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Vimanas and their varieties (aircraft in the environment) UFOs

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Vimanas and their varieties (aircraft in the environment) UFOs

Vimana is the flying vehicle of the ancients, its descriptions of which are found in ancient scriptures, for example, in the Vimanika-shastra. These vehicles could move both in the Earth's atmosphere, and in space and the atmosphere of other planets. The Vimana was powered with mantras (spells), and with the help of mechanical devices.

Whiteman-small flying chariot. Whiteman carries the second type of aircraft – Vimana.
Vaitmar – big Celestial vehicles capable of postpone in the womb of his to 144 Wightman. All by itself, the vimana is a scout aircraft.

vimana ufo

According to the ancient writings of India, the vimanas were divided into 4 main classes: rukma (gold), Tripura, Sakuna and Sundara. These, in turn, were divided into 113 other subclasses. Hindu literature mentions indestructible flying artifacts with invisibility and night vision technologies that can scan the sounds and images of other aircraft, including enemy ones.

In the Samarangana Sutradhara, we can also find descriptions of speeds, many technical details of the Vimana design, and instructions on how to maneuver and use fuel correctly.

"The aeronaut must acquire skills in maantrica and taantrica, kritaka and antaraalaka, goodha, or secret, drishya and adrishya, or visible and invisible, paroksha and aparoksha, compression and expansion, be able to change shape, imitate fear and joy, glow in the dark and, conversely, become invisible. He must be able to become a stream of pralaya, wield vimuksha, taara, be able to deafen with a thunderous roar, jump in the air and, like a snake, write zigzags. He must also master chaapala, be able to show himself from all sides, hear sounds coming from afar, take various forms, recognize the enemy's maneuvers, determine where the enemy is coming from, possess stabdhaka (the ability to paralyze) and karshana (the art of attracting like a magnet)."

Samarangana Sutradhara

Vimana aircraft

But this is called "Vimana of the goddess".Striking similarities: a cocoon of a man - pyramid - Vimana - stone.
Apparently, it is not for nothing that they say that vimanas are alive, because it turns out that they are made according to the energy image of a person. And if so, then a person should be able to fly without vimana!

Vimana artifact

Perhaps most impressive and challenging is the fact that some ancient records of these supposedly mythical vimanas tell us how to build them. The instructions are quite detailed in their own way.

The body of the vimana should be made strong and durable, like a huge bird made of light material. Inside it is necessary to place a mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus under it. With the power hidden in the mercury that sets the leading tornado in motion, the person sitting inside can travel across the sky for long distances. The movements of the vimana are such that it can rise vertically, descend vertically, and move obliquely forward and backward. With these machines, human beings can ascend into the air and celestial entities can descend to earth.

In the Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara it is written

The privilege to control a flying machine is great. The knowledge of flight is among the most ancient in our heritage. A gift from " those at the top." We received it from them as a means of saving many lives.

Hakafa (laws of the Babylonians) states quite unambiguously

Even more fantastic is the information is given in the ancient Chaldean work, Sifral, which contains more than a hundred pages of technical details about the construction of a flying machine. it contains words that translate as graphite rod, copper coils, crystal indicator, vibrating spheres, stable corner structures. Valixa of the Aryans was called "Wightman", and those that contained, and were carrying a few Wightman, was called "vaitmar".

Unfortunately, the vimanas, like most scientific discoveries, were ultimately used for military purposes. The Atlanteans used their flying machines, the vailixi, a similar type of craft, in an attempt to conquer the world, according to indian texts. The Atlanteans, known as "aswins" in the indian scriptures, were apparently even more technologically advanced than the Indians, and certainly had a more warlike temperament. Although no ancient texts about the Atlantean Vailixi are known to exist, some information comes from esoteric, occult sources describing their flying machines.

The vimana was lifted into the air by the secret energy of sound. The pilot underwent extensive training before being allowed to operate the controls.

