Was the man on the moon in B.C.?

Exploring ancient mysteries: the Moon landing in B.C.

Was there a man on the moon In 2309 BC? Did representatives of other civilizations take people with them on space travel? Maybe it was after such cases that myths about gods and journeys to the other world appeared?

According to Chinese mythology, a man and a woman landed on the moon more than 4,000 years ago. Shooter Hou-Yi and his wife Chang Ngo flew to the moon on a "heavenly bird".(there is such a legend in China, going back centuries, about Chang Ngo - the wife of the shooter Hou Yi )

 Shooter Hou-Yi

Their descriptions of conditions on the moon were incredibly ACCURATE. Was their journey the result of the rich imagination of the ancient "storytellers", did they get there with the help of "brothers in mind", or using technologies that have been lost by Mankind?

Mysterious White Stone

In 1926, Professor A.V. Bickerton declared the idea of flights to the moon stupid and impossible. In 1935, the famous astronomer F. R. Moulton wrote that man would never be able to travel in outer space. In 1957, Dr. Richard van der Riet Wooley (former Astronomer Royal) called the idea of space travel "absolute nonsense." Eight months later, the first satellite was launched into Earth orbit...

In a remote northern region of Tibet lie the ruins of the city of Sin Nu, discovered by Duparc in 1725. In the city, Duparc came across a mass of monoliths (once covered with silver), a pyramid, part of a tower made of blue porcelain, and a royal palace containing thrones with images of the sun and moon. There was also a large milky-white stone covered with exquisite drawings.

In 1952, a Soviet scientific and archaeological expedition arrived in Tibet. The Tibetan monks showed the members of the group some ancient documents, the descriptions of which coincided with the descriptions of Duparc. But here's what was surprising: the milky-white stone, as they say in the documents, was delivered from the moon.

Was this possible in ancient times?

References to ancient "space travel" are found in the most remote parts of the world. The written and oral mythology of many peoples largely coincides, describing such cases and there is no reason to think that they are all "completely" fiction.
For example, the ancient Chinese historians, for the most part, never pleased the rulers in matters of describing important and simply historical events. The desire for objectivity in the knowledge of history and historiography was a kind of "code of honor" among Chinese chroniclers, so we can take the ancient Chinese chronicle sources seriously enough, even if they seem far-fetched at first.

Currently, there is a tendency in scientific circles to consider ancient documents, mythology, and folklore as sources of fairly reliable information, overgrown over the millennia with the inevitable "ballast husk"

Legends are like time capsules, preserving their contents through centuries of ignorance.

Anthony Roberts:

Here are some historical data collected by the English writer, engineer, the most interesting personality, James Churchward (1851-1936, there will be a separate article about him and his works), causing a lot of questions:

...The ancient manuscripts of various ancient civilizations mention some kind of "vehicles" that can orbit the Earth (like modern satellites).


"Their fuel is taken from the "air" (environment) in a very simple and cheap way. The engine is somewhat similar to a modern turbine: it runs from one chamber to another, does not stop and does not stall if it is not turned off. If there is no movement, it continues to work "idle". The ship on which it was built could revolve around the Earth for as long as it wanted, and fell only when the parts from which it was made were destroyed and the engine stopped..."

"... In the ancient Surya Siddhanta said about philosophers and scientists, which revolved around the Earth "below the moon and above the clouds"".
"...A giant satellites, made of gleaming metal and rotating around the axis, is described in ancient Sanskrit texts, down to their size and interior space, as well as small ships(Vimana?), that fly between them and the Earth."

The Mahabharata describes "two-storied celestial chariots with many windows, emitting red flames, which rush into the sky until they look like comets... in the region of both the sun and the stars."

The sources say:"... Pushan sails on golden ships on the celestial ocean Garuda (heavenly bird) carries Lord Vishnu in space travel. Air flights "through the area of the celestial firmament, which is located above the area of winds".


...two "modern" rockets emitting beams from behind, a box similar to a loudspeaker, and a "copy" of the Gemini capsule are engraved on a copper chisel found in Ur. pictographic texts describe three similar objects exhibited in Sippar:

golden sphere (command module?), "GIR" (a long arrow-shaped object divided into several compartments) "alikmahrati", which means "the propeller that makes the ship move" (i.e. the engine). Together they are very similar to a three-section rocket. Another obvious sign is the combination of the two words "DIN" and "GIR". When they join together to form the word "g-ds", the fin-like tail of the "gir" fits perfectly into the rocket's hole, like the "din", "which spews fire from its tail".

The Epic of Ethan (4700 years) provides us with very accurate descriptions of the earth's surface from a great height - descriptions that were confirmed in the 1950s and 1960s. The description of this ancient space flight shows exactly what happens when the ship leaves the Earth (the concept of a round Earth that becomes small due to perspective with increasing distance and acquires certain colors).


...a clay vessel 8-1 / 2 inches high depicts a kind of "space capsule", on which the engine and exhaust are clearly visible.

The painting, discovered in a niche of a room under the Palatine Hill in Rome in 1961, depicts something similar to a rocket. Standing on the launch pad. "tripwires or cables" depart from it, behind it is a high wall resembling a wall of "protection from flame."


During the excavations, clay figurines of people dressed in a kind of "spacesuits" with helmets completely covering their heads were discovered. The helmets depict something like slit glasses, breathing filters, antennas, hearing aids, and even night vision devices.


The ancient description mentions "round golden chariot measuring 12,000 cubits in circumference, capable of reaching the stars"


...Maori legends tell about flying machines and trips to the moon.


