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Report number 6 646 0139 76. 19 & 20 sep 76, Tehran, Iran

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NSA Report. 1976 Tehran UFO incident.

The 1976 Tehran UFO incident was a case of an unidentified flying object (UFO) being observed, visually and using radar, in the Iranian capital of Tehran in the early morning of September 19, 1976. The incident is notable for the fact that radio-electronic interference was observed near the object: two f-4 Phantom II interceptors lost communication, the onboard equipment failed when they approached the object, and one of the aircraft's gun systems temporarily failed.

The incident, extensively covered in a four-page report from the Defense Intelligence Agency that was passed to the White House, the Secretary of State, the Joint Chiefs of staff, the national security Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency, is one of the most well-documented anomalous phenomena involving the military in history. At the same time, various high-ranking military leaders of Iran involved in the events admit that the observed object could have an extraterrestrial origin.

Map of Iran and nearby countries, where Tehran and Hamadan are marked, where two f-4 interceptors took off from

Map of Iran and nearby countries, where Tehran and Hamadan are marked, where two f-4 interceptors took off from

On September 19, 1976, at approximately 00: 30 local time, the Tehran command post of the Iranian air force received four telephone messages from residents of the city district of Shemiran about unusual activity in the night sky. Some of the callers talked about a bird-like object, others about a brightly glowing helicopter.

When it turned out that there were no helicopters in the air, the district's air force commander, General assef, was called. The General initially thought that the observed glow was ordinary starlight, but after a meeting with the control room of Mehrabad International airport and personal observation of a very bright object larger than the stars visible from Earth, he decided to take off one f-4 Phantom II interceptor from the Shahrokhi air force base in Hamadan, 282 km (175 miles). West of Tehran.

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