William Cooper report. The secret government and UFOs. Part 1

William Cooper report. The secret government and UFOs. Part 1

Late at night on November 5, 2001, William Milton Cooper, the leader of the direction known in ufology as the "Conspiracy Theory", was shot dead in Iger (Arizona).

Cooper has repeatedly stated that he will not surrender alive into the hands of the authorities. In an official police report, without any details, it was said that he "threatened local residents with a weapon, intimidating them." Cooper's ranch was surrounded, despite the warning that "those who crossed its border will be shot on the spot."

William Cooper shot one of the policemen twice in the head with his pistol and was immediately shot by another policeman. Robert Martinez, a policeman who was seriously injured in the head, miraculously survived and was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Phoenix.

William Milton Cooper was born on May 6, 1943, in a military family and, having chosen a "family" career, managed to fight in Vietnam. Cooper first appeared in near-ideological circles in the summer of 1988, but fame came to him after in the spring of 1989 he sent about 500 copies of the "Petition of Accusation" to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. When I first read this document, it never left my mind that Chris Carter filmed his "X-Files" largely based on it. A striking mixture of ideas being exaggerated in near-ideological circles and obvious misinformation, such as the content of the prophecy in Fatima.

But let's give the floor to Cooper himself. Excerpts from his speech in Los Angeles on November 17, 1989.

William Milton Cooper

"If anyone does not know who I am, I inform you that I grew up in a military family. My family members, my ancestors, have been civil servants since they moved to this country. We all served in the military, were patriots, fought in all wars, had a love for the country, and believed in the US Constitution. Many people do not even suspect that it is the Constitution that represents our country, America. That is why we have always been ready to do everything to protect and protect her.

After leaving home, I joined the Air Force, served in the Strategic Command of the Air Force. Even as a child, I heard from my father, who was also a pilot, and his colleagues about "foo-fighters" (mysterious fireballs that monitor airplanes. - M. G.), about UFOs, unknown alien ships made not on Earth. I listened to it out of the corner of my ear and didn't believe it, laughed, went to play, and forgot about everything. But when I served in the Air Force, I met people who took part in the capture of crashed alien spaceships. I am very interested in this now. Stories about such cases usually happened after a few bottles of beer, and sometimes the next morning I couldn't remember what this or that guy was telling.

When I transferred from the Air Force to the Navy, this is where everything happened. I lived by the principle of "from service to service", but I did some of the things that very few could have done before me. I was a reckless, intensely passionate young man, and I think it was a very exciting life.

I served on submarines, and in particular on the submarine USS "Tyroot" (in other sources, for example, the message Rense.com , spelled "Tiru". - M. G.) during the transition from the Portland-Seattle area and our home port of Pearl Harbor (Hawaiian Islands). Being a lookout on the port side, I saw a saucer-shaped object, which was much larger in size than a Midway-type aircraft carrier. For those of you who don't know how huge it is, I'll just say that it was gigantic. He rose up out of the water, being at a distance of about 2.5 nautical miles from the bow, about 45 degrees on the left side of the submarine. The ship slowly rotated around its axis and disappeared, rising behind the clouds. He seemed to be moving slowly towards me from a distance of 2.5 nautical miles, but in fact, he had to move very fast, because he rose above the water, made a few turns and that's it - disappeared!

I turned to the deck officer, but did not tell him what I had seen - I did not want to look like a fool if it turned out that no one but me had seen it. I just asked him to help me look at this particular part of the space above the horizon, and he did what all officers and lookouts should do - help each other when one of them is on watch. A few seconds later we saw how the same or exactly the same ship came out of the clouds and began to descend, made several revolutions around its axis, and went under water. Second Lieutenant Ball, our deck officer, was, to put it mildly, shocked. Degeralimo, a sailor who was an observer on the starboard side, also saw all this.

Ball called the captain to the bridge; a foreman with a 35mm appeared behind him. with a movie camera in his hands. We observed for 7-10 minutes the same object or another ship, exactly the same, which flew into the water and flew out of it. It was an extraordinary sight. I do not know if THEY were aware of our presence, or if they cared about it at all. The ships did not glow, they were metallic; beyond any doubt, they were mechanical devices, and clearly intelligently controlled by someone. They were gigantic. If the Air Force and Navy were doing something similar, I would undoubtedly know about it, as I know today that these devices were not made on our planet. Because there is nothing created by man that can fly through the air at such a speed, rotate around its axis, penetrate under water and swim there.

