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A Chinese spacecraft has discovered a verst column on the Moon

A Chinese spacecraft has discovered a "verst column" on the Moon

A Chinese lunar rover has discovered a stone of an unusual shape, possibly a fragment of a meteorite.

The Yutu-2 Rover was exploring the far side of the Moon when it "came across" a piece of rock shaped like a "milepost", which on Earth once marked distances on roads.

The discovery is yet another glaring proof that the long-observed lunar surface may hold many more surprises for scientists.

Yutu-2 Rover

What has most excited the researchers of the earth satellite in the object is its shape, which is different from most of the other rocks on the moon. According to NASA scientist Dan Moriarty, the rock looks like a fragment of a cosmic body embedded in the lunar surface. Moriarty recalled that, as a rule, typical lunar rocks are characterized by a rounded shape due to weathering processes.

The Chinese space agency plans to conduct additional studies of the rock, including using a spectrometer, which is equipped with a lunar rover. This will allow you to find out the chemical composition of the object.

The main version of the origin of the "milepost", according to Moriarty, remains the fall of a meteorite. This is a kind of reminder that the desolate expanses of the Moon are in fact a living geological environment that continues to form under the influence of the violent impacts of other cosmic bodies.


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