In 1967, an unidentified object disabled the possibility of launching nuclear missiles in the United States

An Extraterrestrial Civilization prevented a Nuclear War in 1967. Is it possible?

This article is a review of the press, which recalls the events of the not-so-distant past when the world was on the verge of nuclear war, and people only learned about it now.

On March 15, 1967, a resident of Soviet intelligence from the United States sent a telegram to the Kremlin marked "Molniya (Lightning)": "The United States is preparing a nuclear bombing of Vietnam. Exactly at 4 o'clock in the morning on March 16, 1967, 10 Minuteman missiles with nuclear warheads should launch from the Malmstrom airbase at once".

Their target is South Vietnam, where an unsuccessful operation by the US army has been going on for the third year. After all, it was by the beginning of 1967 that it became clear that a little more and the Americans would lose this war. They are rapidly losing control over the territories, the human reserves are completely exhausted. The army has suffered enormous losses, and there is simply no one to attack.

That is why, hoping to turn the tide of the war, the US military command is preparing a nuclear strike. However, at the appointed hour, the ICBMs from the Malmstrom base did not take off. The equipment simply failed.

Malmstrom base

The next day, a team of military experts from the Pentagon arrived at the Malmstrom base to investigate the incident. Experts decided: the reason for the failure of the equipment could be a factory defect. Perhaps the missiles themselves were faulty.

However, after examining all 10 shells, the experts found that all ten missiles are absolutely serviceable. On the day when the launch was planned, the rocket engines reached the desired values and were ready to take off. The trigger didn't work. It was as if someone had simply turned off the rocket's holders and left it in the shaft. But outsiders did not enter the mines... Military experts from the Pentagon could not answer the question of who turned off the trigger mechanism.

Dooney arneson

Someone just turned off the missile holders in the mine. We don't know what kind of power, what kind of technology could deactivate them, but the fact remains that the contacts were disconnected. They died. Something turned them off

said US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dooney Arneson:

For a long time, the details of the incident at the base "Malmstrom" of the US Air Force were kept in the strictest secrecy. Everyone on duty signed a non-disclosure agreement. However, more recently, when her term expired, the servicemen of the 28th Division of the US Air Force began to give simply shocking interviews. In their opinion, the failure of high-precision equipment on March 16, 1967, is associated with UFOs.

After all, a few minutes before the missile shutdown, a strange object appeared directly above the Malmstrom base. A bright red light radiated from it. The object itself was cigar-shaped and hovered directly above the missile silos. After hanging over the base for half an hour, the object disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. After 15 minutes, the rockets shut down.

cigar-shaped ufo

According to Captain Robert Salas, deputy commander of the combat crew of the USAF's Malmstrom Air Base, he personally witnessed an alien visit to a secret facility. Allegedly, this happened on March 16, 1967, at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, where Minuteman nuclear missiles were located.

Robert Salas

I was on duty, in a mine, at a depth of 20 meters. From above, at about 6 a.m., a security officer called. And he said that he could see strange lights flying across the sky.

Five minutes later, another call: they say that a flickering red object, very large, hovered over the gate of the base. I personally observe it.

It was the commander of the security company who called and asked what to do. I told him to check the security systems. And then my missiles began to "cut off". One by one. We had Minuteman-1s equipped with nuclear warheads. In a few seconds, ten mines went out of action. It was impossible to launch from them.

Captain Salas recalls:

The famous TV host Larry King also devoted his live broadcast to hiding the secrets about aliens. Skeptics from among the scientists who were present in the studio admitted that it is quite possible to see something strange on duty. For example, hallucinations. But this has nothing to do with the problems with the launchers. And the equipment failed, most likely because there was a failure in the power supply.


The rocketeers present at the transfer were naturally indignant. And they reported that the UFO was seen by several dozen sober people who were on combat duty. And the problems began just a few seconds after the object hovered in front of the gate. As for the power supply, they explained that the base had as many as three backup systems. But they were not needed, because the power supply was not interrupted. And even in the event of an accident at the substation, the launchers do not lose their functionality. This has never happened.

The alarm didn't go off: "The alarm was called by the specialists of the company "Boeing" - we ourselves could not understand what happened, - said Salas. "They've been busy all day. They said that all ten launchers had burned out the electrical circuits of the control and control system. But for what reason, they did not understand. This is still unknown.

I was interested with Jamieson, who knows something about electricity. And here is what is quite strange: with such problems, an emergency alarm should have been triggered. And she didn't react at all... It's like someone turned it off...

Then it became known, "Salas continued," that on the same morning, a similar red object was spotted over a nearby launch field 100 kilometers away. All the launchers were disabled there. The commander told me that. He called there. The same thing happened at three other bases."

