William Cooper's Report "The Secret Government and UFOs" - Part 2. Report

William Cooper's Report. The Secret Government and UFOs - Part 2 Report

1947. The most destructive and costly war in the history of the world's population has just ended. The United States made and used (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) an atomic bomb, was the only state with a weapon capable of killing not only the enemy, but almost the entire globe. The US economy was thriving, the country had the highest standard of living in the world. One can only imagine the confusion and concern of the more informed members of Harry Truman's government when they learned that an extraterrestrial galactic ship had crashed in the desert located on the terrain of the state of New Mexico.

From January 1947 to December 1952, at least 16 extraterrestrial aircrafts crashed or were required to land. The result: 65 corpses and one living alien fell into the hands of the Americans. Another ship exploded in the air.

On February 13, 1948, an extraterrestrial ship was found on a small high-altitude plateau near Aztec (New Mexico). The other was on March 25 of the same year in Nart Canyon (in the same state). They were 100 feet in diameter. 17 alien corpses were recovered from 2 ships. A huge number of human body parts were found in both ships. It was amazing. The demon seemed to have raised its hideous head, and a nightmare enveloped everyone who was "in the know."

A special group of America's leading scientists were organized under the Grudge Project in December 1947 to study this phenomenon. All the dirty business is contained. The Grudge Project turned into a Project Discontent in December 1948. Collection and Disinformation A low-level project named Blue Book was formed under malice. Sixteen volumes had to come out of spite.

The "blue Teams" were brought together to repair damaged disks and dead or living aliens. The blue teams were later to transform into Alpha Groups as part of the Jump project. In these early years, the US Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency exercise full control over the "alien secret." In fact, the CIA was formed by Presidential Decree first into the Central Intelligence Group with the explicit purpose of combating the alien presence. Later, the National Security Act was passed, establishing it as the Central Intelligence Agency.

The National Security Council was created to monitor the intelligence community and especially alien efforts. A series of National Security Council memos and orders were removed by the CIA with the sole task of collecting foreign intelligence and slowly but thoroughly "legitimized" direct action in the form of covert activities at home and abroad. All documents about the incident were classified as "top secret". The security cover was tighter than over the Manhattan project (the creation of the atomic bomb). In the following years, such actions became more classified in the world.

On December 9, 1947, Truman approved the release of NSC-4, entitled "Coordination of Foreign Intelligence Information Measures" at the insistence of Secretaries Marshall, Forrestal, Paterson, and the Director of Political Planning of the State Department, George Kennan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Military Intelligence, Book 1, "Final Report of the Special Commission for the study of the activities of State bodies in relation to intelligence activities, " United States Senate, Congress Ninety-fourth, second Session, Report No. 94-755, April 26, 1976, paragraph 49 reads: "This directive authorized the Secretary of State to coordinate foreign information activities aimed at countering communism."

A Top Secret appendix to NSC-4, NSC-4A instructed the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to conduct covert psychological measures in the implementation of the goals set out in NSC-4. Initially, the authorities gave the CIA for covert operations under the NSC-4A did not establish formal procedures for either coordinating or approving these operations. He simply directed DCI to "take covert action and ensure, through engagement with the state and defense, that the resulting operations were compatible with American policy."

In the future, NSC-10/1 and SNB-10/2 were to displace NSC-4 and NSC-4A and expand the latent abilities even more. The Office for Policy Coordination (OPC) was authorized to implement an expanded program of covert activities. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 confirmed illegal and extra-legal practices and procedures as being acceptable to the national security leadership. The reaction was quick. not in the eyes of the intelligence community, "no holds were banned."

Under NSC-10/1, an Executive Coordination Group was established to review but disapprove, hidden project proposals. ECG is secretly tasked with coordinating alien projects. NSC-10/1 and/2 were interpreted in mind that no one at the top wanted to know about what until it was finished and successful.

