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Cash–Landrum UFO incident. Who burned people with radiation?

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Cash-Landrum UFO incident. Who burned people with radiation?

Many ufologists dream of meeting with aliens, visiting a ship, asking about aliens. But how safe is it? Few people are aware of this. Successful contacts with aliens pop up before our eyes, where they do not harm people, but talk about their research and peaceful goals. But few people want to remember that there are abductions for the purpose of experiments, and sometimes such meetings end badly for the contactee. This case will be discussed today.

December 1980. The owner of a small restaurant, Betty Cash, decides to visit the neighboring town of the game "Bingo". She takes Vickie Landrum and her 7-year-old grandson, Colby, with her. However, the contest did not take place that evening, and the ladies, stopping at a diner in New Caney and having dinner, went home to Dayton, Texas, Betty chose a route that runs through a pine forest, you can understand it, just remember the incredible smells that accompany a traveler in a pine forest. Around 9:00-9:30 PM. on Farm Market Road 1485 between New Caney and Hoffman.

Vicki Landrum, Betty Cash, and Colby Landrum

Vicki Landrum, Betty Cash, and Colby Landrum

Suddenly they saw a UFO a large, glowing object flying at an altitude of 40 meters, and passed directly over the road. Betty Cash's car stalled, and the passengers got out to see the object.

At first, they thought it was a plane coming in to land at Houston International Airport, about 36 miles away, and so they didn't pay much attention to it. A few minutes later, they saw the same light at a bend in the road, but now it was much closer to them and much brighter as if the heavens themselves were burning.

Interestingly, each of the witnesses described what was happening in different ways. Betty Cash saw the source of unusually bright light. She later claimed that the object had sunk to the treetops and that it was impossible to pass under it because of the fire that was coming from it.

Vickie Landrum saw an oblong UFO. It was rounded at the bottom and narrowed at the top. And Colby was able to see that the object had a complex shape, like a cut diamond, from below it was shooting fire. All three claimed to have heard the shrill whistle of the engine. When the UFO passed over the car, the women felt a strong heat coming from it.

Vicki, who was not at all interested in the aliens and did not believe in their existence, was completely convinced that they were watching the second coming of Christ.

The original drawing of the eyewitnesses. Above-glow, below-fire

The original drawing of the eyewitnesses. Above-glow, below-fire

Betty decided to take a closer look at the object, obviously not understanding and not afraid of the possible consequences of her decision. Vicki partially got out of the car, and she had to resist a terrified Colby, who held her and did not let her leave the car.


Despite the bright light, the witnesses were able to see the object – it was dark in color, apparently made of metal, and around the perimeter in the middle – small blue lights. Periodically, flames whizzed out of the lower part of the object. Each time after that, the object would rise a few feet, then the flame release would stop and the object would return to its previous level. Even though it was a cold Texas winter evening, the car's body quickly became too hot to touch.

An illustration made by Colby Landrum using a Lite-Brite toy, 1981.

An illustration made by Colby Landrum using a Lite-Brite toy, 1981.

Betty Cash burned herself by grabbing the door handle. To open the car, she had to hold the handle through the floor of her leather jacket. And it was so hot in the car that the vinyl panel went soft, and when Vickie Landrum touched it, there was a fingerprint on it. I had to turn on the air conditioner. As the object began to move away from the car, military twin-screw helicopters of the Chinook-47 type appeared over the road, chasing it. The women counted at least 23 rotorcraft.

At 09:50 PM, the two ladies returned home. Of course, they reported the incident to UFO research organizations and several U.S. senators. However, it was not their stories that made them famous, but what happened to them afterward.

Paintings based on the incident

Weird disease

Within half an hour after the contact, both women and the boy felt bad — blisters swelled on the skin, ears, and lips were swollen, nausea, and soon began what doctors later recognize as radiation damage: hair began to fall out in bunches, vomiting, diarrhea, and the skin turned purple. In areas not protected by clothing, it peeled off. To save Betty Cash's life, doctors had to put her in Parkway Hospital in Houston for a month. There she was placed in an isolation ward, where she was treated for radiation sickness.

Betty after the incident-baldness and burns

All personnel were required to wear protective suits when entering the box. That is, the doctors had no doubt that Cash was exposed to radiation: she lost most of her hair and even a few fingernails on her hand. She came out of the hospital completely ill. The woman could not stand the sunlight and take a bath — even warm water led to blisters. There were problems with hearing. Shortly after the contact, the woman developed cancer and had both mammary glands removed, and died a few years later.

