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What did Soviet cosmonauts keep silent about?

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What did Soviet cosmonauts keep silent about??

Back in the old days, in June 1982, answering the question about extraterrestrials in the Kyiv central lecture hall of the society "Knowledge", Georgy Grechko said that he "did not see unidentified flying objects"… But twenty years later, in an interview, he suddenly said that UFOs should be spoken of as "identified flying objects" (!), known since ancient times according to "paleokosmonavtiki". Such a radical judgment is explained simply — "for a long time ago" the veil of secrecy fell from the space program of the Soviet Union.


What exactly the astronauts had to go through during the flights, we have to guess on the principle of "from the opposite". For example, in his book "The Road to Space" Yuri Gagarin unexpectedly emphasized the fact... that there is no God:

To our house (in Gzhatsk, after the arrival of the cosmonaut. - Ed.) a lot of people came. A group of decrepit old ladies also came. They wanted to know if I had seen God in heaven. I had to disappoint them.

The Road to Space:

On another occasion, Gagarin mentioned that if he was "allowed", he could tell "a lot of interesting things about his flight". And according to the memoirs of the head of the ensemble of electric musical instruments Meshcherin, cosmonaut No. 1, after listening to the concert of the ensemble, admitted that in orbit he "heard very similar music in his ears" (!).


The same" music " was heard in space in 1965 by Alexey Leonov.


Cosmonaut No. 2 — Titov also experienced unusual sensations in orbit. When he was asked how he had slept in space and what dreams he had had, the strange answer came: that he always sleeps well and never dreams!

The motives for such a response can be judged at least by the fact that immediately after Titov's return to Earth, a secret order on the "non-proliferation of information" followed, and single flights of cosmonauts were stopped. (By the way, this order has not yet been canceled.)

Titov cosmonaut

And in February 1991, at a meeting in Novosibirsk, German Stepanovich Titov:

I am convinced that there are other civilizations. That's for sure. You can't think that we are the smartest people in the world. And if they come to us (!) from somewhere, it means that they are at a higher level of development and we cannot decipher their language... There's a lot we don't know yet about what's going on in space...Gzhatsk, after the arrival of the cosmonaut. - Ed.) a lot of people came. A group of decrepit old ladies also came. They wanted to know if I had seen God in heaven. I had to disappoint them.

Said the following:

As it turned out later, the famous cosmonaut had good reasons for such judgments. At the VIII Ziegel Readings, the editor-in-chief of the Aero magazine, Igor Popov, said that Titov's ship was "accompanied" throughout the entire flight in space on August 6-7, 1961... a glowing ball… But German Stepanovich told only a narrow circle of people about this. Including Popov...

A thorough study of the "scientific data" received from cosmonauts No. 1 and 2 delayed the "space exploration" for a year. The Vostok-3 and Vostok-4 spacecraft launched on August 11 and 12, 1962, made the first group flight in space and landed on the same day.

And again, it took almost a year to launch the next pair of Vostok type of spacecrafts into low-Earth orbit. However, just in 1962, the search for "space brothers in mind" became a fashionable hobby.

From Baikonur, the first official three-word message was sent to the aliens: "Peace. Lenin. USSR". Then Soviet satellites "carried" into orbit more than 100 bas-reliefs and a dozen busts of Lenin, a couple of images of Khrushchev, and one "dear Leonid Ilyich"...

Lenin Vladimir


In 1977, the topic of UFOs in the USSR was so popular that the editor of the magazine "Zemlya I Vselennaya (Earth and the Universe)", Professor Dmitry Martynov, had to say his weighty word:

Our socialist society protects itself from low-grade "evidence" of extraterrestrials visiting our Earth…

the quote:

However, on March 24, 1978, the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva published an interview with cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko, who claimed that the Salyut-6 station, piloted by him and Georgy Grechko, "was followed for two turns by a shiny, clearly metallic object, the size of which was difficult to determine."

The mission of "refutation" was assigned to... Grechko, who also saw "this object". And Georgy Mikhailovich said that " it was a container with waste that followed the Salyut until we changed the orbit."

In an interview with the weekly "Semya (Family)", he added that he himself, "as an experiment," knocked his palm on the window glass of the station and went into orbit " dust motes that turned very cool in the dark, flickered with a reddish color and went for flying in the distance "saucers".

At the same time, in the American documentary film "Red Space (not sure about the exact name)", the authors simultaneously showed Grechko, who denied everything, and a woman who edited the UFO films he shot — she cut out the frames with "saucers" for... "for official use".

Grechko cosmonaut

The newspaper "Golos Ukrainy (Voice of Ukraine)" on June 29, 1996, reported to readers that immediately after the flight "under the influence of fresh impressions" Grechko did not hide that he observed "incomprehensible spherical objects". And these were not "specks of dust" or "pieces of foil" from the outer shell of the station.

Once we saw something that looked like an ice floe floating above the clouds. It wasn't anything else - there are good photos of the mysterious phenomenon.

George Mikhailovich told

It is no coincidence that just in 1978 in the USSR, the Ministry of Defense launched the program "Setka" for the study of" anomalous atmospheric phenomena " — so modestly called UFOs. A special secret directive was sent to the military units, obliging "to report all cases of UFO sightings by telegram to the main institutions that are identified in all structures of the Armed Forces." Including in the Research Institute-22.


Meanwhile, in 1978, a UFO was seen by cosmonauts Alexander Ivanchenkov and Vladimir Kovalenok. On June 17, Kovalenok reported to the MCC that " an object similar to a tennis ball with the brightness of a flaring star made a maneuver and the Salute passed under it." On August 25, the "object" was approaching and then moving away…

On May 5, 1981, cosmonauts Viktor Savinykh and Vladimir Kovalenok observed a curious phenomenon from the Salyut-6 — Soyuz-T4 station. The latter made a corresponding entry in the flight log: "At 17: 53 Moscow time, at a distance from the station, I saw a brightly burning ball going perpendicular to the direction of flight. Savinykh went to get the camera, and the ball took the oblong shape of a melon. A thin layer of bluish haze began to form around it, and suddenly it exploded, leaving behind plumes of smoke. There was a double explosion with an interval of 0.5 seconds: first the front, then the back. The object was divided into two pieces connected to each other. It was like a dumbbell. After that, a plume of gray-bluish smoke was projected on the cloud cover for 2-3 minutes." More details in special article and video

"I immediately reported this to Earth," the cosmonaut later recalled. — And I learned on my return that on this day the specialists of the Center recorded a large radioactive release in space."

Kovalenok considered the phenomenon a "plasmoid explosion". But the instrument readings indicated that the "object" was emitting only neutrons, without the same number of protons. That is, the "object" was artificial!

Kovalenok and Savinykh

Kovalenok on the left, Savinykh on the right

On July 12, 1982, cosmonauts Georgy Beregovoy and Vladimir Lebedev, during the docking of the Salyut-7 — Soyuz-T5 complex with the Progress-14 transport ship, observed how a "teardrop-shaped object" flew from the bottom up between Salyut and Progress.

The UFO was at a distance of at least 200 meters and was not inferior in size to a spacecraft

the astronauts reported to the MCC on the next orbit.

This is only part of the information that was able to overcome the notorious classification of secrecy. And in conclusion, I would like to quote the statement of Vladimir Kovalenko...

I do not believe when cosmonauts say that they did not see anything unusual in space.

Kovalenoks said:

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