These actions established a buffer between the president and the information. This buffer was supposed to serve as a means for the president to deny knowledge if the leak divulged the true state of affairs. This buffer was used in subsequent years to effectively isolate future presidents from any knowledge of an alien presence other than what the secret government and intelligence want them to know.

NSC-10/2 established a research group that met secretly and was made up of scientific minds per day. The panel study was not called MJ-12. Another NSC memo, NSC-10/5 additionally outlines the responsibilities of the panel under study.

These NSC memos and secret Orders laid the foundation for the creation of the MJ-12 only four years later.

US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal objected to the secrecy.

In the photo: James Forrestal (Eng. James Forrestal; February 15, 1892; May 22, 1949) is the US Secretary of the Navy and the first US Secretary of Defense (September 17, 1947; March 28, 1949).

In the photo: James Forrestal (Eng. James Forrestal; February 15, 1892; May 22, 1949) is the US Secretary of the Navy and the first US Secretary of Defense (September 17, 1947; March 28, 1949).

He was a huge idealist, a very religious person, and believed that people needed to be informed. When he started talking about these topics with the favorites of the opposition party and the favorites of Congress, Truman suggested that he resign.

On March 28, 1949, due to a mental crisis, Forrestal was removed from office and five days later placed in the National Naval Medical Center. It was officially announced that the former minister had "nervous and mental exhaustion," but his doctor, Captain George Rains, diagnosed him with depression. During his illness, Forrestal repeated: Russian, Russians are coming, Russians are coming. They're everywhere. I saw Russian soldiers." Journalist D. Pearson believed that Forrestal was developing paranoia.

The possible cause of his problems was the discrepancy between the situation and his character. A rather secretive man, who claimed that his style was obscurity and obscurity, turned out, like any politician, to be under the gun of criticism of journalists, such as the already mentioned D. Pearson and V. Winchel.

Forrestal was on the mend, he regained the lost 5.5 kilograms of weight, but on May 22 his body was found on the roof of the third floor under the windows of the kitchen of the 16th floor, located opposite his room. A few hours later, the Montgomery County coroner announced that it was a suicide. The suicide note contained an excerpt from Sophocles' tragedy Ajax. The Navy Department checked the handwriting in the note with Forrestal's handwriting.

The results of the investigation, prepared according to unofficial data on May 31, were published only on October 12, 1949, and contained only a short description of the facts. So, it was only said that Forrestal's death occurred as a result of a fall from the 16th floor, and the possible causes of the fall were not indicated.

... And so, according to M. Cooper, in the early morning of May 22, 1949, CIA agents tied a piece of the sheet around his neck, secured the other end to a piece of fittings in his room, and threw him out of the window. The sheet could not stand, the prisoner flew down and crashed to his death.

Forrestal's secret diaries were confiscated by the CIA and kept in the White House for many years. Due to popular demand, the diaries were eventually rewritten and published in a sanitized version. The real information of the diary was later supplied by the CIA in the form of a book to the agent who published the material as fiction. Agent Whitley Strieber's name and the book Majestic.

James Forrestal was one of the first victims of the cover-up.

A living alien who survived the fall in Roswell was named VBS. The name was suggested by Dr. Vanniver Bush, and it stood for Alien Bio Being/Extraterrestrial Biological Being. VBS spent most of his time lying down and answered only those questions when his answers satisfied those who asked them. If the question dragged an unnecessary answer, then the VBS did not answer it. In some places, in the middle of the second year of his own captivity, the VBS began to reveal itself, and the information acquired from him was, to put it mildly, amazing. These revelations of his formed the basis of what later received the title of the "Yellow Book". VBS was photographed many times — the creator of the report saw these pictures in Grudge 13.

Extraterrestrial Biological Being

Alleged Photo of an Alien Bio Creature

At the end of 1951, the VBS fell ill. The medical staff was powerless to make a diagnosis. The VBS body was based on chlorophyll, it converted the food consumed into energy like plants. Botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza tried to help the victim to recover. He worked with VBS until mid-1952 when he died. Dr. Mendoza became a specialist in alien biology.

