Alyoshenka from Kyshtym - a real alien on Earth

Alyoshenka alien from Kyshtym - a real alien on Earth

In 1996, ufologists around the world were excited by the news of the found remains of a strange humanoid. Discovered in the Chelyabinsk region near the outskirts of the city of Kyshtym alien Alyoshenka immediately became the subject of discussion in newspapers and on television. The Kyshtym dwarf, as it was called, was recognized as an alien.

The story, which took place in a place called Kyshtym, began in 1996. Kyshtym - a small town at that time it was inhabited by only forty-one thousand people.

The main character of this event should be considered an elderly woman suffering from mental disorders. Her name was Tamara. She was already in a bad state, plus her son was put in prison, in connection with all these difficult events that occurred in the life of the old woman, her daughter-in-law often visited her. From here in the future, everyone learned about the strange events that occurred in Kyshtym.

Our heroine was not a recluse and often went for a walk in the woods. One of these walks gave rise to a series of events that unfolded in the town. In 1996, on August 13, during another walk, a woman found a tiny creature that made inarticulate sounds and lay under a tree.

Tamara Nikolaevna without thinking twice took the find to her home, fed it, and gave it the name Alyoshenka. The creature of unknown origin was about 20 centimeters in length, had a head like an onion and five fingers ending in claws, it was also completely covered with hair.

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A month has passed since the creature moved in with the pensioner. At this time, she began to have exacerbations and was hospitalized. Alyoshenka was left for 10 days without food and water, and later his daughter-in-law Tamara Nikolaevna found him when she decided to visit her apartment, no longer alive.

She found the body together with her lodger Nurtdinov, who suggested that it was an alien and you can get good money for his corpse. The man took the lifeless body with him and made a mummy out of it, drying it in the sun. But after a short period of time, Nurdinov was detained for stealing metal. His arrest was made by the captain of the Department of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Mokichev.

During the search, he found the same mummy in the detainee's apartment. The law enforcement officer immediately concluded that the dried body was of alien origin, but almost all his colleagues laughed at him. Only Major Bendlin took his colleague's words seriously.

He began investigating the incident in his spare time. It was thanks to Bendlin that the world learned about the Kyshtym dwarf. But it was very difficult for him alone to conduct an investigation in an area in which he did not have enough knowledge. He turned to the "Star Academy UFO-contact", which is located in the Sverdlovsk region.


After explaining the whole situation to them, a group of ufologists came to the city. They made a statement that this is an artificial organism created for the study of the earth by aliens. After hearing the Major decided to give ufologists to study this mummy, deciding that they will definitely be able to get to the truth.

After a while, a scientific delegation from Japan came to Bendlin. The Japanese offered him two thousand dollars for the mummy, but he said that he was no longer the owner of this find and gave them the coordinates of ufologists.

Soon Japanese scientists learned that Alyoshenka was transferred to the Yekaterinburg Research Institute. In it, appropriate studies were conducted on the mummy, and their results are still unknown to the public.


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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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