William Cooper report. The secret government and UFOs. Part 1

What I saw changed my whole life, because all the stories I heard throughout my life turned out to be true. I began to look at the world with different eyes.

All this was long before I was sent by the Navy Department to the Navy intelligence service. I was sent to Vietnam, the port of Da Nang, and was appointed captain of a patrol vessel. Now I was in command of a crew and a ship of multimillion-dollar value. My task was to collect intelligence information from people living in the port area and fishermen traveling through Da Nang, as well as to ensure the safety of navigation and the port itself. After about five months of this work, I was sent north to the demilitarized zone, to the town of Qua Vieaf on the Takan River. Our base camp was at the mouth of the river. We were only three miles south of the North Vietnamese border, and our job was to patrol the Takan from its mouth to Dang Hae, and then up the Quang Phri Canal to the city of Quang Phri, again in order to collect intelligence information from local residents and ensure the safety of navigation on the river.

It was then that I discovered that there were many UFOs flying in Vietnam, and the aliens were very active. These objects have always been registered in official reports as "enemy helicopters". Now those of you who know at least something about the Vietnam War know that the North Vietnamese did not have helicopters at all, especially after the first couple of our raids on North Vietnam. Even if they had helicopters, they were clearly not such fools as to send these machines flying over the demilitarized zone to certain death. Sometimes our detachments were shot by these so-called "enemy helicopters", sometimes by enemy detachments, and from time to time people could disappear altogether. In one case, for the accuracy of which I vouch, at least an entire village with people disappeared overnight due to the activity of aliens.

UFOs flying in Vietnam

The reason why the terms "enemy helicopters" were used in written messages and official reports was that in Vietnam we did not use any mechanical devices to encode and decrypt messages. We used only secret code tables and used them 24 hours a day, which was really not good. It was because of this that we had to invent codewords inside the messages themselves.

After leaving Vietnam, I was eventually assigned to the staff of the Commander-in-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet. The beautiful white headquarters building was built in the town of Makalappa in the Hawaiian Islands; it was located on a small hill from which Pearl Harbor was clearly visible. I was seconded to the intelligence group that makes up the intelligence reports for the Commander-in-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet. During my service in this position, due to official duties, such amazing, incredible documents came into my hands, which allowed me to make sure that everything I had seen before was reality.

If we ever start a war, it will be the US Navy that will strike the first blow and try to contain the enemy. That's why you can't even imagine the amount of information that the Commander-in-Chief should know. He needs to know everything that's going on in order to make the right decisions. That's exactly what our job was — to be sure that the commander has the right information all the time, all 24 hours a day. Every morning between 8 and 9 a.m. we had to give a summary that covered everything that had happened in the previous 24 hours and everything that was planned, everything that should happen in the next 24 hours, as well as everything related to previously received intelligence reports.

From time to time we received messages marked "Top Secret/Majic, restricted access information". The information they contained was encoded in a certain way: for example, in the form of answers to questions that we did not know. But over time, two documents came into my hands: one was called "Project Discontent", the other - "Operation Majority".

The document "The project "Discontent" contained a statement of the situation with extraterrestrial aliens, starting in 1936; this year a disk-shaped aircraft crashed in Germany, which the Germans captured and tried to reproduce its technology. These attempts were not successful, despite the fact that the Nazis claimed otherwise. If their attempts had been successful, we would not have won the Second World War, because no one could have resisted such weapons, and we would now have the German flag in the center of the podium. However, they still made some steps forward. When the Americans arrived in Peenemunde, some documents and metal objects from an extraterrestrial ship fell into our hands; we also captured some German specialists. The Russians also got some documents, some specialists, and some items.

This was the case until 1947 when we managed to capture an alien ship, an entire ship. It happened in the area of Roswell, New Mexico. The bodies of dead aliens were recovered from the ship.

