The groan of the Earth - the noise that keeps the inhabitants of the planet awake

The groan of the Earth - the noise that keeps the inhabitants of the planet awake

The phenomenon, which is called "The Hum" ("groan") makes people hear a barely noticeable, barely audible noise, which at first is just a little annoying, and then it feels like your brain is being squeezed in a vice. A person who is faced with this problem, it seems that he is the only one. He is afraid to tell his friends or relatives about it because he is worried that he will be considered crazy and will be advised to consult the appropriate doctors.

The only doctor to whom a person suffering from noise decides to go is an ENT. However, he does not find any hearing disorders, and the person seriously begins to doubt his sanity. In fact, this hum is heard by people from all over the World, but scientists still can not fully understand what this phenomenon is.

The groan of the Earth

The first cases of these noises were recorded in the 19th century. But this problem was revived in the 1970s when the people of Bristol began to notice a low-frequency hum. Those who were disturbed by the annoying noise became more and more, and the situation itself began to attract the attention of journalists. The Sunday Mirror devoted an article to this phenomenon, after which the editors received more than 700 letters that confirmed the existence of this phenomenon. People wrote that they hear a sound that is similar to the operation of a diesel engine, and it interferes with them mainly when they are at home. In 1977, scientists concluded that this noise really exists, but even the state commission established in 1980 did not determine its source.

The city of Kokomo, Indiana

A few years later, the city of Kokomo, Indiana, faced a similar problem. People could not lead a quiet life because of the noise that constantly disturbed them. In Kokomo, as well as in Bristol, a state commission was formed, but it did not bring any results. The measures are taken to muffle the sound did not work, and even years later, residents continued to complain about the hum.

In 2011, in the city of Windsor

In 2011, in the city of Windsor, which is located between Canada and the United States, most of the population noticed the noise. A group of researchers determined the frequency of the sound-35 Hz-and the place where it could presumably come from. However, the situation could not be corrected, since the source of the sound was on an island on the other side of the border. This island used to be an Indian cemetery, and now the U.S. Steel plant is located there. It is impossible to enter the territory of the plant with inspections because there are no international agreements on noise pollution.

In 2012, the earth's moan was repeated in many parts of the world. This was all recorded by numerous witnesses of the events that were filmed on cameras. The groan was like the movement of large parts of a machine that either stops or stops working. Due to the fact that people do not have an exact answer to what this noise is and why it prevents them from living, they come up with various conspiracy theories.



One of the most common versions is the intervention of special services. Some people think that the noise is a side effect of experiments to control the US population. Those who believe in this theory say that the CIA uses low-frequency emitters to " reprogram human behavior." There is a theory of a hollow earth, in which there is a more highly developed world inside. And finally, the last thing on our earth is a ship serviced by what we call extraterrestrials.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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