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Air battle of the SU-22 of the Peruvian Air Force with a UFO

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Air battle of the SU-22 of the Peruvian Air Force with a UFO

This Su-22 fighter pilot of the Peruvian Air Force survived a real alien invasion in real life when he fired enough 30-millimeter shells at a UFO to wipe it off the face of the earth.

Su-22 fighter

Forty years ago, fighter pilot Oscar Santa Maria Huerta tried to shoot down a mysterious UFO in the shape of a “light bulb”, which still remains the only documented case of a military aircraft shooting at a UFO.

On the morning of April 11, 1980, a young Lieutenant Huerta of the Peruvian Air Force, 23 years old, was preparing for a daily exercise, as were about 1,800 military and civilian personnel at the La Jolla Air Force Base, 1,000 km south of Lima.

Lieutenant Huerta, an eight-year-old pilot who had been flying combat missions since he was 19, was ordered to take off in his Soviet-made Sukhoi-22 fighter jet to intercept a strange silver object that had been spotted near the runway.

The object was located five kilometers away, hovered about 600 meters from the ground, and did not respond to any messages. This "balloon" was in restricted airspace without permission, posing “a serious challenge to national sovereignty” " the now-retired colonel writes in his book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Testify."

Lieutenant Huerta of the Peruvian Air Force

Huerta was one of many researchers, former officers, and others who testified at a major press event at the National Press Club in Washington in 2013 aimed at forcing the U.S. government to open its files on UFO sightings. After takeoff, Huerta climbed to an altitude of 2,500 meters and made an assault attack.

I reached the required distance and fired a series of volleys of sixty-four 30 mm shells, which created a cone-shaped "wall of fire" that would normally destroy everything in its path. He had to fall. La Jolla was one of the few bases in South America that had Soviet-made military equipment, and we were concerned about espionage. I thought that then the balloon would burst and the gases would start coming out of it. But nothing happened. It seemed that the huge bullets had been absorbed by the balloon, and it was not damaged at all.

he said

A schema showing the meeting with the object.

A schema showing the meeting with the object. 

The object then quickly shot into the sky from the base, prompting Huerta to activate the afterburner to chase it 500 meters behind. When they reached the town of Kamana, 84 km from the base, the object suddenly stopped, forcing the plane to turn aside. Turning to the right and up, Huerta tried to get into position for the next shot.

I started to approach him until he was in my line of sight. I fixed the target and was ready to shoot. But just at that moment, the object made another quick ascent, dodging the attack. I stayed under him; he "thwarted the attack."

Huerta said

Huerta attempted the same maneuver two more times, and each time the object slipped away, going up seconds before he could fire. By this time, the object was at an altitude of 14,000 meters above the ground. Huerta decided to try to attack from above so that the UFO could not leave the range of the SU-22 weapons, but the UFO rose to an altitude of 19,200 meters, which significantly exceeded the technical characteristics of the Huerta's aircraft.

When he ran out of fuel, he realized that he could not continue the attack, and decided to fly closer to the object to get a better look at it. It wasn't until he was 100 meters away that he realized what it was.

UFO sightings 1980

I was amazed to see that the "balloon" was not a balloon at all. It was an object about 10 meters in diameter with a shiny cream-colored dome at the top, like a light bulb cut in half. The bottom was a wider, round base, silvery in color, and looked like some kind of metal. It lacked all the typical components of the aircraft. It had no wings, no jet engines, no exhaust pipes, no windows, no antennas, and so on. It had no visible propulsion system. At that moment, I realized that this was not a spy device, but a UFO, something completely unknown. I was almost out of fuel, so I couldn't attack, maneuver my plane, or make a high-speed maneuver. Suddenly, I was filled with fear. I thought I was finished

Huerta said

The pilot returned, partly planning his way due to fuel shortages and zigzagging to make it harder to get into the plane, always looking in the rearview mirrors, hoping the UFO wasn't following.

UFO sightings

After landing, the object remained where Huerta had left it for another two hours  " visible to everyone at the base as it was reflected in the sunlight.”

Huerta claims that the object was seen by everyone at the base, many of whom had to report it. A US Department of Defense document from June 1980, entitled "UFO Sightings in Peru," describes the incident, but states only that the object is of unknown origin.

A similar incident occurred in 1976 when Iranian Air Force General Jafari tried to open fire on a UFO but found that his equipment was faulty. As it turned out later, the weapons were in order, but the UFO was able to disable them. 

The equipment of the aircraft was analog and mechanical, and, most likely, for this reason, it could not be turned off by means of UFOs. Otherwise, the pilot could have serious problems. 

This case is notable for the fact that the pilot managed to attack the UFO and return to base without damage. Yes, it's a coincidence. Yes, until the end of the unknown, what kind of object pursued Huerta. Visually, it resembles a weather balloon. however, does the weather balloon have such characteristics? In fairness, it is worth noting that I could not find any official reports on the object's trajectory and the battle itself, except for the pilot's interview.

That doesn't mean they don't exist. If you have any information, please send it. For me, there are still a lot of white spots in this story. In particular, for 2 hours of location near the military base, no one went to take control of the UFO. This is a military base! This means a security threat. No other aircraft were raised. There are a lot of skeptical questions and very few answers.

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