Underground alien bases on Earth. Phil Schneider testifies

Underground alien bases on Earth. Phil Schneider testifies

Did aliens visit our planet in ancient times? if so, is there any evidence of this? Or maybe they are here now, and did not go anywhere at all? Or do they not exist at all, and these are all the fruits of the violent imagination of some people? A normally inquisitive mind always has more questions than answers. Let's imagine that the presence of underground bases is quite real, moreover, it can be not only bases but entire cities, because bases are only one type of technical structure. But where is the evidence, you ask? We have potentially possible proof in the testimony of a curious person...

Please welcome - Phil Schneider. By profession, an engineer who worked most of his life for the US secret services, who had the highest access to information, the information about which ordinary people are not supposed to know, under any guise. However, at a certain point, ignoring the secrecy, he decided that the world has a right to know.

Phil Schneider. Underground alien bases on Earth

No one took his revelations seriously, considering them not quite normal. But soon he was found dead, and there was every reason to assume that the massacre of him was cruel.


Phil was involved in the design and subsequent commissioning of deeply secret underground bases of "deep-lying", and at least two of them were intended for what he called the "secret government". Watching the huge financial injections into these projects, seeing those for whom all this is being built, Phil decided to completely break off all relations with the special services, return all his awards, and go to work as an ordinary geologist. He began to combine his new job with revealing speeches. Among his many revelations, there are those that directly relate to the topic of this article.

  • The test on the Bikini Atoll is not a test at all, but the destruction of the alien base.
  • In America itself, there are about 130 bases, the size of a small city. The depth of the occurrence is about 2 kilometers. They are connected to each other not by anything, but by a monorail. Which has no analogs today-the speed of trains on a magnetic cushion reaches two mach.

This is impossible, the level of technology will not allow you to create it, you will say. Everything is true, only if you do not take into account the existence of a certain contract. The US government on the one hand and an alien civilization on the other, which is what Phil Schneider was talking about. Known in the world of ufology as the "Grenada Agreement"

  1. Aliens do not care about people, the US government respects the secrecy of their presence.
  2. Everything is denied.
  3. Aliens help in technological development. Concerns the United States.
  4. They have the right to take people and animals to themselves, for their own purposes, with their subsequent return.
  5. Erasing the memories of this.

And as a consequence of the contract, the construction of many bases, hidden from view, where people master some knowledge, and strangers conduct their experiments. The very famous "Area 51" in New Mexico, and "Dulce", Nevada are the brightest representatives of the entire set of built bases, the number of which is equal to 1447, all over the planet.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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