On November 4, 1952, a top-secret Directorate of State Security (DSS) was created by a hidden order of President Truman. His main task was to decipher the alien conversations and try to establish a dialogue with them. This urgent task was a continuation of earlier attempts and received the code name "Sigma". The 2nd task of the DSS was to conduct radio interception of all negotiations around the world between both humans and aliens and immediately keep the latter's stay on Earth a secret.

President Truman created the super secret of the National Security Agency (NSA) by secret Executive Order on November 04, 1952.

His main goal was to decipher alien communications, language, and establish a dialogue with aliens. This most urgent task is a continuation of earlier efforts. The secondary purpose of the NSA was to monitor all communications and emissions from any and all electronic devices around the world in order to collect information, both human and alien, and to contain the secret of the alien presence. The SIGMA project was a success.

The NSA also maintains communication with other secret space programs of the base and the Moon. By executive order of the President, the NSA is exempt from all laws that do not specifically name the NSA in the text of the law as being subject to this law. This means that unless the agency is spelled out in the text of any and every law passed by Congress is not subject to one or these laws.

The NSA currently performs many other duties and is in fact the leading agency within the intelligence network. Today, the NSA receives about 75% of the funds allocated to the intelligence community. The old saying "where the money goes, the power resides in him" is true. Today, DCI is a front supported as a publicity ploy. The main task of the NSA is still alien communications but now includes other extraterrestrial projects.

President Truman informed the allies, including the USSR, about the development of the aliens' difficulties since their ship entered the dense layers of the atmosphere and landed in Roswell. This was done in order to prevent the possible danger to the existence of the earth's population from extraterrestrials. Plans were developed to protect the Earth in case of invasion. We also decided that an independent group should be created to coordinate and manage international efforts in order to keep a secret from the press studying the actions of governments. As a result, a secret society under the name Bilderbergs was co-operated with headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland). This society has developed and reincarnated, the creator writes, into a secret world government that currently manages everything and keeps everything under control.

A new president moved into the White House in 1953.

A new president moved into the White House in 1953.

He was a man accustomed to a serious structure of personnel organization in a military manner, providing for the mandatory execution of commands. His method was to delegate power. He himself accepted decisions only in cases when his advisers could not reach a consensus. He usually read or listened to several alternatives and then approved one of them.

Only in the 1st year of Dwight Eisenhower's stay in power (1953) at least 10 more disks crashed, 26 dead and 4 living aliens were found in them. Of these 10 discs, 4 were found in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Montana and 1 in South Africa.

Eisenhower realized that he had to solve the problem of aliens. He also realized that he would not be able to do this by revealing the secret to Congress. At first, in 1953, the president turned to his own friend and employee of the Council on International Relations, Nelson Rockefeller, for help. Together they began to plan the creation of a hidden structure for observing aliens. So the idea of organizing the Majority-12 (B-12) MJ-12 was born. Turning to Rockefeller, Eisenhower made the greatest mistake that affected the future of the United States and, quite possibly, the entire population of the earth.

In 1953, astrologers found large galactic objects moving towards the Earth. At first they were mistaken for asteroids. The following observations and analysis showed that these are Galactic ships. The Sigma Project intercepted alien radio communications. Several spacecraft flew up to Earth and entered a very high orbit around the equator. Their intentions were not guessed.

The joint directive of the NSA and the CIA ordered the deployment of work to activate the available technical and analytical tools within the framework of the Plato project. The Sigma radio communications monitoring system was able to detect regular information exchange between these ships. A specially developed program based on logical combinations of signals in binary code made it possible to attract the attention of the aliens, and later, to establish some kind of information exchange between the orbiters and the Radio Intelligence Center.

