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UFO: secret project "Setka"

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UFO: secret project "Setka"

In the Soviet Union, a large-scale state program was conducted to study unidentified flying objects. The Ministry of Defense and the Academy of Sciences participated in the project.

The reason for the creation of the program was the famous Petrozavodsk phenomenon – the appearance of an unidentified flying object in the night sky, resembling a jellyfish in shape and emitting bright rays. It was seen by hundreds of people, and in the morning many residents of the city found small holes in the window panes with melted edges. The incident was widely publicized, which was a rarity in the USSR. The whole country was talking about the Petrozavodsk UFO.

Petrozavodsk UFO

Meanwhile, the Department of General Physics and Astronomy of the USSR Academy of Sciences has accumulated a lot of reports about the observation of unidentified flying objects in different parts of the Soviet Union, but large-scale studies of the problem were not carried out. In this regard, it was decided to organize a comprehensive study of anomalous phenomena. So there was a project "Setka" in which the Ministry of Defense and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR participated.

According to the program, anomalous phenomena were recognized as a real, objective factor. Researchers focused on a deep and comprehensive study of the problem. The Ministry of Defense issued a directive according to which all military units conducted round-the-clock monitoring of the sky, all unusual phenomena were strictly recorded. The Academy of Sciences analyzed the reports of eyewitnesses of anomalous phenomena, but the main data were supplied by the stations of the State Committee for Hydrometeorology.

... in contrast to the numerous descriptions of various types of contacts with aliens collected in the collections of ufologists, within the framework of the project, which used the huge observation potential of the army and civilian organizations, not a single report of UFO landings, contacts with UFO pilots, or UFO abductions were recorded.

The authors state

However, ufologists strongly disagree with this statement. They point to such an unfortunate fact as the sale to US citizens of a significant part of the archive of the project "Setka". This happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the documents were sold for a song. Some of them are published and these are amazing eyewitness accounts, including a number of reports from military units of the Soviet Army.

Ufologists are convinced that the authors deliberately concealed many facts, and a number of well-known cases that could not be identified as a man-made or natural phenomenon, simply forgot to mention or attributed to an unfortunate coincidence.

In particular, they explain even the Petrozavodsk phenomenon with the launch of an artificial Earth satellite "Kosmos-955" from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, which accidentally coincided with the unsuccessful launch of a ballistic missile from another place. However, they completely forget to mention the strange holes that appeared in the window panes of residents of Petrozavodsk.

UFO sightings

And you can get acquainted with individual documents from the Setka project in our special section dedicated to secret documents. All documents come with a translation.

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