ICBM Minuteman

"The incident at the base in Malstrom was handled by the guys from the AFOSI (Air Force Bureau of Special Investigations) - their office was right at our base," Jamieson said. - They interviewed eyewitnesses, us, and wrote reports. But the case ended with the Air Force command ordering an end to the investigation. And everyone who participated in it signed a non-disclosure agreement."

The management of the base began to pretend that nothing special had happened. Common problems that have been successfully resolved. But personally, it is extremely unpleasant for me to realize that there is a possibility, and unknown to us, to disable ballistic missiles in a split second. This is a direct threat to the security of the country. And it's not funny at all.

Salas wonders

Maybe it was a kind of message from outer space about the danger of nuclear weapons and related military conflicts? Salas later learned that similar events had taken place at other bases: "March 25, 1967… I got a call from a military man who had seen such an object on Oscar Flight, where numerous warheads had failed at once the previous morning. He begged, no, even begged, to talk to me about it. He just wanted to talk it out. He was one of the guards who had watched in horror as a red, pulsing ball of light hung in the air in front of the main gate.

He was not ashamed to tell me that he was shocked and frightened by what he saw. I had to tell him that I had sworn not to talk about it with anyone and could not meet him. That conversation still haunts me. What I didn't know at the time was that all 10 Minuteman missiles were also defused at the nearby Eco Flight base when a UFO was sighted there on March 16, 1967. And they were also forbidden to talk about it. And much later, I learned about the policy of hiding everything related to UFOs."

After 30 years, the dossier on this incident was declassified. It turned out that experts from the Pentagon interrogated all the soldiers of the 28th Division. In total, 120 people were interrogated, i.e. all those who were on duty that night and were responsible for launching missiles. And all these people testified to the same thing – there really was a UFO over the Malmstrom airbase. Moreover, it turns out that on the same night, when a strange object circled over the base, the exact same UFO was seen at other neighboring airbases of the US Air Force.

The object was in the sky. And everyone who was on duty and everyone who just didn't sleep that night – we all saw a UFO over the base. It was metallic, oblong in shape.

said US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dooney Arneson:

Many researchers believe that the failure of all nuclear equipment at all US military bases on the same day cannot be a mere coincidence. Perhaps this is the result of the intervention of some alien civilization. And it is possible that the aliens, thanks to an unknown technology, managed to disable all nuclear warheads. It is possible that this incident is nothing more than an attempt by an extraterrestrial civilization to prevent a nuclear war.

After all, in 1967, the nuclear bombing of Vietnam, indeed, did not take place. After the incident, the US military command decided to abandon the launch of the ICBM. However, scientists do not believe in the version of alien intervention. They claim that on March 16, 1967, only one type of missile – the Minuteman-failed at all missile bases. Perhaps the reason is that during their production, a serial error was made and all of them were defective.

But if this is so, then why, immediately after the strange incident, on the orders of the Pentagon in the United States was launched a special secret program to capture the mysterious object? If you believe the recently declassified documents, it was in 1967 that the United States announced a hunt for UFOs, and the US military tracked all the radar readings and as soon as a suspicious object appeared in the air, a rapid response team immediately went to the place.

Since 1967, and until now, Americans have been hunting for UFOs, however, to answer the question “ " Who turned off the trigger mechanism?" military experts, from the Pentagon, could not answer.

And although the US Air Force officially denied the involvement of UFOs in the incident at the Malmstrom airbase in March 1967, it is considered a vivid example of the existence and confirmation of the activities of alien civilizations due to a large number of eyewitnesses – qualified specialists, engineers and officers.

UFO sightings

In a declassified document on the history of the 341st Strategic Missile Wing at the Malmstrom base, on page 38, where UFOs are mentioned, it is said that there is no confirmation of rumors about their involvement in the Eco ICBM incident that occurred on March 16, 1967

I must say that this case was not the only one in the history of rocket and space technology. In particular, according to declassified KGB documents, during the launches in 1987-1988 of Soviet ICBMs "from the European part of the USSR, before the fall of the heads of these missiles at the Kamchatka test site "Kura", spherical UFOs systematically appeared."

There is a known case when, under the influence of UFOs hovering over the positions of missile units in the Saratov region, there was a strong magnetization of the missile guidance heads, which negatively affected their accuracy, as a result, it was necessary to remove individual missile units from combat duty.

Thus, we can note that UFOs observe important strategic objects not only in the United States but also in other countries. And this fact is a frightening phenomenon because we do not have enough information to form a clear picture of what is happening. Maybe they're hiding a lot from us.

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