UFO larger than the Earth fly around Saturn - says a former NASA scientist

Vehicles larger than the Earth fly around Saturn - says a former NASA scientist

In his own book "Ringmakers of Saturn", which was published in 1986, Dr. Norman Bergrun cites photographs of what he calls large alien "vehicles" made by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes.

UFO larger than the Earth fly around Saturn - says a former NASA scientist

Dr. Norman Bergrun, who worked for a long time as a senior researcher at the Ames Research Center and Lockheed Martin, at one point wrote a curious book called "Ringmakers of Saturn". In it, he used data and images produced by Voyagers, describing some large alien "apparatuses" that are located in rings around Saturn.

Disclosure of information about UFOs

Many years ago, the very idea of UFOs was ridiculed and considered a conspiracy. Now it's probably no longer taboo even for people of this rank, and it's well documented. 

There are unidentified flying objects. Approximately 20% or thirty percent of all such cases (depending on the analysis) do not have a rational explanation. We can only imagine what is the purpose of these quiet and innocuously moving objects that come to planet Earth again and again. I suppose the most possible explanation is that they are just watching what we are doing

The article "UFO guests from outer space?" by the Margaret Mead, 1974:

What is so special about the human psyche that requires calling extraordinary guesses, opinions, and confirmations false or impossible? Why is it difficult for us to perceive discoveries that do not fit into the framework of accepted knowledge? And also, who is to blame for setting the limits of applicable knowledge? Why have real phenomena been ridiculed as fiction extremely often throughout the history of the earth's population? 

In addition to Giordano Bruno, at least five other scientists were burned at the stake of the Inquisition

In addition to Giordano Bruno, at least five other scientists were burned at the stake of the Inquisition

Hundreds of years ago, the Catholic Church and the government branded scientists as heretics. New discoveries were met with sharp criticism, and scientists were often condemned and blamed for spreading false information. This is because new information constantly harms the established perception of reality, which is built by "intellectual authorities".

In many cases, the discoveries could jeopardize their accumulated power. In many ways, our world has not changed since that time, we still have an authoritarian and Orwellian "fact check" that also patrols the Internet, telling people what is considered true and what is not. Among the many types of weapons that use these "fact-checkers" to convince people of the perception of what is happening in our world now, there are also mockeries.

Ridicule has long been used to refute the idea of the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), now often called "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP). Putting this topic in the "conspiracy theory" basket was an ordinary strategy used by governments and special forces to interfere with an independent investigation of a phenomenon about which they themselves have been well acquainted for more than 75 years.

Roscoe Hillenketter, the very 1st director of the CIA, at one point, acknowledged this, saying that there had been an "official campaign of ridicule and secrecy." Other UFO researchers, such as Dr. Jacques Vallee, and informants, such as Richard Dottie, a former Air Force intelligence officer, told about their own awareness of how the government arranges alien abductions for the purpose of psychological warfare.

These objects, which perform maneuvers and move at a speed inaccessible to any of the known artificial machines, challenging our understanding of aerodynamics and the laws of physics, often performing indescribable evasive maneuvers to prevent collisions with human aircraft, "are really real, but not ghostly or fictional" - in quotes the exact words of General Nathan Twining, former chief of Staff of the US Air Force, said by him in 1947.

Now the US Department of Defense and the Cabinet of Ministers of the whole world have recognized this reality and in the near future have released many verified videos, documentation, radar tracking data, and much more. The idea of UFO crashes has even become mainstream.

For example, Eric W. Davis, a well-known astrophysicist who worked with the US Department of Defense program on unidentified flying objects, said last year that in March 2020 he held a classified briefing for the Ministry of Defense on "spacecraft that were not created on this Earth."

Christopher Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence from 1997 to 2002, said that he was at this testimony. He himself has been quite frank about this phenomenon over the past couple of years.

Dr. David Clarke, an investigative correspondent, a lecturer at the Sheffield Hallam Institute, who was also the curator of the UFO project of the National Archives in 2008-2013, came across some noteworthy documents that indicate that England was desperately trying to capture UFO technology.

But why now? The US government, as well as the governments of other states, have already done or are in the process of creating official branches of government to investigate this phenomenon, but many UFO researchers have already found the fact that they have been studying this phenomenon for a large number of years.

Most of what is known and what has been found about this phenomenon remain secret, and taking into account the government's experience in spreading the truth to the public, what we get from them regarding this phenomenon is an extremely censored version of information disclosure. A fundamental question should be asked: are Governments trying to shape our perception of this phenomenon, as they do with many other important topics, based on their own motives?

Do "apparatuses" larger than the Earth fly around Saturn?

The only thing that we do not see in the ordinary world of disclosure of information about unidentified flying objects is a huge amount of evidence, stories, and experience that several high-level scientists in the field of space and defense have been spreading for many years.

The media informed the public that the military often encountered UFOs and that their testimony is real, but for some reason, reporters continue to ignore the testimony of some extremely fascinating people with high-quality knowledge about the nature of the phenomenon, as well as many influential military men who have been talking about it for almost all decades.

One of these people was the late Dr. Norman Bergrun, a senior researcher at the Ames Research Center (NASA branch). Bergrun was the test planning and analysis manager for the Polaris underwater launch missile system and evaluated the use of satellite systems at Lockheed Martin.

Norman Bergrun in old age

In his own book, Ringmakers of Saturn, which was published in 1986, Dr. Norman Bergrun cites photographs of what he calls large alien "vehicles" taken by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes. Naturally, these objects may simply be some kind of inexplicable cosmic phenomenon and not alien vehicles, but what intrigues? - his rigid conviction that this is really something artificially made. The question arises, how does he know this? Was he privy to additional information other than the photographic data that was presented in his book?

The existence of alien spacecraft of large size and power is a fact whose significance is difficult to realize, not to mention to evaluate

Quote from the book:

In addition, he describes the strange light sources that are observed around Saturn, which have been a well-known mystery throughout the history of astronomy.

Light sources on Saturn were observed, among others, by such astronomers as William Herschel (18th century), Knight and Ainslie (19th century). In one case, the shining source moved away from the outer edge of the A-ring at one moment. In another unrelated case, a bright elongated source, moving in a straight line, entered the outer edge of the A-shaped ring

The quote:

The light sources or "alien vehicles" referred to by Bergrun are really huge. It is clear that the rings of Saturn have a width of 10 diameters of the Earth. This photo shows a large unknown light source flying near one of Saturn's rings. The photo was published in the book "Ringmakers of Saturn".

Saturn and UFO

The image below is also taken from his book and it is based on the Voyager photo. It depicts three elongated unknown objects that seem larger than the planet Earth in size.



According to Bergrun, over time these "vehicles" "multiply".

As mentioned above, Norman Bergrun published this book in 1986, and more than 2 decades later he gave a rare interview to PROJECT CAMELOT MEDIA. In this interview, he told about the stories about UFOs and UFO photos that he had seen and heard from his own colleagues, and about the fact that these photos were strictly secret.

In this interview, he also talks about unidentified flying objects photographed in the Earth's atmosphere, and about the implied extraterrestrial encounter of the Apollo 11 team with tall human beings with black dark skin.

Maybe all this is "completely unusual" for the human psyche, but discussions about unidentified flying objects are no longer taboo, thinking about the existence of "vehicles" that are larger in size than our planet can be really very difficult for some people.

What is curious about these statements and Bergrun's background is that he is not the only one making such unthinkable statements. There are other people with trustworthy experience who do the same thing and have been doing the same thing for decades.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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