 Roswell, New Mexico


In the materials of the project "Discontent", I saw photos of dead aliens, their autopsies, internal organs, photos of the ship, living aliens. I saw a photo of an alien marked "EB" or "EVE" (from Extraterrestrial Biological Entity - extraterrestrial biological being), who was held captive from 1949 until June 2, 1952, when he died. I learned about the history of incidents with aliens and their ships, starting in the 1800s, which they were able to piece together. I saw the names of the projects. I saw a project that was supposed to lift an alien ship into the air, captured intact — and some of them were indeed captured intact, but how it happened, I can't say anything. It was a project called "Red Light"; it was first carried out at the Tonopah landfill in pc. Nevada, and then it was continued in a specially equipped "Zone-51" with the code name "Dreamland" by a secret order of Eisenhower. It is located in the area of the dried-up Groom Lake on the territory of the landfill in pcs. Nevada. Officially, this zone does not exist; if you ask anyone or write a letter to government agencies, they will tell you that there is no such zone.

The project of test flights of such ships existed until 1962 when one day one of the ships exploded in the air near the test site. This explosion was visible on the territory of at least three states. The pilots were killed, and no one knew what happened and why the ship exploded. The Red Light project was postponed until later when the aliens provided us with three ships and their personnel in order to help us learn to fly them. This project is operational, and now we have not only alien ships that we fly, but also ships that we have built using the technology of captured alien ships. Thus, some of the UFOs reported by eyewitnesses from the United States and possibly other countries are controlled by American pilots.

Of course, this may shock you. We have a technology that is far beyond our knowledge. Most of our technological progress since the Second World War is due to the exchange of technology with aliens, which takes place in the "Area-51" to this day. I have seen a huge number of documents and remembered a lot of information from them. Perhaps there are some inaccuracies in my recollections, but I guarantee that they are insignificant, if they exist at all.

Cooper's answers to questions from the audience:

— Why weren't you killed yourself?

— If they touch me, then everyone who has heard my speech will know that everything I have told is true. That's why they don't touch me yet...

— What about all the journalists and other people who were in Dallas and saw the Kennedy assassination? Why didn't they tell you exactly where the shot came from? Why didn't they respond, these people? There should be quite a lot of them...

"- As far as we know, there were at least 18 such people. All of them were killed within two years of this event. The amount that all this cost is one billion three hundred thousand dollars.

—- Why exactly did the driver shoot Kennedy?

"Because the other fools missed. A total of three shots were fired at President Kennedy — one wounded him in the throat, but did not kill him, and two other shots that were intended for him wounded John Connelly. It is established that one shot was fired from a grassy hill — the one that hit the president in the throat. Two other shots were fired from behind a car near the textbook distributor building; the bullets hit Governor Connelly. The governor is known in intelligence circles as a man "who can do anything", a man of action, because he got two bullets and kept his mouth shut anyway.

—- How to explain the fact that the driver sitting in front on the left was able to demolish the right side of Kennedy's head, where the bullet actually hit — it was almost impossible...

—- I can show you on film how it was done. You will see that Kennedy really turned, his head was turned in that direction. Everything was simple, you will be able to see everything with your own eyes.

"- The film about the assassination of the president was carefully checked by experts. Why didn't the experts conclude that Kennedy was shot by his chauffeur?

"- Checked by whom? Most of the film had cut fragments. If you could watch most of the footage in the original, then you could see the driver - William Greer starting to turn like I said… It's because they cut these frames out of the movie! Besides, most of you, every time you saw a movie on TV, never looked at the driver...

—- Why was sea urchin poison necessary?

"- Sea urchin poison? If you're going to kill someone, you have to understand one thing well. I understood this especially well when I got to Vietnam: just because you shoot someone, it does not mean that they will necessarily die. And if he does not die and takes up arms, then you will die. So, you have to kill him first so that he doesn't kill you later, kill him in the most reliable way, so that when you shoot him, he will die. This is a way that can never hurt you!

—- Why didn't Jackie (Jacqueline Kennedy) report anything about the source of the fatal shot?

— Who was she to talk about it? The Secret Service had just killed her husband, and they were supposed to protect the president. Besides, who had her children, who patronized her children? The same Secret Service...

—- Why are you the only one who distributes such information?

—- I am not the only one who is talking about it now. Bill English talked about it 8 years ago, but everyone laughed at what Bill said. John Lear also talked about it for three years, and everyone also laughed at him. Now there are so many people who openly talk about it that people have begun to listen to them. At all times we knew that we were perfect fools for government circles, that's how they think of us, and that's what we prove to them every day.

"— Could there be an energy technology similar to the one available to the aliens anywhere else?

