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A huge round object with a diameter of 7 km was found on the ocean floor

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A flying saucer with a diameter of 7 km was found on the ocean floor

Off the coast of South America, near Lima (Peru), an almost perfectly round object with a diameter of over 7 km lies on the ocean floor. What's it? A sunken UFO? An underwater alien base?

A flying saucer with a diameter of 7 km was found on the ocean floor

Its coordinates on Google Earth maps are 14°13'59.71"S 81°43'16.05"W. The object is slightly more than 7 km in diameter and it is quite different in shape from the rest of the bottom around.

sunken UFO

It is curious that the object is located not just near the coast of Peru, but also near the Nazca Desert, whose numerous lines and drawings were created in ancient times in such a way that they could be fully viewed only from a great height.

Nasca drawings under water

Some ufologists think that the Nazca lines were a kind of "cosmodrome" for landing alien ships. If you pay attention and look a little more from a higher height, you will find a rectangle. Nature does not create perfect geometry. We believe that this rectangle and a potential flying saucer can be realized only with technically sophisticated tools, and not with a pick and shovel. We have studied the architecture of Peru, the brightest city with ancient roots is Machu Picchu.

Flying saucer and square

Its architecture is different from what we see on Google maps. So what could it be? An element of the flooded architecture of an ancient highly developed civilization? Or a submerged flying saucer that didn't have time to take off. Or maybe it crashed? As soon as the divers descend there, we will be able to get answers to some of the questions with you.

Flying saucer Peru

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