Billy Meier: a Contactee or a Scam?

Billy Meier: a Contactee or a Scam?

In the 1970s and 1980s, ufologists hotly debated the case of a certain Swiss citizen, Billy Meier, who claimed that he regularly comes into contact with aliens visiting Earth in UFOs. He was prepared to provide hundreds of proofs to prove his claim.

billy Meier

The "chosen one" or ... the deceiver?

Probably, none of the so-called contactees achieved such wide popularity as this one-armed Swiss farmer, known as Edward (Billy) Meier. Anyone could admire more than a thousand images depicting his meetings with his brothers in mind, watch more than a dozen amateur films with images of alien spaceships. In addition, he had a collection of samples of alien rocks, as well as hundreds of records with important technical information and spiritual parting words of aliens who allegedly came from the constellation of the Pleiades, which is "only" 410 light-years away from Earth.

UFO sightings Billy meier

Surprisingly, the authenticity of Meier's unusual contacts was confirmed by more than forty people! Such extensive material, supplemented by the testimony of witnesses, made this story out of the ordinary, a real sensation for ufologists. However, after several years of painstaking study of the sources, some researchers of extraterrestrial civilizations came to the conclusion that everything presented is a complete falsification. At the same time, it turned out that some researchers consider Meier's evidence to be real facts.

In the course of the controversy, supporters and opponents of sensational statements were equally concerned about the following. If the Swiss's claims are true, then why did the aliens choose him to communicate with them? And if he is lying, then, the question is, what did he expect, committing the most grandiose forgery in the history of ufology?

Ready more than others

According to Meier, he first saw a UFO at the age of five. It was a "big round ship" flying over a church in his hometown. Years passed — and young Edward received ... a telepathic message, in which he was asked to be ready to meet with the aliens. Soon it took place. Then he received recommendations on how to live on, what to do. Edward enlisted in the French Foreign Legion, participated in car racing for a while, and was even a snake charmer. Meeting with people of different life views and intellects, Meier saw and experienced a lot. According to Wendell Stevens, a well-known ufologist and former military pilot, Meier was well prepared to accept new ideas. "His soul was more open than ours."

Meier's most intense "contact" activity took place in 1975-1978. During this period, he allegedly met 130 times with natives of the Pleiades constellation and each time received telepathic notifications about the place and time of landing of the ship. The aliens themselves suggested that Meier photograph their spaceships. In order for the UFOs to be visible to the photo lens, they surrounded them with a force field.

UFO sightings

Such meetings, usually held on the southern outskirts of Zurich, were witnessed by Meier's acquaintances. True, they never approached the ships, but they saw UFOs fly into the sky at the end of the negotiations. Someone had captured on film the trampled grass-the marks of a space alien landing. Meier claimed that he was repeatedly invited inside the ship, and this is confirmed by witnesses.

As for the information he received, he drew it from conversations with guests who reported that they came to Earth from the planet Erra, the number of inhabitants of which is 529,000 million. Their civilization is about three thousand years ahead of Earth's. Outwardly, aliens from outer space are similar to humans, but due to a higher level of development, they have much greater capabilities. The purpose of the visit is to inform earthlings that there are other habitable planets in the universe. The underlying reason is also to help us assure our very threatened future survival. 

And again, there was a nagging question: why was the unknown Meier chosen for the historical contact? Edward himself confidently answers it: it's just that the aliens considered him the most prepared for the meeting. That's it, no more, no less!

Opinions "pros" and "cons"

Many researchers believe that the photos were fabricated, and the so-called witnesses were misled by a clever fraudster. Others consider Meier a victim of harassment and believe that it is important for someone to discredit him in the eyes of the public. Wendy Stevens, after reading Meier's dossier, concluded: "These pictures are fantastic. I've never seen anything like it before."

Regardless of the objective value of the materials provided, Stevens believes it is obvious that Meier, a farmer with a very modest income and a physically incomplete person, would have found it difficult to organize a scam of this scale. How, with only one hand, would he be able to create all the props necessary for falsification? And where did you get the funds to finance it?

