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Military technology of the gods

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History of the Invasion? Military technology of the alien gods? Or were our ancestors more advanced?

The gods created the conditions for life on the planet, and then intelligent life itself.  And then came the heyday of the so-called high-tech civilization of the gods. Now we find traces of this civilization everywhere on our planet. Most likely, it includes many megalithic structures, the majestic pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, and probably also China, etc.

Suppose that many thousands of years ago there was an ancient civilization that reached a level of development that surpassed the modern one, and even died from the use of nuclear weapons, then not only megaliths should have remained from it. After all, then, in the most ancient period of its development, all kinds of aircraft were clearly created — both air and space. And if the same Mohenjo-Daro, and the temple complexes of Tiaunako, were indeed subjected to a rocket attack at that time (according to the conclusions of Eric Daniken, Andrey Sklyarov, etc.), then it inevitably follows that in those years there was both science and industry — metallurgical, chemical, heavy engineering, etc...

They were building factories then, and a lot of other things — I think, up to hadron colliders, in order to control "God particles" and "black holes", is there anything left of all this?

aliens and gods


I think so. The metals, the other short-lived materials of that era, had crumbled to dust, but there should have been stones left... What, for example, could be left of the metallurgical industries?

Blast furnaces designed to be disassembled from time to time are unlikely. Only their form could be inherited, for example, by the stupas of the Buddha... But open-hearth stone buckets and other forms, where cast iron and steel were poured, are extremely strong and they should have been preserved...

And there is reason to believe that they have remained! Therefore, I have long drawn attention to the so-called Plain of Jars in Laos. I suggest that you also pay attention to it. What is this archaeological phenomenon?


The Valley of Pitchers in Laos

Plain of Jars is a plateau near Phonsavan in the province of Hieng Khuang in Laos, where huge stone jars with a height of 1 to 4 m and a diameter of about 1 m, and weighing up to 6 tons, have grown into the ground in lines and randomly. The jars are made of stone of such rocks that were clearly delivered from afar. Their purpose is unknown. Some believe that they burned the dead, or stored rice or wine, but all this is doubtful. Only one thing has been established: the age of the giant jugs is more than 3000 years.

Pitchers (Jurs) lined up in a row

Pitchers (Jurs) lined up in a row

And for me personally, these pitchers just reminded me of the buckets of the open-hearth workshop, only they could remain after so many years, and that's how they should look now. This is how one of the modern open-hearth shops in a metallurgical factory looks like.


I believe there were similar factories all over the world. So there are legends about the so-called Death Valley in Yakutia (Russia) near the Vilyu River, where there is also an anomalous zone with some cauldrons "Yelyu Cherkechek", which are associated with ancient gods or aliens. They have been searching for them for about 200 years, but have not yet been found...

Stone Balls of Costa Rica

There are so-called "stones of the gods", round stones with a diameter of up to one and a half meters of unknown origin and purpose, similar to the famous round stones of Costa Rica, not far from these places in the Cherikteei of the Ust-Aldan district (and many other places). Perhaps they are also related to some ancient industries-m. b. this is something like grinding balls at mining and processing plants...

In any case, it is quite obvious that the aborigines and ancient inhabitants without the presence of highly developed technology would hardly be able to produce something like this. Historians often justify technologically complex objects with ridiculous purposes, and we can often observe this. However, we must face the truth. Traces of a highly developed civilization on Earth are everywhere. Who is it? The gods? Aliens? Or are we ourselves, before some collision, destroying it all? Or maybe there was a global catastrophe? It remains a mystery, but ignoring material objects and facts for the sake of official history, rather than destroying it, is a path that leads to degradation.

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