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UFO analysis - examination of UFOs photo and video materials. Expert assessment

Here you can see our analysis of UFO cases and photos with aliens. We carry out the examination by various scientific methods. all this helps to determine what exactly is in front of us in the submitted materials.

If you are in doubt about any video or photo, you can send it to us. The most interesting cases will be considered in one of the following collections

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Inspection of flying saucers in July 2020

Inspection of flying saucers in July 2020

This collection analyzes 4 cases of video evidence with flying saucers around the world. This is an interesting analysis, saucers have recently appeared less and less often on the vast expanses of our vast planet. If you do not agree with our position, you can challenge it in the comments in the video. Well, we wish you a pleasant viewing. And if you liked the material, don't forget to share it.

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Image of a real alien from the contactor

Image of a real alien from the contactorThis picture was made by contactee Vasilyeva, in the 1990s. Alien-a girl named " Adoma"

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