For three years, the "case" of Meier was studied by ufologist Gary Kinder. As a result, the book "Light Years" was born, in which the author admits that most of the evidence presented by Meier is authentic. The photos made a particularly strong impression on Kinder, although samples of materials, videos, and tape recordings also did not cause any doubts.

Another UFO researcher, Kal Korf, came to the opposite conclusion. Meier's stories about his meetings with the messengers of distant worlds, he called the greatest deception in the history of ufology. Korf criticized Meier as passionately as the Contactee supporters defended him. As proof of the "linden tree", Korf describes in detail the methods of photo forgery. The researcher's argument received wide response and was so convincing that most ufologists no longer doubted that Meier was a forger.

Contactee's "Fairy Tales"

And as if to confirm this opinion, starting in the second half of the 80s, when his popularity began to decline, Meier began to tell more and more improbable stories. For example, on an alien ship, he traveled through time and, once in the past, met with Jesus Christ, who proclaimed him his successor. From this "trip", Meier brought a photo of a pterodactyl flying against the background of the pyramids. And while traveling to the future, he allegedly saw San Francisco sinking into ocean waters during an earthquake. After such "revelations", even his most ardent supporters began to turn away from Meier. It would seem clear: the deceiver is finally exposed. However, the story continued.

Here is one of the cases when a certain Herr Schmid gave a drawing of a Pteranodon by the artist Zdenek Buryan for a photo of Meier.

Meier photo

And here is the Artist's Drawing.

And here is the Artist's Drawing.

A "photo" with text and a drawing was sent to Bill with a request to explain what was happening.

In response, Billy Meier replied that during his great space journey, he took more than a hundred different photos, but most of the negatives were corrected in such a way as to pass it off as fakes. As a result, when Alien found out about this, he got angry and took all the negatives, and forbade them to be published anywhere in the future. But photos of fakes are still "walking" on the network.

Photos of the Ascet and Nera aliens

Acet and Nera alien

These are photos of an alien from Venus and a photo next to it that was supposed to expose Meier since the second photo is allegedly a double.

The adaptation of photos to the earth's doubles is clearly presented in these photos, look, the original photo was a "mirror" reflection of the subsequent ones, but if you remove the mirror image, the similarity will no longer be so obvious:


The symmetry of the Ascet's head is perfect. The symmetry of the head of its "double" is missing (see the photo below).

Ascet. Complete symmetry.

Ascet. Complete symmetry.

Michelle DellaFave. Lack of symmetry.

Michelle DellaFave. Lack of symmetry.

The photos of Ascet and Nera were not taken from the TV screen, as claimed by the "whistleblowers". Investigators have confirmed that this is not the case. First, Meier took his picture in 1975, and the first color TV appeared in July 1976. Secondly, there is no three-color grid of the cathode ray tube, which would display the blue, green, and red colors located at three points, if the photo was taken from a TV, as in the photo on the right.

alien photo

A photo from the future.

Wendel Stevens-one of the researchers of the Billy Meier contacts, who owns the largest collection of UFO photos, says...


We were once at Billy's Schmidruti farm in 1978 when Mayer mentioned time travel and a 'trip' he took with the Pleiadians to see the great San Francisco earthquake predicted in the future, which he said he was allowed to photograph with his own camera. We insisted, of course, on seeing the photographs, and continued to do so until Meier left the room and returned with an envelope in his hand.

He opened the envelope and spread out the eleven colored prints on the kitchen table. Billy said they were pictures of a future earthquake in San Francisco. Then he would pass them to the table one by one for us to examine. At the time, there were at least nine to ten people sitting at this table, including his wife Calliope, Engelbert and his wife Maria, Jacobus, Bernadette, and a couple whose names I don't remember.

I studied each photo carefully, trying to recognize familiar landmarks and buildings, as well as any outstanding new structures that I had never seen before. I carefully examined the cars displayed in the streets below, for features of style and architecture unfamiliar in our time. I have seen small cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external protrusions, and some of them had half and some had the upper part of the interior completely glazed, which made them look more like beetles than regular cars.

The earthquake in San-Franscisco

I saw the World Trade Center building crack in a steep pyramid shape from the upper right to the lower left at the viewer's angle, and another large rectangular building with taller towers at either end collapsed in the middle and brought down two towers with it. There were flames, black smoke, water, and gas spewing from broken pipes, and a lot of dust was flying out of the collapsing rectangular building.

