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A UFO on the Moon was captured by a NASA orbiter in 1967

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A UFO on the Moon was captured by a NASA orbiter in 1967

Another unidentified flying object (UFO) has attracted the attention of researchers studying old NASA photo archives. In one of the images obtained by the NASA orbiter in 1967, a UFO was discovered.


I would not like to rely on the opinion of Scott C. Waring, who sees UFOs everywhere. Let's take an objective look at this image.


At first, it may really seem that there is a metal object behind the picture, however, let's try to process the photo.

UFO on Moon

But after processing, it became more like hands and a ball, and the stars began to resemble the lanterns of searchlights. Thus, this is a professional deformation, when in any play of light you begin to see creatures and ships. And there is even a medical term describing it-Pareidolia

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