The SIGMA project and a new project, PLATO, through radio communication using a computer binary language, was able to organize a landing, as a result of which face-to-face contact with extraterrestrial beings from another planet.

During the information exchange, it was not possible to get an answer to the main question for a relatively long time: what are the intentions of the aliens? The turning point in the alarming situation came on February 20-21, 1954. Closer to the night of February 20, the inner circle of the presidential administration discovered that Dwight Eisenhower had "disappeared", and no one knows, contrary to the rules, where the president is at this time. Early in the morning, the president showed up in Los Angeles. The administration is hastily preparing a plausible version of the night journey of the head of state.

It turns out that the president had a toothache the night before as a result of a loose filling, and he urgently flew to a dentist friend. The security service found a "dentist" who could be presented to the ubiquitous reporters. Meanwhile, the president and a small group of advisers landed on the Muroc airfield. Later, the largest Edwards Air Force Base was established on this site. Judging by quite competent sources, the true purpose of visiting this base was a pre-prepared meeting with representatives of an alien race.

After 50 years, some details of the first contact at the highest level became known. One of the first to lift the veil of the greatest mystery of the 20th century was Gerald Light, director of the Foundation for Special Studies. He was among the presidential advisers who arrived with him at Edwards Air Force Base.

"I flew to the Air Force Base as part of a group that included: Franklin Allen, Edwin Noers, a former financial adviser to President Truman, two high-ranking militaries, and Cardinal James Francis McIntyre, a representative of the Vatican. It is known that religion refers UFOs and aliens to diabolical manifestations. However, the president and his advisers decided that the tacit support of the Vatican at the right time could be useful. After a long check and filling out the necessary paperwork, we were allowed to enter a small guarded room. All the members of the group were clearly confused and confused by the realization that yesterday's fiction would appear as an objective reality today. A side door opened and President Eisenhower entered. Unlike us, he was collected and very energetic. Dr. Noers, in particular, had to analyze the possible economic consequences of contact with aliens. The President spoke briefly with the Cardinal and reminded everyone of the strict observance of confidentiality at the end of our responsible mission. I think that such a composition of the group of advisers was quite consistent with the conservative nature of American society in 1954."

At one of the subsequent meetings, the president was also present, in another case, the contact took place at the level of representatives of the NSA and a confidant of the administration of President Eisenhower. These contacts and separate agreements, at least with one of the alien races, were conducted not on behalf of humanity, but on behalf and in the interests of the military and political elite of America.

Charles L. Suggs, a former commander of the US Navy, who was part of the presidential group at Edwards base, at a meeting on the UFO problem in 1991, shared his impressions of the first contact with the alien race.

"I and several officers of the base had to meet the alien visitors directly at the place of their landing near the administrative building. One of the officers noticed a strange rounded cloud that was descending almost vertically, swinging like a pendulum. Literally, a minute later we saw a biconvex object with a diameter of about 35 feet. Its matte metal surface without sharp transitions and structural protrusions played with light highlights. The object hovered 10 feet above the concrete and three telescopic supports moved out of it. With a slight hiss, it touched the ground. We felt that the air was saturated with ozone. An uneasy silence reigned.

Suddenly something clicked, an oval hole appeared in the hull, through which two creatures literally "floated out". At first glance, they were not much different from humans. One of them landed on the concrete 20 feet from the object, the other remained standing on the edge of the "saucer". They were relatively tall creatures, something about 8 feet tall, slender, and surprisingly similar to each other. Their blond, almost white hair almost reached their shoulders. They had light blue eyes and completely colorless lips. The one who was standing on the ground indicated with a gesture that he could not approach us and it was necessary to keep this distance. Fulfilling this condition, we headed for the building. It is interesting to note that when the alien put his foot on the ground at the next step, it seemed to jump forward on an air cushion. It was unclear whether the thick soles of his shoes touched the ground or not?".