"- There are very few people who have been able to approach a similar level in their work, but all their work has been suspended, and will continue to be suspended in the future. Because it means that you may have free energy in your hands. If you have that kind of energy, then they won't have any more power over you, you know? That's why they suspended these works.

"— Has any alien technology been used currently in military equipment?

"Yes, one of the alien technologies is embedded in the Stealth bomber. The bomber, built using Stealth technology, began flying 10 years before we learned of its existence.

—- What can we do to make all this information public?

—- You have to get in touch with the government. The first thing you should do is to purchase a copy of the U.S. Constitution, which, as far as I know, most of you do not have at home. If I walked around the hall and asked anyone what the Constitution says on this or that issue, most of you would not be able to answer me. And it's true! This is exactly what our country is!

The second thing you should do is to learn ee! The third is to start contacting your senators, the US president. You have to start relying on them, get their support and tell them: "Until you change something in the government until we get the truth — I mean the whole truth, not the nonsense that you are going to present to us." I'll do everything I can to get the truth out...

The secret government may have executive power, but all people, each of us - we have Congress in our power. It is Congress that makes laws, and it can impeach the executive branch...

So you have power, even though you have already forgotten that you have it. You forgot that the vote you cast during the election may leave them out of business. It is your voice that gives power to those who overthrow the Constitution and destroy our country.

—- What was given to the aliens in exchange for their technology?

"- People and animals.

— Is the Soviet Union involved in any way in this?

"- The Soviet Union and the United States have been equally closed countries since the end of World War II, especially in the field of secret space programs. The Soviets have technologies similar to ours — yes, it is.

—- Why, having alien technology, did we not fly to the moon or Mars much earlier?

—- The first landing on the moon was on May 22, 1962. No, excuse me, this was the first landing on Mars. A cruise probe with a hydrazine engine was launched. It made three orbits and landed on Mars on May 22, 1962. It was a joint attempt by the US and the Russians. We landed on the moon for the first time, probably in the mid-50s, because at the time when President Kennedy said that he would like a man to set foot on the moon at the end of the decade, we already had our base on the moon.

— What about Mars?

—- We also have our base on Mars.

— When did this happen?

—- I do not know the exact date, but I do know the name of this project. It was called "Adam and Eve".

— How long have you known about this?

"- Okay, I'll tell you. I made this public for the first time on July 2, 1989, and for three weeks from that moment I continued to speak publicly with this information. In order for the American people not to listen to me, the government published a message in the press that they plan to build a base on the Moon and a colony on Mars. Now, three days before my speech, a NASA representative said: "We will never be able to have a colony on Mars, it is impossible because Mars is a dead planet." But Mars is not a dead planet, they are lying.

"- I am a representative of the Institute of Hristik, and I would like to ask you why, when we sent our representative to your house at your request, you did not provide any documentation to confirm your unfounded statements?

"First of all, it was not my requirement. I have never communicated with the Institute of Krystik in my life. I was on the Caroline Hemingway show, she was talking to the Institute of the Christian. It was she who informed Daniel Stehan that I had just said something about J. Boucher and drugs on her show. He called me over and said he would like to send a researcher to me; in fact, he even asked me to help him, as a newcomer to this job. His name was Wayne Nelson, he is a very nice gentleman and spent two days in my house. He was sleeping on my couch, and I gave him everything I had at my disposal. But I never told Daniel Stehan or Wayne Nelson that I had any documents. Here's what I said to Wayne: "If I really had the documents, I couldn't afford to show them to anyone; I don't know you or Daniel Stehan well enough, and I don't know what makes it possible to think that I will provide them to you." I believe that if I provided the documents to any of them, they would quickly disappear.

—- What happened to the alien ship in Roswell, New Mexico—was it destroyed and all the aliens killed?

"- All the aliens were dead, but the ship was not completely destroyed, although it was badly damaged.

"—  Does the Alternative-3 project really exist?

"- The Alternative-3 project is absolutely real, and the Alternative-2 project is just as real.

—- How are things with Colonel Stevens now?

"Oh, Colonel Stevens is coming out of prison soon. He is the most beautiful person, and no one can discredit him in my eyes. I don't believe those who tell all sorts of nonsense about Wendell Stevens, I don't believe that he could beat and torture children. I know him personally...

In Part 2, I publish his full report on the topic: "The Secret Government and UFOs"

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