Vickie Landrum was also hurt. From being in the sun, she also began to develop blisters, and suddenly began to progress cataracts. She herself believed that this was because she had been looking at UFOs for too long. For some reason, the poor woman decided that the end of the world had come and that she would see Christ in the fire. However, she did not have time for treatment — despite the fact that all her nails fell out, she had to take care of Colby, who was ill for a month. After about six weeks, her hair also fell out.

Healthy Skepticism

Of course, after the UFO incident, which went down in US history as the "Cash — Landrum incident", Vickie called NASA, where she was referred to engineer John Schussler-a fan of the idea of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. After many years of studying the phenomenon, Schussler wrote a book about the events in Montgomery County. He was skeptical about what had happened. Yes, he wrote, the women got sick, but only one of them went to the hospital, and secondly, there is no obvious connection with UFOs-perhaps they already had autoimmune diseases that caused baldness and skin problems. It is known that the military interrogated both ladies. And now the transcripts of these interrogations are freely posted online.

Shortly after the incident, the ladies filed a lawsuit against the government, suspecting that all three were victims of experiments. However, they lost in court, as they could not prove the presence of army helicopters in the air that accompanied the flight of the object. There were no mobile phones then, and it turned out as in the modern saying: "If I didn't post it, I didn't." Finally, the ladies began to suspect that they had invented everything to get on TV: after the incident, they were invited to programs and paid to participate. So that's it? The question is closed? Was the incident a hoax? But don't rush to judge.

The Mystery of Chinook Helicopters

It turns out that on December 29, 1980, both the object and the helicopters were seen by other witnesses. First, the helicopters were seen in the sky by a police officer from Dayton, who was returning from Cleveland that evening with his wife. They were also noticed by a resident of the town of Crosby, who was on the line of the flight path. And oilman Gerry McDonald watched a UFO. At first, he thought it was a Goodyear advertising blimp, but then he was convinced that it was a UFO. He described it as a crystal that had twin nozzles that spewed blue flames, and three searchlights shone ahead; one of them was red.

The Mystery of Chinook Helicopters

Even more inquisitive, Schuessler discovered that the highway at the place where the women met the unidentified object had been repaired. The asphalt was removed and replaced with another one. The NASA engineer turned to the local authorities with questions, but it turned out that they were not involved in the repair of the road. Schussler was able to find witnesses who saw how the workers changed the asphalt at night, and at the repair site there were no warning signs, and the work was carried out on two lanes at once. Scientists even took a core of asphalt at the scene, and the examination confirmed that the asphalt is fresh. Schuessler realized that the military is really trying to hide from the people of America some facts, the results of tests, or the fall of a spaceship. However, nothing could be proved.

Object image, drawing by Gerry McDonald

Object image, drawing by Gerry McDonald

In 1982, the leadership of the US Air Force stated that none of their helicopters were involved in the pursuit of UFOs. However, Lieutenant Colonel George Sarran, who is leading the investigation on behalf of the Air Force, after interviewing witnesses, concluded that the women and other witnesses were telling the truth. However, he could not find any helicopters or helicopter pilots, although he interviewed all the neighboring airbases. In 1986, the case was closed but continued to grow with rumors. The main versions of what happened were two: an accident during the testing of a new aircraft and aliens.

Connections to Rendlesham Forest incident

The Cash Landrum incident and the Rendlesham Forest incident in England, which occurred within the same day, are closely related. The details are still to be studied, but the coincidence of time plays a very important role.   We have two high-profile incidents, each of which has a very serious evidence base and they occurred within 24-48 hours, so we should pay serious attention to the possible relationship between these two cases.

Penniston drawing of an object in Randlesham Forest

Penniston drawing of an object in Rendlesham Forest


The case in England is also quite detailed and described, as is the Cash-Landrum incident, if not more, but I will not give all the details now, because you can easily find them on the Internet yourself.   However, here are some eerie coincidences between the two cases

  • The aircraft in England also emitted a bright red light, which was painful to look at.
  • One of the objects was allegedly dripping molten metal, and red flames periodically erupted from it.
  • In both cases, intense heat generation was observed, and both cases had the effects of unknown radiation damage.
  • The devices in both cases had similar design elements in the form of a diamond crystal and a pyramid. Perfect geometric shapes are very characteristic of most UFO sightings, especially those related to the theory of intertemporal movements.

Whether these three cases (The third case is recorded in the CIA report, and it is also related to radiation) are connected or not, we will not be able to find out if the authorities themselves do not want to tell us what really happened. The objects are similar, and their appearance in the same time interval indicates a high probability of its reality. But what was the object? Military trials? Or an alien ship? I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Click on the tag 1980 to see all the cases that occurred in 1980. You'll be surprised.

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