CIA Director William Colby claims that at the first meeting with an alien race, it was not possible to come to an agreement that would suit the president and his administration. The president's advisers came to the same conclusion.

The fact is that a representative of an alien race set a number of conditions that were clearly impossible, at least for that period of the military-political situation in the world. The alien, on behalf of his race, who arrived from another solar system, ultimatum offered us not to come into contact with another race, which we call "Greys" (Grays), promising, in case of agreement, to help us get rid of this race of ruthless invaders. Then the alien said that they want to raise the spiritual and intellectual level of earthlings. These aliens claimed that earthlings were on the path of self-destruction, that it was necessary to end the pollution of the Earth and the plundering of its mineral resources, to learn to live in harmony. These conditions were met with great suspicion, especially in the part that constituted their main condition — nuclear disarmament, and were rejected.

The president's question: are they ready to transfer new technologies to us was refused.

It was enough not to discuss anything else. The last point in the negotiations was put by the alien, demanding to stop the further development of technologies of all types of weapons. It should be noted that after the negotiations, when the psychological load subsided, disagreements arose among the presidential team about the fact that no steps were taken to reach a compromise.

William Cooper, a CIA representative in the Pacific Fleet who had access to classified materials of the high command of the US Army headquarters, clarifies that shortly after the failed February negotiations, two meetings were organized with other races, including the so-called "Greys". These negotiations were held in 1954 at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. In this case, an agreement was reached. "Greys," told a story or a convenient legend about their race on one of the planets of the constellation Orion. Their race is dying out due to the changed conditions on the planet, and they are forced to look for ways to preserve their race. They claimed to have come from a planet orbiting a reddish star in the constellation of Orion, which we call Betelgeuse. The intruders said: their planet is dying and will become inapplicable to life in the indefinite future. The result of these negotiations was the 2nd landing - now at Edwards Air Force Base. This historic event was planned in advance. Eisenhower was on vacation in Palm Springs. On the appointed day, the president was taken to the base, and the press said that he had been to a dentist appointment.

The President met with aliens and a formal contract between the alien state and the United States was signed. The 1st representative from Outer Space has arrived at us - his all-powerful Majesty KRLL (pronounced Krill). With the classic South American disrespect for royal titles, he was secretly called "The Unique Hostage Krill". It should be said that the alien flag is known under the title "Three-sided insignia". He is depicted on their ships, they wear the same insignia on their own uniforms. Both these trips and the 2nd meeting were filmed on film. The movie exists to the present time.

In the photo - "Three-sided insignia"

In the photo - "Three-sided insignia"

The contract says:

  1. Aliens will not interfere in our affairs, and the United States will not interfere in their affairs;
  2. The presence of intruders should be kept secret
  3. They will inform the Americans about the subtleties of their own advanced technology and will assist in its development on Earth.
  4. Aliens will not conclude treaties with other states on our planet.
  5. They can temporarily "kidnap" a limited number of people (for the purpose of their medical examination and monitoring of development), provided that these people will not suffer in any way, will be returned to the place from where they were abducted, will forget what happened to them.
  6. It was also agreed that the government of aliens and the United States will exchange 16 personalities each in order to study each other.

The next decision is about the construction of underground bases for aliens and 2 more for joint use by aliens and the US government. Technology exchange should take place at the sharing bases. Facilities for aliens will be built under Redskin reservations in 4 locations in the states: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and one in Nevada, in an area known as C-4, located about 7 miles south of the western border of Area 51, known as Dreamland. All areas inhabited by aliens are under the full management and control of the Naval Ministry and the payment of working personnel is made from the funds of the Navy. The construction of the bases began immediately but proceeded slowly until large allocations were made in 1957. The work on the "Yellow Book" also lasted.

The Redlight project was developed and, in coordination with it, severe experimental flights on extraterrestrial ships began. A hidden object was built in Groom Lake (Nevada) in the center of the test site for the gun. He received, as already mentioned, the code name Dreamland. Only the Naval Ministry can grant the right of access to the facility with the following approval of this right by the President. By the dramatic nature of fate, the president himself did not have access rights.

