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Vrillon - Ashtar Galactic Command

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Vrillon - an alien voice or a hoax that has become a legend

The evening news of Southern England television on November 26, 1977, was interrupted by a strange message from a representative of the so-called "Ashtar Galactic Command". For almost 6 minutes, a distorted voice called on humanity to abandon the militant policy that could lead to the death of civilization on planet Earth.

Even after almost five decades, the mystery of the mysterious message has not been solved.

The Mysterious Ether of the Galactic Message

The usual evening news broadcast, in which the host spoke about the confrontation in Rhodesia between the country's security forces and the African National Liberation Army of Zimbabwe led by Robert Mugabe, was interrupted by an unknown radio signal.

The picture on the screen was distorted, and the voice could be called electronic. The unknown man, who introduced himself as Vrillon, said that he was speaking on behalf of the head of the so-called "Ashtar Galactic Command", and should leave a message to the earthlings.

Vrillon - Ashtar Galactic Command

Attempts to return the usual image of the TV station failed, moreover, even after some time, the researchers not only can not explain this incident but also name the person who was able to pull off such a scam.

Ashtar's Message and its contents

Vrillon said that the aliens have long been watching the inhabitants of the Earth and are concerned about their militancy because it can lead to a catastrophe that threatens not only our planet but the entire Galaxy.

Ashtar predicted the transition of the Earth to a new era of Aquarius, which will be the time of a new round of evolution.

A voice from the ether warned that if people do not come to their senses and destroy all the weapons of evil, do not learn to live in peace and kindness, this step in development will be closed to earth's civilization. The main task for people will be the search for truth, the ability to avoid lies, disagreements, and chaos.

Investigation of the Ashtar message incident

It is difficult to describe the reaction of listeners to this message. After a while, not only the British but also the world media started talking about it. The company that broadcast Vrillon's speech tried to investigate the incident, but could not find the culprits of the broadcast disruption.

As a result, the investigators recognized that this mysterious person at least had to be not only very carefully prepared but also be a brilliant engineer who was able to interrupt the station's signal.

The only fact proved in the course of the investigation is the location of the signal recording, located in Connington Hill. There, a signal from an unknown source was sent to a 130-meter antenna. But technically, this was very difficult to do and the prankster had to have extensive knowledge of the work of the TV station and have the latest equipment to interrupt the broadcast signal.

No further information could be obtained about the mysterious Vrillon, as he never made contact again.

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