Soviet "men in black": how KGB officers followed UFO contactees

Men in Black in the Soviet Union

Despite the fact that the KGB of the USSR, as previously and the NKVD, has always officially denied the presence in these departments of special forces engaged in the study of UFOs or other phenomena incomprehensible to humanity, there are witnesses who claim that they personally saw "people in black" and even talked with them.

Pilots know everything

Military pilots tell how, after their encounters with UFOs in the air, unknown people in civilian clothes often appeared very quickly at military airfields, who freely passed to protected objects, which means they were endowed with the highest level of authority. This has been the case since 1948 when an unidentified flying object was first attacked by a Soviet pilot over the Baskunchak training ground.

Test pilots who met with plates in 1990 near Lipetsk told about people in civilian clothes from the State Security Committee.

Pilot Chagin, who met during a training flight with a UFO in the sky between Lipetsk and the settlement of Dobroye, told about strange people who literally met him at the airfield. They appeared half an hour after the chassis of the MiG Chagin touched the concrete runway. Two men in black short raincoats and fedora hats literally intercepted the military pilot before the report, brought him into the office, and forced him not only to tell everything on the record but also to certify the testimony with a personal signature. Curiously, they did not take any non - disclosure subscriptions - this was later done by the command of the military unit. The terms of non-disclosure were standard - 25 years.

Chagin's colleague, pilot Litvinov, who accidentally shot down an unidentified object over Lipetsk with an air-to-air missile, also told reporters that he met two people in civilian clothes at the airfield. They calmed him down, saying that they would search for the downed UFO themselves. Then Litvinov witnessed that the officers from the airfield security unquestioningly obeyed these strange people and really sent a truck with soldiers to search for the fallen object. The Soviet "men in black" recorded the pilot's story later, having specially arrived at the airfield again.

A curious detail: Litvinov recalled that the UFO was shown several more times over the airfield and military town. The "Men in Black" disappeared exactly when the plate stopped appearing. How these two events were connected, the pilot could not explain.

"Men in Black"  monitor the writers

The most famous story of the appearance of the "men in black" happened in the village of Peredelkino in 1981. This event was preceded by the abduction of a forestry technician on the island of Kunashir in 1975. The forestry technician from the seaside town of Partizansk was named Evgeny Lebkov. He came to Kunashir after a stormy divorce from his wife.

On August 4, 1975, Lobkov went fishing on the slope of the Tyatya volcano, the eruption of which, according to the predictions of volcanologists, was expected in a few weeks. The last thing the forester remembered was how he, having thrown his fishing rods, comfortably settled down on the bank of the river. Then there is a failure, darkness.

"Men in Black"  monitor the writers

Lebkov came to himself in a hunting hut that stood on the other side of the river. His clothes were torn. A rumble could be heard from afar — it was the dormant volcano that woke up. Three hunters were sitting at a table in the hut. They told Lebkov, who was suffering from a headache, that two hours ago he himself, on his own feet, entered the hut and collapsed on the floor. They just picked him up from the floor and put him on the bunk. Hunters told Lebkov when he was surprised by the eruption of the volcano, that it was the evening of August 29. Where the forester stayed for two weeks, he did not manage to find out. One could assume that someone hit him on the head and he lay unconscious for two weeks, but during this time he did not lose a kilogram, and the stubble on his cheeks did not grow. He did not find any health consequences from the time-lapse. The only thing is that at night the man began to be disturbed by nightmares in which he seemed to guess the words of a language unknown to him.

In 1981, Lebkov decided to tell his friends about what happened to him in a holiday home in the famous writer's paradise — the village of Peredelkino. The fact is that Lebkov wrote poetry and made translations in his spare time. He was a member of the USSR Writers' Union and sometimes received vouchers.

"Men in Black"  monitor the writers

And one fine evening, under hot drinks, when writers and poets were baiting each other, he decided to tell the story of his own disappearance. In the morning, two plainclothes men entered the door of Lebkov's room without knocking. They unceremoniously lifted the hungover forestry technician-writer out of bed, presented the crusts of the KGB of the USSR, and checked his documents. Then they began to ask about the disappearance and immediately offered to drive "with them" in order to find out the whole truth under hypnosis at the research institute. Moreover, one of the "men in black" let slip that he suspected that Lebkov was abducted by aliens who have their own base on Kunashir.

The writer took all this for a practical joke from his Moscow colleagues, got angry, and sent visitors to hell. But then the conversation stopped being languid: one of the visitors took out a pistol and advised not to tell any more "strange stories about the abduction" at the table, otherwise the forestry technician may never see his native Primorye again. After making sure that Lebkov understood everything, the guests left.

Lebkov's strange visitors were noticed by the maid of the sanatorium — she saw two men in black raincoats and hats leave the building, get into a black foreign car waiting for them and drive away. The maid described them as dark-skinned young men of Asian appearance. Surprisingly, Lebkov himself could not recall the appearance of the visitors.

Galactic Message from the KGB

The fact that the KGB really had departments dealing with various topics, far from the usual methods of intelligence, is evidenced by the fact that the inhabitants of Western Europe now and then became, as they believed, victims of secret experiments of KGB agents. The most famous "experiments of the KGB" were the "letters of the Ummites" and the disruption of television broadcasting in the south of Britain. The "letters of the Ummo", which were presented by advanced aliens from the planet Ummo, began to arrive in various newspapers, magazines, and television studios in Spain, Portugal, and France in the 1960s.

Ummo letters

Unknown people dropped these letters into mailboxes all over the world - from Scandinavia to Africa and Australia. In the letters, the Ummites described their system, very similar to the USSR, and praised their planet, which had gone further than Earth in development. The version that the letters may be special developments of the KGB of the USSR, thus spreading the Soviet collectivist ideology, appeared after the letters began to come from the cities of the Soviet Union.

Another "experiment of the KGB" in the field of mass management, the British considered the failure of broadcasting, which occurred in November 1977. During a prime-time news broadcast, when a large number of Britons were watching TV, the broadcast was interrupted, and for six minutes residents of the southern counties listened to a message from a certain "Vrillon officer" who was transmitting a message from the "galactic command of Ashtar" to Earthlings. The British were offered to abandon nuclear weapons in the name of preserving the planet. Then people will supposedly have the opportunity to "evolve" and develop into a higher race.

The specialists of the Southern Television broadcast could not explain how the signal of the "aliens" could break through their broadcast. Even intelligence was involved in the investigation of the incident, but it did nothing. Therefore, the most "reasonable" explanation was the intervention of foreign intelligence agencies, namely the special departments of the KGB.

Of course, these cases do not confirm the observations of KGB officers for contactees, but they may indicate that Soviet intelligence experimented with new means of propaganda, and therefore engaged in new research in the field of psychology and mass management, which many now deny.

But there were also directives about UFOs, which in the 1970s and 1980s were distributed to military units and military airfields, there were orders not to shoot at UFOs and not to attack them, and behind these orders and directives were quite certain people of specific, but classified departments of the State Security Committee. Most likely, they are still working on the same thing - ensuring our peace of mind.

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