The military was instructed to make a top-secret service to ensure the safety of all extraterrestrial objects. So there was a State intelligence organization based in Fort Carson (Colorado). Special teams trained to ensure the safety of facilities were named Delta.

The 2nd hidden project under the code name Snowbird was formed to provide incorrect explanations of flights under the Redlight project. Namely, to interpret them as the experiments of the Air Force. Ships were made using ordinary technology, their flights were shown to the press.

Large funds from a special fund were spent on the construction of 75 deepest underground shelters. Presidents who showed enthusiasm for this construction were told that shelters were being built for the president in case of war. In fact, only a few shelters have been built for this purpose. Others are hidden bases for aliens, as well as the GPVB - the deepest underground military bases of the United States. Practically, these are holes in the ground, quite deep enough to withstand a nuclear explosion, equipped with high-class means of communication. In addition to such facilities, the Atomic Energy Commission has built an additional 22 underground sites.

The location of underground sites and all other information about them are listed as highly hidden. The funds were and are under the control of the military administration of the Snow-White House. They pass through a circular network, while the most knowledgeable spy or accountant is not able to follow this process. Only a few people at the beginning and end of this network know why these funds are provided.

B-12, organized in 1954, continues to exist today.

By 1955, it became natural that the aliens had deceived Eisenhower and terminated the contract. Mutilated and mutilated people and animals have been found throughout the United States. There was a suspicion that the contact lists of aliens with humans were not presented to B-12, as well as the fact that not all of the abducted were returned. It turned out that the aliens manipulated and continue to manipulate the masses of people, using hidden societies, witchcraft, magic, occultism, and religion. After several air battles of the Air Force with alien ships, it became quite clear that our gun did not go into any comparison with their gun.

Another important discovery soon became that aliens use humans and animals as a source of glandular and hormonal secretions, enzymes, and conduct genetic experiments on them. The aliens explained that their actions were necessary to maintain their own existence: they say that their genetic structure is rapidly deteriorating and they have already lost the ability to reproduce. If this goes on, then their race will soon cease to exist. According to M. Cooper's report, we treated their explanations with the last suspicion. But since our weapon was completely useless against aliens, the B-12 decided to continue friendly diplomatic affairs with them until it was possible to make technology so that it was possible to win a possible military conflict. We also decided to appeal to the Russian Union and a number of other states in order to combine the efforts necessary to save the world's population.

As a result of the research work, the Joshua and Excalibur projects were developed. Joshua was based on a weapon captured from the Germans, which is capable of piercing an armor plate 4 inches wide (inch — 2.5 centimeters) at a distance of 2 miles, using low-frequency sound waves. It was believed that this tool would be effective against alien ships and their beam guns. Excalibur is a weapon that is delivered to the place of introduction by a rocket. It is equipped with an onboard laser for hitting ground targets. Deviation from the target is less than 50 meters. It is capable of punching compacted calcareous tuff, which is found in New Mexico, to a depth of 1000 meters. Equipped with a 1 megaton nuclear warhead and designed to defeat aliens in their underground bases. The Joshua gun has already been created. At the moment, unprecedented efforts are being made to create and create a tool for the Excalibur project.

The actions in Fatima that took place at the beginning of our century were painstakingly analyzed. Maybe it's the manipulation of the same aliens? The United States turned to the Vatican for help and soon received their research from there, which also contained a prediction. The prediction stated that if a person does not depart from evil and does not fall at the feet of Christ, then the planet is waiting for self-destruction, and the actions described in the Revelation of John the Theologian (the Apocalypse) will really happen. It is predicted that a child will be born that will unite people and establish peace on Earth and that a fake religion will appear in 1992. By 1995, people will have learned that this child is the embodiment of evil, the Antichrist. In the same year 95, the 3rd global war will break out in the Middle East; the United Arab civilization will invade Israel. At first, ordinary types of weapons will be used, and in 1999 there will be a general death of people in the fire of a thermonuclear war.

