The European Myth of the FOUNDLING and the Connection with the Modern Phenomenon of Baby UFO Abductions

The European myth of the "foundling" and the connection with the modern phenomenon of "abductions" of UFO babies

The woman was lying in bed. Suddenly the lights went out. Suddenly she heard the door open. She quickly jumped out of bed and turned on the light. Then she saw a dwarf with a big head, who had already taken her newborn baby for himself, and instead put a strange dwarf in the cradle. The woman made a fuss, the child was taken away from the dwarf. The night visitor disappeared, leaving a small creature in the cradle. A woman who had plenty of milk, out of pity, wanted to give a breast to this dwarf. But he refused the breast and soon died.

The European myth of the foundling and the connection with the modern phenomenon of abductions of UFO babies

A modern literary report on alien abduction? No, this description is taken from the book of legends of the southern part of Lower Saxony during the late Middle Ages. But the parallels with the incidents of our days are striking... Today we will try to systematize this information in order to understand it for ourselves. There was information about kidnappings before, or it is a figment of the imagination of our ancestors. In addition, if it turns out that these messages correspond to modern ones, we will be able to establish who abducted people in the past.

Our contemporaries, abducted by aliens, report that:

  • similar events occur mostly at night;
  • for unknown reasons, the light goes out;
  • figures mysteriously appear and disappear in the same way;
  • they are associated with the abduction of infants (or today, as a rule, fetuses).

In the reports about the creatures themselves in the past, the type prevailed, which is described as follows:

  • small stature (from 100 to a maximum of 150 cm);
  • disproportionately large head;
  • large almond-shaped black eyes;
  • gray skin without hair.

There are parallels with the described case from the Middle Ages, which are confirmed in other legends. So, for example, they say about the city of Einbeck in the south of Lower Saxony:

On the tower of the church standing near the market in the city of Einbeck, a gray man is sometimes seen. When the watchman meets him, he pretends not to notice him. The little man does not harm him and even makes sure that nothing bad happens to him. But the watchman who mocked the ugly man was found one day lying down in the tower with a broken neck. One Sunday, a gray man appeared during a service in a church located in the new part of Einbeck. His appearance was considered an omen of the great fire that broke out soon after.

The quote:

Of course, several medieval legends merge together here.

Gray alien

However, it is interesting to mention the "little gray men" who were "ugly" and who were also credited with supernatural abilities. "Kidnappers" in today's encounters with UFOs are described in almost the same way. This kind of gray dwarfs are also associated with the myth of "foundlings" instead of abducted children, which was spread throughout Central Europe, partly and beyond.

According to popular belief, manifested mainly in legend, instead of a stolen beautiful human child, an ugly dwarf child with a big head is slipped (!). Unbaptized children are more exposed to the danger of being abducted from the cradle and replaced by foundlings, which is why a hundred years ago no child was left unbaptized for more than three days unnecessarily. For the same reason, according to belief, women in labor, while the child has not yet been baptized, a candle should burn at night

In 1854 Georg Schambach commented on this myth as follows:

Although in modern reports of UFO abductions, the "foundling" motif appears in a slightly modified form, in principle, it can be reduced to the same elements. Today, according to the injured women, children (more precisely, embryos) aged from one to three months are taken from the womb of the mother, after this woman has previously been artificially inseminated. Such children, obtained as a result of interbreeding, are supposedly half-human, half "aliens", i.e. they have, for example, a disproportionately large head and eyes. Obviously, this is a variant of the same myth adapted to the current understanding.

In medieval legends, flying objects are rarely mentioned in connection with the abduction of children, but even today UFOs do not necessarily appear, at least they may not be observed. Nevertheless, in the same context as the legends about foundlings instead of stolen babies, I found an interesting legend about the "steel bird":

The croaker (Kva-Kva) is a large and strong bird that flies only at night. It is also called the iron bird because it has iron feathers, with which it beats to death those who approach it. She has a very loud voice, and she flies very fast. One moment she was heard nearby, and a moment later she can be heard, perhaps, an hour away

The quote:

All this looks not so much like an ordinary bird as like an airplane moving through the air at high speed. Of course, this is an interesting legend that supports the assumption about the activity of an alien mind in medieval Europe.

In connection with the myth of the foundling, the legend of the "eggshell" is widely spread. Two points are interesting in it: firstly, these "dwarf creatures" have a much longer life span than we humans, and secondly, they are inexplicably "connected" with us humans. The same is claimed today by many of the abductees, for example, the American writer Whitley Strieber.

One of the variants of this legend exists in the city of Moringen:

"One day the parents exposed their the child went out the door, and they left. When they returned in the evening, the child was not there, instead of him sat a small ugly gnome with a big head. His parents asked him where he came from, but he did not answer. And then he didn't say a word. Then the old man told his wife to start a child's game and try to make the dwarf talk in this way. The wife went to the kitchen and began to brew beer. Then a dwarf was sent there to bring her husband a fire for his pipe. When he came into the kitchen, his wife was just pouring beer into eggshells.

Seeing this, the dwarf spoke. "I've lived as long as the Thuringian forest is worth," he said, "and I've never seen women brew beer in eggshells in my life!" Then the wife called her husband and told the dwarf to say these words again, but he did not speak. Since then, he was often beaten, but he remained mute. Finally, he was turned out of the door. Then the other dwarves brought him back and returned the real child. He said plaintively that the dwarves often beat him. When a little gnome was beaten by people, the gnomes always beat the child."

Folk legends like this, telling about "ugly, gray, big-headed gnomes", about "kidnapped children", about "fast steel birds", obviously have a real basis. Then, as now, people drew the same conclusions, but we always see everything in a very specific social and cultural context. This prevents us from properly understanding and classifying messages. But anyone who tries to thoroughly investigate the traditions can — as I have tried to show here - come to interesting results.

Drawing analogies, I recall the notorious case in Russia with the alien Alyoshenka, where a little alien was thrown.

And also the Chilean alien .The phenomenon of "abductions" by an alien mind has been haunting us since the very beginning of history, and today it is as relevant as thousands of years ago. When will we begin to understand this?

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