3rd century BC. Chuang Tzu in his work "Journey to Infinity" tells about his journey into space 32,500 miles from Earth. Engravings of cylindrical rocket-like machines that rise into the sky were found on a pyramid that suddenly appeared from under the bottom of Kun-Ming Lake during an earthquake. "Deserted, cold and glassy": In 2309 BC, Emperor Yao's gunslinger decided to go to the moon on a "Heavenly Bird". He described a stream of "glowing air" (rocket jet?). Hou Yi flew into space, where he "did not notice the movement of the Sun" (this statement is of paramount importance because only in space a person cannot see the sunrise or sunset.) On the moon, he saw the "icy horizon" and built the building "Palace of Cold".(did the Chinese lunar rover see him?).

His wife Chang Ngo also flew to the moon, "a luminous sphere shining like glass, huge in size and very cold; the light of the moon is born from the sun," her words ("the report" Chang Ngo about the exploration of the moon is similar to the truth. The Apollo II astronauts discovered that there are glassy stones on the moon, and some places are even "paved" with such stones. Most of the moon is under constant temperature influence of a huge difference in day and night time). The ancient Greek scientist Empedocles also claimed that the moon is made of glass. Such precise knowledge implies the presence of a "source" of information on the moon in the distant past.

The history of the same period says that one night a huge ship appeared over the sea with bright lights that went out during the day. It could also "float" to the moon and stars, hence its name: "ship hanging among the stars" or "Moon ship". This giant ship, which could travel through the sky or fly over the sea, has been seen for 12 years.

In the book "Shi Jing" it is written that when the emperor saw how crimes and vice were growing in the world, "he ordered Chong and Lee to break the connection between earth and heaven - and since then there has been no more movement up or down." Does it sound like an order to stop space flights?


Ancient Buddhist books speak of "iron snakes devouring space with fire and smoke, reaching the distant stars." The three levels of the pyramid in the capital of Sin Nu marked three historical periods in the distant past: ...the era before space travel - the time when people could visit the "heavenly bodies" ... when they returned to Earth...They lost the ability to travel in space, it was here that the "stone brought from the moon" rested on the altar.

Sanskrit documents discovered by the Chinese in Lhasa contain instructions for the creation of interplanetary spacecraft. A flight to the moon is mentioned (although it is not specified whether it was undertaken or only planned). The Chinese said that some data is being studied for inclusion in modern space programs.


The ancient Book of Enoch says that in space "there was heat like fire and cold like ice" (objects become hot on the side illuminated by the sun and icy on the dark side) and "a dark abyss".


Lucian depicted the Moon as a body similar to the Earth, which can be reached in 8 days, and wrote a "fictional" (?) story of the lunar journey.

And what about these days? And nowadays there are many doubts about the "habitability" in the past of the planets of our Solar System and the past of Mankind...

Mysterious objects on the moon. Did the USSR know about the ruins of a city on Mars?

Reports of strange artifacts on the surface of the Moon are coming now: A sword-shaped object near the Birt crater. Strange cruciform formations in crater Eratosthenes and Fra Mauro. Angular lines in the Gassendi crater and seven spots in the shape of the Greek capital Gamma at the bottom of the Littrow crater. Two giant sets of letters under Mare Serenitalis, to the left of Mare Tranquilitatis, which read: "PYAX" and "JAW" in block letters. Strange footprints running right along the crater wall.
If such geometric constructions were found on earth, there would be assumptions about the people who left them. NASA does not announce every discovery, and research is still ongoing. It is possible that future astronauts will discover objects or structures showing that people visited the moon in the distant past.


On July 20, 1969, the first landing on the moon was made. During the last reconnaissance flight around the moon, prior to landing, one of the astronauts made an unexpected announcement: he had just seen the contours of something like a seven-story structure.. What did he see? Maybe it was the "Palace of Cold"? Why was 11 minutes later deleted from the recording of the negotiations, including this recording? (but since there was a live broadcast, many have already heard it.) If there is a single, ancient, long-abandoned building on the Moon, if there is a single object pointing to an earlier mind, if there is at least one obvious rock art, then just think about how such a find will affect our history.

We have to wait! The news continues to come - and not only from the moon but also from Mars, which is 40 million miles away. A Soviet scientist who defected to the West claimed that the photos were taken from an orbiting satellite clearly show the destroyed buildings of an unknown civilization - on Mars! The 58-year-old scientist was one of the members of the team that had been working together since 1961 when Vostok was launched into Earth orbit with the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He now lives under an assumed name in Switzerland. According to him, at the end of the 70s of the last century, an automatic station was launched to Mars. It arrived at its destination in 1982 and has been orbiting the Red Planet ever since. Its sole purpose was to send photos and other data to a satellite orbiting the Earth.

The task was completed with incredible success. The photos surpassed those made by American devices in quality. And there is no mistake about what is imprinted on them. A city captured by a satellite camera, resembling Moscow in plan, is only three times larger, surrounded by wide "avenues" located one inside the other and interconnected by smaller "streets", like the spokes of a cartwheel. The buildings must have been huge. Most of them are in ruins as if destroyed by a strong earthquake. But some of them show something like gray domes with a diameter of two to four miles. Russia will never admit to this incredible discovery because it will show its technical superiority and the level of actual knowledge about Mars (the data was provided even before the collapse of the USSR).

Photo by NASA

Photo by NASA

On February 4, 1985, in Melbourne, Australia, Age reported on the confidence of thirty American scientists that two photographs sent from Mars in 1976 by the Viking spacecraft indicate the existence of an ancient civilization. Richard Hoagland, a science columnist and member of a group of scientists known as the Mars Investigation Group, announced that the photographs show four huge pyramids standing at the "corners of a giant square" Dr. K. West Churchman, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said there are too many details pointing to the possibility of extinct habitation on Mars. What is the real truth about our past? Have we been to Mars before?

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