Vimana artifact like flying disk

Similar to, but not identical to vimanas, vailixi were usually cigar-shaped and were able to maneuver underwater as well as in the atmosphere and even in outer space. other devices, like vimanas, were in the form of saucers and apparently could also dive. according to eklal kueshana, author of the ultimate boundary, the vailixi, as he writes in a 1966 paper, was first developed in Atlantis 20,000 years ago, and the most common was saucer-shaped and usually trapezoidal in cross-section with three hemispherical engine shrouds at the bottom. The Ramayana, Mahabharata and other texts speak of a hideous war that took place about 10 or 12 thousand years ago between Atlantis and Rama and was fought with weapons of destruction that readers could not imagine until the second half of the twentieth century.

Moreover, in Mohenjo Daro, a beautifully laid-out city with a water supply system superior to that used in Pakistan and India today, the streets were strewn with"black pieces of glass.

It turned out that these round pieces were clay pots that had melted from the intense heat! With the cataclysmic sinking of Atlantis and the destruction of Rama's kingdom by atomic weapons, the world descended into the "Stone Age". ...

prajnaparamita sutra", dating from the 10th century and kept in the Japanese museum.

The vimanas that you see in the lower right corner is surprisingly similar to modern UFOs.

But in addition to this position, there is always a past tense position, from which the point of view changes dramatically. In one of the holy temples of India, in 1875, the treatise "Vimanika Shastra", written in the IV century BC, was found by Bharadwaja. The treatise was written on the basis of even earlier texts. In the treatise were presented various aircraft, called vimanas, in their characteristics exceeding our aircraft at times. Scientists have received detailed information about how they are arranged, the principles of their functioning.

The book contained descriptions of numerous devices that performed the functions of a camera, radar, searchlight and used, in particular, the energy of the sun. In addition, there were descriptions of various powerful weapons. The treatise described not only super-fast, super-strong types of flying ships, but also described how a pilot should act, how to dress, how to eat, in order for the vimana to function as an aircraft.

By switching various types of switches, vimanas could expand or contract, rotate around an axis, modify their shape during flight: form into the form of a cloud for camouflage; radiate a powerful glow or form complete darkness around them; absorb the sun's rays and become invisible; dive into the water; reproduce a force that can paralyze animals and people; take on their screens an image of an event occurring at an impressive distance.

Categories of vimans

  • The first category of vimanas is mana-javana. Manna means mind, javana means speed. That is, they are flying machines moving at the speed of the mind.
  • Kapoto-vaya. Kapoto translates as pigeon, vaya translates as air, these were bird-like flying machines that had wings attached. The flight was carried out by means of air currents, with the help of a special engine. The peculiarity of the device is that it was completely silent and could move over huge distances.
  • The Akasa-Patana. Akasha is translated as ether, Patan — corridor. Ie is the Vimana, which traveled through the ethereal corridors. Such ships could visit any point of the universe and naturally, they required a certain level of consciousness, both the pilot and those who knew how to build such a viman. The speed in the ether is hundreds of millions of times the speed of light.
  • Tripurari are large flying ships consisting of three levels. Three translates as three levels, Pura means city. Three large cities intervened, and there were hundreds of thousands of small vimanas.
  • Hiranya-pura. These are very large vimanas flying cities, whose production was based on gold. Their movement speed was simply staggering (faster than aether), thanks to the kind of energy released by this gold.
  • Pushpa vimana. Pushpa translates as flowers. Vimanas were made of floral materials.
  • Para-vaikuntha-vimana. This is a special type of aircraft. With their help, the living entity was able to overcome the shells of the material universe and penetrate into the spiritual world for a very short time, because high spiritual vibrations will destroy material properties.

The Vimanika-shatsra treatise provides information regarding the proper operation of aircraft. Warnings and regulations for long-term flights, protection of airships from lightning and storms. It describes how to switch a solar-powered engine to another type of energy. But in addition to this treatise, there are a number of works in Sanskrit that also let us know that these aircraft took place.

It is and Srimad Bhagavatam, tenth Canto, the Bhagavad Gita, Vimana Griha. The Vedas contain a wide range of information on the subject of flying devices.

If we consider non-Vedic works, the vimana is even found in the work of Plato, which describes Atlantis. To date, numerous vimanas have been found all over the world, but scientists still do not know how to activate them. On the Internet, information is constantly leaking that an unexplained aircraft has been found somewhere – this is Japan, Siberia, the United States, and many other countries. Below is a good video about vimanas, which clearly compares them with modern UFOs

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