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Pedro de Inga. A mysterious stone. The message of the ancients or aliens?

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Pedro de Inga. A mysterious stone. The message of the ancients or aliens?

Not far from the city of Inga in Brazil, on the banks of the Inga River, there is one of the most intriguing archaeological discoveries of Brazil, the Inga Stone. It is also known as Itacoatiara do Inga, which translates as "stone" in the Tupi language of the natives who once lived in the area.

Inga Stone has a total area of 250 square meters. This megalithic formation is 46 meters long and about 3.8 meters high. The most intriguing part of this stone is its strange geometric symbols of various shapes and sizes that are carved on its surface.

Despite the fact that researchers have put forward many hypotheses about the origin and meaning of symbols, no theory is 100 percent convincing.

Is this a message left by our ancestors to future generations? Was there not an open culture with ancient technologies that were forgotten millennia ago? What exactly do these mysterious symbols mean? Moreover, who carved them on the stone wall and why?
The Piedra de Inga stone is a worldwide archaeological treasure, its age is at least 6000 years. In addition to caves, which also have mysterious symbols next to the Inga stone, there are also stones on the surface of which there are also drawings.

However, they do not reach the same level of quality and expressiveness as Inga Stone. Gabriele Baraldi, a renowned archaeologist and researcher, discovered the first cave in the Inga area in 1988; since then, many others have been discovered.

Pedro de Inga

In total, Baraldi examined about 497 symbols on the walls of caves. Most of Inga's engravings are gloomy, but some of them clearly resembles a celestial map, two of which are almost identical to the Milky Way and the constellation Orion.

Other petroglyphs are interpreted as animals, fruits, weapons, human figures, ancient (or fictional) planes or birds, and even a crude "index" of various stories divided into parts, with each sign associated with the corresponding part of the story.

Father Ignatius Rolim, a Greek professor of theology, confirmed that the markings on the Inga Stone are identical to those on ancient Phoenician carvings. Rolim, in fact, was one of the first to put forward this hypothesis.

Other scholars have noticed parallels between the symbols and ancient runes, as well as similarities in complexity and linear organization with a likely brief passage from religious writings.

Pedro de Inga. A mysterious stone.

Ludwig Schwennhagen, an Austrian-born researcher, studied the history of Brazil at the beginning of the twentieth century, discovering significant links between the appearance of Inga symbols not only with Phoenician writing but also with demotic (more often associated with documents of letters, both literary and business) of ancient Egypt.

Researchers have discovered striking similarities between Inga's carvings and local art found on Easter Island. Some historians, such as the author and scholar Roberto Salgado de Carvalho, intend to study each of the symbols in more depth.

Easter Island

According to scientists, concentric circles engraved on the Ingi Stone may be signs associated with childbirth, while spiral shapes may represent "transcosmological excursions or movements", most likely during shamanic actions.

From this point of view, the sequence of symbols may indicate an old formula inscribed on the Inga Stone, potentially used to access the "portal to the supernatural realm," as Salgado de Carvalho himself put it.

Other researchers have suggested that these ancient engravings were a warning to future generations about the impending (or perhaps already happened) apocalypse, in which the inhabitants of that period tried to preserve their knowledge for subsequent civilization.

On the other hand, the ability to write more than one language in stone opens up a whole new set of possibilities. Since there is no historical evidence linking the depiction of stars and constellations with the Brazilian natives of this era, it can be assumed that the engravers were part of a nomadic culture or a group of people who passed through this region.

Some argue that ancient Indian societies could have created these petroglyphs with extraordinary effort and skill, using only standard stone tools of the time for engraving.

Another fascinating idea proposed by Baraldi claims that ancient society used geothermal energy processes to create these symbols, using the shapes and channels of lava from dormant volcanoes.


In addition, since the Inga symbols are so different from the other symbols found so far in this region, some researchers, such as Claudio Quintans from the Paraiban Ufology Center, believe that a spaceship could have landed in the Inga area in the distant past and the symbols were drawn on the stone walls by alien visitors themselves.

Others, such as Gilvan de Brito, author of the book Journey into the Unknown, believe that the symbols of the Inga Stone correspond to old mathematical formulas or equations that explain quantum energy or the distance traveled during travel between celestial bodies such as the Earth and the Moon.

However, regardless of which explanation seems the most convincing, the significance of this discovery is almost not controversial. Engravings on the Inga Stone will have a unique meaning for researchers and will be studied in detail.

We can hope that thanks to technology and our understanding of the development of our own civilization, we will be able to better understand these mysterious symbols and shed light on this and other ancient mysteries that are waiting to be discovered...

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