We looked at the photos again, studying them again, and then Mr. Meier gathered them up, put them back in the envelope, and took the envelope out of the kitchen again. We were all in shock at what we had just seen and discussed it briefly before this meeting ended and everyone went to bed. A few days later, Meier was called to a new contact and asked to bring the photos he had taken with him.

The aliens also wanted their scientists to look at the photos, and they took the negatives and prints with them. When Meier tried to return the photos, he was accused of showing them to us without their consent and against their instructions not to do so until after a certain deadline. These photos were never returned to him. So today, we don't have any conclusive evidence that these pictures were ever taken.

A year later, on another trip to Switzerland, our attention was drawn to an article in the European edition of GEO Magazine, which depicted a picture of the future destruction of San Francisco, which was surprisingly similar to one of Meier's photographs.

The earthquake in San-Franscisco

I was struck by the close resemblance to the photo I had seen at Meier's house the year before, but I didn't see the details in the magazine that were previously visible well enough to make a reliable comparison. Later, I received copies of GEO magazine, and then I remembered that this article had only one photo on two pages, whereas I had seen eleven different photos at the Mayer house. Where did he get the other ten if, as his accusers say, " he copied the photos from an article in GEO magazine."

When Meier asked the Pleiadians about this, they said that any artist can use the same reality and take similar pictures because the buildings shown on them exist in our time. I don't think very many people have seen these 12 photos at the Meier house. They looked very realistic to me. They were real photographs, not pictures of paintings.

Most people, on the other hand, are likely to conclude that a photo of Meier and a photo of a magazine are the same thing. But there are at least ten people who know otherwise, and I'm one of them.

An ironclad argument in favor of…

In the January 2002 issue of the popular science magazine National Geographic, a curious publication appeared. It was about the fact that during Meier's active contact with the inhabitants of the planet Erra, they told him that Mount Chimborazo, the highest volcano in Ecuador, is 2150 meters higher than Everest. They say that there is nothing to be surprised at the Earth in its shape is not a perfect ball, it seems to be swollen in the middle, so measuring a mountain from sea level is not an estimate of its true height.

This was stated ten years ago. And recently, scientists have found that the "swelling" of the middle part of the Earth along its entire circumference really takes place as a result of the forces that arise during the rotation of the planet. Therefore, if you measure the height of the mountains from the center of the Earth, Chimborazo will be higher than Everest by 2,200 meters. And if from sea level, then, on the contrary, Everest will be 2540 meters higher than Chimborazo.

Chimborazo vs everest

"To choose a particular mountain and claim that it is the highest peak in the world, higher than Mount Everest, and with an accuracy of 50 meters to name how much higher, if measured from the center of the planet... To do this long before the recognition of this fact by scientists… Isn't it too incredible a feat for a poor Swiss farmer who has not even finished high school?" This is the question that ends the publication in a respected publication.


The purpose of this article was not a comprehensive analysis of Billy Meier's work, so we did not touch on the famous toy blaster that Billy showed on the video, shooting without firing. Or by showing the alien's girlfriend holding it without showing the alien. I'm not even talking about how many inconsistencies there are in his "great space journey". But if we consider only the materials of today's article, I want to draw your attention to the following points.

Photo of the Pterodactyl there is a photo from the drawing. The photo of the destroyed San Francisco was also a photo from the drawing. What did the guests see? The photos are of poor quality, as Billy always did, to hide the details and stylize them.

Is it a coincidence that the magazine in which the pictures appeared is also in German? Why not the British? As for the photos of the girls, it is absolutely the same story, all of the poor quality, while individual photos of flying saucers are made with excellent sharpness. In our opinion, this is a troll of his time. And he has a great sense of humor. If you are interested, we can post a comprehensive analysis of his photos of plates on YouTube, and finally debunk all the myths. Write to our social networks!

P.S. To finally dispel your doubts, we attach a photo of Billy Mayer with Ptah (one of the aliens with whom Billy allegedly contacted). As you can see, there is an absolutely similar scheme - he took a picture of the film poorly, gave it out as his =)

Meier and Ptaah

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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