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Analysis of UFO cases in Ireland

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Analysis of UFO cases in Ireland

This country has been associated with myths and legends about "little men" since ancient times. In some rural areas, these beliefs persist today, and reports of meetings with local folklore characters are known in the XX century.

The ufo community is being formed here rather slowly, although there is a strong national organization IUFOPRA in Dublin, originally created as a branch of the British association BUFORA. The subsidiary organization separated from the center in 1994, and in 1997 held the first major conference. Following the example of numerous European groups, IUFOPRA conducts interdisciplinary research.

In accordance with its name, which stands for the Irish Association for UFO and Paranormal Research, IUFOPRA really studies a variety of strange phenomena, not limited to ufology. Scientific groups working outside the United States tend to draw similar parallels, covering a wide range of areas of scientific research.

Close encounter

It is not surprising that the origins of UFO sightings in a country like Ireland are lost in ancient times. In the city of Cloera, they tell a legend dating back to 1211 — its authenticity, of course, is doubtful. This legend tells of a flying ship that anchored at a local church during mass. Parishioners allegedly saw people floating through the air to the lowered anchor to unhook it, after which the ship flew away.

A more typical UFO sighting was recorded in September 1924 in Wexford County. Two boys were walking along a country road and had to give way to a bright beam of light approaching them, resembling the light from the headlights of an invisible car. The fire hovered a few centimeters above the ground, and then turned at right angles, flew over the fence and disappeared into the fields in the direction of the railway. Reports of similar lights in the sky are coming today. About one such case, a military investigation was conducted, a copy of the materials of which the Irish government, contrary to the policy of the British authorities, willingly handed over to IUFOPRA for study.

The contrast with the behavior of the British Ministry of Defense was all the more striking because some of the witnesses were from Wales. Part of the events also occurred over the territory of Wales, and the British government classified information about these observations, and the Irish government made it public.

UFO sightings

The main event of this series of observations occurred in the early morning of March 31, 1993 with six crew members of a military helicopter flying at an altitude of about 500 meters between Baldonell and County Donegal. Near Mullingar, the pilots noticed and for more than two minutes observed in night vision devices a large object shining with two lights and leaving behind a barely noticeable gas trail. It was possible that these were the burnt remains of the Kosmos satellite that entered the Earth's atmosphere, but the NORAD ground station denied this version in a report for the investigation team of the Irish armed forces.

In general, from 30 to 50 UFO reports are received annually. Despite the support provided in the investigation of the Mullingar case, there are signs of an officially sanctioned cover-up that is rampant everywhere. IUFOPRA actively tried to break the veil of secrecy around the incident that occurred in May 1996 in Roscommon, but the researchers came across a wall of silence. Nevertheless, many locals claim that after a number of UFO sightings in this mountainous area, a certain aircraft, presumably a military intelligence helicopter, crashed on the hillside. There is information that the incident area was cordoned off and search operations were carried out on its territory at the direction of the government for some time, although official sources categorically deny this.

Ireland has also served as the arena for several very unusual cases. In 1976, a Belfast resident claimed to have been in long-term telepathic contact with friendly aliens. Even more strange is the story of a UFO seen by two men on the banks of the River Bann near Derryvore on January 26, 1968.

Eyewitnesses claim that the object landed, some creatures came out of it and installed probes in a field among cows paralyzed by shock. Then the object took off and a hail of sparks fell to the ground, which concentrated into a fog that enveloped people, causing them to itch. The UFO plunged into this cloud and disappeared.

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