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A huge UFO near Saturn was captured by an amateur astronomer

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A huge UFO near Saturn was captured by an amateur astronomer

An amateur astronomer was looking at Saturn through a telescope and noticed an incomprehensible huge object that flew over the north pole of the planet.

Well-known ufologist Scott Waring commented on the received video. He believes that the UFO was the size of the Moon, but it was not a satellite orbiting Saturn. Instead, he raced over the polar region of the planet and went into the darkness of outer space. According to the ufologist, the object had a disc-shaped shape, which probably belongs to representatives of alien civilizations.

UFO near Saturn

The researcher is sure that the frames obtained by the amateur astronomer are real, that is, the video was not edited. Recently, many interested in astronomy can freely purchase modern equipment for observing space objects. It would seem that only recently amateur astronomers recorded the passage of mysterious objects past the Moon right from home, and now UFOs are observed much further from Earth, on other planets. I wonder where NASA's large telescopes are looking in this case?

UFO over Saturn

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that not so long ago UFO-AC Research Group published a former NASA employee who already reported that UFOs at Saturn are not uncommon, but an objective reality

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