Between 1999 and 2003, most of life on Earth will end, will die out. The 2nd coming of Christ will take place in 2011.

When the aliens got acquainted with this information, they confirmed their authenticity. They explained that they made people by hybridization. They themselves are able to travel in time and therefore know that all the predicted actions will really happen. The upcoming introduction of extraterrestrial technology by the United States and the Russian Union, including time travel, also, according to Cooper, confirmed the correctness of the prediction. The aliens showed a hologram - the crucifixion of Christ. The US government filmed it on film. To believe them or not? Did they use the real religions of the Earth, or were they in fact the creators of our religions, with which they have always manipulated us?

No one knows the answers to these questions. At the very least, when a symposium was held in 1957, in which the best minds of those days participated, they came to the conclusion that by the year 2000 or soon after, the planet would undergo self-destruction due to population growth and human exploitation of the environment — without any help from God or aliens.

At the first stage of space exploration, the Americans accompanied every launch and landing on the moon by alien aircraft. Almost all of them were seen and filmed by the participants of the flight according to the Apollo program. Domes and arches, pointed roofs, the highest round structures similar to the letter "T", mining machines that leave stitch-like traces on the surface of the Moon, large or very small alien galaxy ships - all this is clearly visible in the pictures. Cooper claims: this is a joint South American, Russian and alien base. The US galactic program is a farce and is associated with an unprecedented waste of large amounts of funds. Most of the participants of the Apollo program were deeply shocked by this discovery. The life and the following statements of the astronauts demonstrate the full depth of their revelations and actions on their orders to be silent. They were given an order not to open their mouths, as if on the grounds of "necessity".

As relations with aliens began, the United States became the owner of such technology, which had never been dreamed of before. There is a galactic ship Aurora in area 51. He makes constant flights into space. This is a single-stage ship, which received the title ZAK (transatmospheric galactic ship). It takes off from earth after a 7-mile run-up, rises high into orbit, and lands on the same runway. Pilots have already flown to the Moon, Mars, and other planets aboard these ships.

In the photo - President Nixon

But, the majority-12 had a different idea. The intelligence society has rightly concluded that the impeachment process will reveal the files and the eyes of the public, terrible secrets will be revealed. Nixon was ordered to resign. He refused, and the 1st military coup in history was brewing in the United States. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces sent a very secret message to the commanders and commanders of the US army around the world. It said: "Upon receipt of this message, you must not make any 1st order emanating from the White House. Confirm receipt."

This message was sent 5 days before Nixon conceded and publicly announced that he was resigning. The creator of the report claims: I have seen this message myself. I asked my own boss if he had acted— because the message obviously contradicted the Constitution. He replied: "I would wait and see if there would be any orders from the White House in general, and then I would decide what to do."

B-12 has developed a conditional plan to throw off the trail of at least some who will approach the truth. This plan is known under the title "The Majestic 12".

Another conditional plan is in effect at the moment, we all live by it now. The purpose of this plan is to prepare people for a possible confrontation with aliens. People are practically bombed with movies, advertisements, and broadcasts depicting almost all the nuances of the real nature of the presence of aliens. This has both its good and bad sides. Turn around and focus your attention. The aliens are planning to advertise their presence, and the government is preparing us so that there is no panic.

According to Cooper, for many years aliens have been importing and selling drugs to people, mainly to the poor and state minorities. Under the influence of intruders, the public welfare programs had to be put aside in order to make a dependent non-working element in our society. Another way is to develop a large criminal class, which did not exist in the fifties and sixties. They encouraged the creation and import of small arms to be used by the criminal element. This was done in order to develop a sense of insecurity in the Yankees and force them to voluntarily disarm themselves and adopt laws against firearms. In order to speed up this process, incidents were provoked. Using drugs and hypnosis in the process, which is called Orion, the CIA inspired crazy people with the need to open fire in schoolyards and thus ignite the anti-gun lobby. This plan is being implemented perfectly.

