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The Chilean alien - who is he really?

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The Chilean alien - who is he really?

In 2003, in the territory of an abandoned city in the Atacama desert, a strange humanoid mummy was found, the appearance of which resembled aliens from science fiction films. After 15 years, scientists finally found out that their find is not a creature from another planet, but an ordinary person, subject to an abnormal number of mutations.

Chilean alien

In 2003, a strange skeleton was discovered in a deserted city located in the Atacama Desert. The elongated skull, deep holes in the eye sockets, and the tiny size of the body gave the researchers reason to assume that they were holding the remains of a real alien.

Recent results of a comprehensive genetic analysis have refuted this theory, but have become proof of an even stranger fact: this creature is not an alien, but a human subject to an unprecedented variety of mutations!

The remains, naturally mummified in the dry climate of the desert (the Atacama is considered one of the driest areas in the world), look very unusual. The length of the body is only a little more than 15 cm, while the skeleton is missing a pair of ribs and the skull is severely deformed. The mummy was discovered 15 years ago, but it is not a relic of hoary antiquity: analysis showed that it is only about 40 years old.

In 2013, Harry Nolan, a microbiologist, immunologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, closely examined the mysterious find. His work showed that Ata (as the mummy was named) was indeed a man-judging by the bones, at the time of death he was between 6 and 8 years old, which is very strange, given the tiny skeleton. Nolan realized that it was a strange form of dwarfism, but he didn't have enough evidence. The situation only worsened when soon Paolo Viscardi, curator of natural history at the Horniman Museum in London, said that the remains could not belong to a child — in his opinion, it was just an underdeveloped fetus aged 14-16 weeks, which was unceremoniously dumped near a church in a deserted town.

Chilean alien

Five years later, Nolan, along with his colleagues, had another opportunity to conduct a detailed genetic and physiological analysis of Ata. A new study published in Genome Research has confirmed a previous hypothesis: scientists are highlighting a number of mutations responsible for body deformity. They identified a mutation of not one, but several genes responsible for healthy bone development, including even those that have never been recorded in humans before. DNA samples were extracted from bone marrow tissue preserved in the mummy's bones.

Chilean UFO

According to genetic analysis, Ata was a girl of Chilean origin. Most likely, she was indeed an undeveloped fetus whose bones had "aged" due to mutations-hence the data that initially gave Nolan the wrong idea about her age. In general, the researchers identified 7 mutated genes that together and separately contributed to the deformation of the appearance of the Ata. Scientists have already known that some of these genes can cause similar diseases — but this is the first time that some of their mutations have been directly linked to abnormal changes in bone tissue and other features of intrauterine development.

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