saw the "Space Brothers", describing them as over 1.8 meters tall with black beards.

Buck Nelson with his dog Ted. Photo: Ken Steinhoff

Buck Nelson with his dog Ted. Photo: Ken Steinhoff

Alien Warnings

The farmer described Mars as a colorful place, similar to Earth, where people of different colors and races lived. Venus was a peaceful place that didn't need a police department. The moon was described as a base for the production of stones for unknown needs. According to Hill, the purpose of space people's visits was to convey a message to Earth scientists. That they should stop experimenting with hydrogen and atomic bombs because they can destroy the universe.

When the astronauts first contacted Mr. Nelson, (Hill saw them later) they said: "You have a mission. To let you know what we are going to tell you." Mr. Hill said he's learned a lot since then.

Steinhoff wrote::

Hill told some interesting things about the space brothers:

1. They traveled at high speed on spaceships of different types;

2. They didn't want anything from Earth, just to prevent scientists from creating nuclear bombs;

3. Many of these space people have long lived on Earth and lived among people. Thousands of them even worked in the US space program. To keep an eye on the scientists and stop them if they go too far.

Steinhoff wrote::

To prove his point, the farmer also sold the black hair of the dog Bo at his congresses. But after discovering the similarity of Bo's hair to terrestrial dogs, Nelson said, "Dogs are dogs. It doesn't matter what planet they're from." Although Nelson achieved great fame after publishing his story and holding conventions. He did not become as famous as other contacts with aliens. He died in 1982.

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