Since the crime wave has enveloped the country, the aliens will indirectly try to assure the South American people that the main towns are in a state of anarchy. When the public worldview is conquered, in other words, when this idea is instilled in him, they intend to announce that a group of terrorists with a nuclear weapon has infiltrated the country in order to undermine it under one of the cities. Then the government will stop the operation of the Constitution and impose martial law in the country. The hidden army of aliens, consisting mainly of people who have been inspired with the right ideas, will be imprisoned in concentration camps that are now available throughout the country. By the way, a similar operation codenamed REX-84 was already rehearsed in 1984 by the government and the military and it went off without a hitch.

Cooper continues: Phil Klass is a CIA agent, which was confirmed by his documents, which I saw between 1970 and 1973. One of his jobs as an aviation specialist was to debunk all information related to UFOs. The entire military command was instructed to call him to get information on how to discredit information about contacts with UFOs.

Stanton Friedman said that a couple of years ago he "participated in the development of a nuclear reactor for aircraft. The reactor was the size of a basketball, released hydrogen and worked like in the parable"... The only fuel on which such an engine can work and emit hydrogen as a by-product is a water. The only place where such technology could be obtained at that time was from aliens. By the way, Friedman was a member of the research team, which, apart from him, included Moore and Shander, and specifically they developed and implemented the conditional plan "Majestic 12".

Now the B-12 exists and operates as usual. The Council on International Relations and its offshoot, the Trilateral Commission, not only manage but also possess our entire state. Like their foreign counterparts, they report to Bilderbergs. Even the most superficial research indicates that the members of the Council and the Commission exercise control over important funds, as well as over more influential mass media and publishing organizations, the largest banks, all leading corporations, the highest echelons of government power, and many other important and influential institutions and organizations.

The Bilderbergs, the Council on International Relations, and the Trilateral Commission are the secret government that governs the state through the B-12, also a research group known as the "Jason Society" or "Jason Scientists". Eisenhower was the last president who knew and understood the alien dilemma very well. All the following presidents used only the information that the B-12 and the intelligence society supplied to them at their own request.

What is the conclusion? The Milton Cooper report states:

  1. The "brain" of the hidden structure believes that due to our ignorance and by the will of God, self-destruction awaits our Earth in the near future. These people believe that they are doing the right thing by trying to save the population of the earth, why did they take extraterrestrial people as allies, although he himself is fighting a desperate struggle for survival. Such acts, of course, are a mistake that must be corrected. Our majestic Civilization owes its very existence to the principles of Freedom and Democracy. Therefore, the United States of America will not achieve success in any enterprise of its own if it ignores these majestic principles. People should get full information, and we should start helping out the population of the earth all together.
  2. We are manipulated by the independent power structure of humans and aliens, which will result in the partial enslavement of the earth's population. We must use all the means available to us so that similar things do not happen.
  3. Something else is happening that remains beyond our awareness for the time being. We must absolutely make public all the facts, get to the truth and act only on this truth. Then no matter what happens, we will have some to blame. The situation in which we find ourselves is explained by our actions or inaction over the past 44 years. This is our own fault, and only we can fix the situation ourselves. Because of our ignorance or false trust, we, in other words, people, have renounced the role of the "watchdog" of the government. As a result, a handful of people decide our fate for us. Are we really reincarnated in the civilization of sheep? But the sheep will still be led to the slaughterhouse in due time! We have to stand up like our ancestors and walk like people.

I have delivered, writes Cooper, the truth as I know it. I don't care what people think about me. I have fulfilled my own duty, and whatever fate awaits me ahead, I meet the Creator with an unblemished conscience.

May 23, 1989.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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