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Zimbabwe UFO landing incident - Mass contact with children in Ruwa, 1994

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Zimbabwe UFO landing incident - Mass contact with children in Ruwa, 1994

A case occurred in Africa, namely Zimbabwe (Ruwa). On Friday, September 16, 1994, at about 10.15 am local time, students (a total of 62 witnesses) noticed 3 shiny balls in the sky.

They appeared and then disappeared, and finally, one of them hovered over the school and began to move along the high-voltage power line, then landed.

It was in the part where children were forbidden to go, a thicket of bamboo and thorns, where snakes and poisonous spiders could be found. On Tuesday, September 20, one of the parents decided to investigate the incident. With the consent of the headmaster, he invited a familiar correspondent from television, later a report about it was shown on the BBC channel.

Zimbabwe ufo landing

In total, 10 to 12 older children were interviewed, it should be noted that the children did not know anything about UFOs and aliens before.

The object, flashing red lights, landed, or maybe just hovered above the ground, because of the thickets of bamboo it was hard to see, after a while a creature that looked like a man in a shiny black suit about 1 meter tall got out of the device, but this is what they saw, let me remind you that the grass there was high.

One of the eyewitnesses named Barry said

The most observant, an 11-year-old girl reported that the alien had gray skin, an oval face and very large black eyes like a rugby ball, and long black hair on his head. He was seen for a few seconds, then disappeared and reappeared, maybe it was he, maybe not, - on the other side of the aircraft. Then the UFO flew away.

The school's principal, Colin Makey, who doesn't believe the whole story, asked them to draw what they saw in class, which is only a small part of the drawings.

UFO sightings drawings

One little girl with blonde hair said she swore by every hair on her head and the whole Bible that she was telling the truth. Dshkolniki evaded the polls, since childhood they believe in the mythical creature Tokoloshi (a relative of the Yeti), which feeds on small children, and even his name was forbidden to say out loud, according to their concepts it was exactly it.

The interview has taken from 12 children, who within 2 days gave a description of what they saw.

The creatures were described as black, with oblong heads, "eyes as big as a rugby ball", and slender arms and legs. The incident took place during the children's morning break, while the teachers were at a staff meeting.

Many of the younger children were very afraid and cried.

At first I thought it was the gardener

said one fourth-grader.

But then I realized it was an alien. The incident lasted approximately fifteen minutes until the spaceships disappeared from view. Many of the children reported that even in a state of fright, they were curious and interested in the strange creatures they saw and whose eyes seemed to radiate intense attention.

Elsa told us that she thought the creatures wanted to tell us something about our future, about how "the world is coming to an end, maybe because we don't care about our planet and the air."

It's like all the trees will disappear and there will be no air. People will die. Such thoughts came from that man-that man's eye.

She said she felt terrible inside when she got home that day.

He was just looking. He was scary. We tried not to look at him because he was scary. My eyes and senses seemed to follow him.

Ten-year-old Isabel expressed feelings similar to Elsa's testimony

The phenomenon near the Ariel School is one of the most significant in recent years in the history of UFOs. For the first time, such a large group of people reported seeing the simultaneous appearance of spaceships and alien creatures.

Ariel School

We immediately decided to investigate this, after receiving a request in September from a BBC reporter, who told us that the passage of strange objects was observed in the skies of Zimbabwe for two nights up until September 16 and culminating in a dramatic event at Ariel's school.

The words of John Mack are given here with a distortion of meaning.

These children had a very difficult experience with alien beings. Now they are in a state of shock it is challenging for them to survive all this. They need help and, above all, psychological help.

It says here

They experienced a shocking encounter with these creatures and were left with the disturbing fact that it seems and is what it is. And it doesn't seem to have any other psychiatric explanation.

In the original, John Mack says

ufo landing zimbabwe

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