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The Alien on Tutankhamun's Ring

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The Alien on Tutankhamun's Ring

This ring is kept at the Walters Museum in Baltimore (USA). According to the description on the museum's website, it was purchased in 1930 in Cairo. The ring was found in Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. Scientists believe that it was created between 664-322 BC.

For some reason, in the scientific world, it is believed that the god Ptah is depicted on it - while on the reverse side of the ring there is an inscription Amon-Ra (the Sun God, the supreme deity of the ancient Egyptians).

In any case, the creature depicted on the ring is very interesting and clearly has an unearthly origin - by the way, in the mythology of the Egyptians, the gods had a direct relationship to the cosmos. And the pharaohs descended from the cosmic gods. Interestingly, according to many ancient sources, the history of the Egyptian dynasties dates back many thousands of years, much more than modern historians believe.

It is curious that the god depicted on the ring holds in his hands a divine staff with magical properties. It is believed that such staff could control the weather, break rocks and perform many other miracles - and perhaps they were high-tech tools.

The Alien on Tutankhamun's Ring

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