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Val Johnson - UFO incident

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Val Johnson - UFO incident

The collision with the UFO occurred in the early morning of August 27, 1979. The incident was officially registered by the local police department. This case, like the incident with the UFO Lonnie Zamorra, belongs to the category of sources of a high degree of reliability. 

Officer Val Johnson was always in good standing with the police. He received certificates, did not suffer from mental illness, did not participate in practical jokes. At approximately 1:30 a.m., Officer Val Johnson was on patrol in Marshall County, Minnesota. It was located about ten miles from the town of Stephen on Marshall County Road 5.

Val Johnson - UFO incident

While on patrol, he arrived at an intersection with Minnesota State Road 220. At that moment, he looked at his watch, it was exactly 1:30 AM. At this intersection, he witnessed "a very bright, silvery light" heading in his direction.

The light, however, was not on the road, but just above it. Johnson was puzzled by this fact, as it didn't look like the headlights of a car.

Our editorial staff's note:

The glowing object was about two meters from the ground with "very clear edges". At first, Johnson wondered if it could be a small plane making an emergency landing. However, it was obvious that the plane could not fly for a long time at such an altitude.

Johnson cautiously continued along the road, as the distance to the object seemed sufficient to make an evasive maneuver. However, after a few seconds, the object moved with a monstrous acceleration and instantly appeared right in front of him.

The collision was instantaneous, but I saw, as in slow motion, an object inevitably approaching, bright with a silvery tint. A bang, the sound of broken glass, the brightest flash, and I blacked out.

Val Johnson said:

The subject collided with a patrol car, the sound of broken glass and damaged metal filling his ears, while his eyes were blinded by an ultra-bright glow. While the patrol car was still in motion, Johnson lost consciousness.

Val Johnson - UFO incident

When he regained consciousness, the car was about 250 meters from his last known location and was now parked on the side of the road. He checked the clock on the dashboard and could barely make out the time of 2:19 AM. It turned out that he had lost almost 40 minutes. Also, when he looked back at the road, there were black brake stripes behind him that were obviously made by his car. Apparently seeing an unknown object, Johnson instinctively slammed on the brakes of the car in an attempt to prevent a collision.

Real photo: Val Johnson's patrol car at the scene of the accident

Blinded and confused, he reached for the radio on the car's dashboard and called for backup.

Police investigation and expert reports on the Val Johnson case

After requesting assistance, a Marshall County police officer, Everett Doolittle, arrived at the scene. Johnson, in turn, asked for medical help. Johnson was understandably in a state of shock and complained of "severe soreness in the eye area."

Preview versions

Val Johnson was taken to the Warren Hospital. There he had to undergo several examinations and take X-rays. It was found that he had an eye injury, very similar to the damage in welders when working without a mask. Further examinations revealed minor damage to the inner eye. It corresponded to exposure to an ultra-bright light source at close range.

In the course of the investigation, another strange fact emerged: the clock in the car and the wristwatch were exactly 14 minutes behind. At the same time, each patrolman, getting into the car, is obliged to check the correct time. According to the law, given that a police officer was injured, an investigation was launched immediately. Initial suspicions were that the incident was from an encounter with a "fireball". However, experts on thunderstorms have stated that the moments are atypical for ball lightning.

Police investigation and expert reports on the Val Johnson case

Other versions pointed to overhead power lines at the scene itself as the likely source of the" bright light " that knocked Johnson out of consciousness.

The ball lightning version was not able to explain the mechanical damage to the car. In addition, there are no traces of melting on the glass and damaged antennas. A short circuit could not "instantly approach the car" and is not capable of causing eye injury.

 Val Johnson UFO case

Damage due to "mechanical forces of unknown origin"

The patrol car and the damage it sustained are definitely worth noting. For example, Johnson recalled hearing the sound of a glass breaking when he lost consciousness. There was significant damage to the windshield and metal.

Moreover, the antennas located at the rear on the top of the car were completely curved. The antennas could get such damage only in the case of a flying object over the roof of the car. The roof was not damaged.

There was a version that the antennas were bent as a result of the use of brakes or the thermal effects of ball lightning. However, when tests were conducted at the Honeywell Labs in Minneapolis, it became clear that the bending of the antennas was "forceful", and not as a result of extreme heat or braking.

Real photo: curved antenna and untouched roof

Even at that point, it was absolutely clear that something physical had hit Johnson's patrol car. Meridan French, an accident expert with the Ford Motor Company, has been studying the damage for several days.

Cracks and damage on the hull as a result of internal and external forces acting simultaneously. Damage to the glass due to mechanical forces of unknown origin.

Meridan French made an intriguing conclusion:

Johnson's injuries from UFO collision

Johnson visited a dentist shortly before the incident. During the dental procedure, X-rays were taken in preparation for the subsequent work. These X-rays showed that Johnson's bridges on his front teeth were in excellent condition.

However, during the subsequent procedure, the bridges were no longer intact. Moreover, they were "broken at the gums". A stroke in which such destruction occurs always leads to extensive swelling and severe pain. However, Johnson suffered from neither. In addition, the body of the machine inside remained sealed. Johnson's face did not come into contact with the elements of the interior, which was given the appropriate conclusion.

Experts were unable to explain Johnson's damaged bridges. In the days that followed, he stated that he felt as if he had been "hit in the face with a 400-pound pillow." It is not clear how this "pillow" could lead to serious damage to the teeth, without damaging the face.

Consequences and work of the special services

Because of the injured officer, the investigation started being conducted by the police almost instantly. The special services simply did not have time to react in time and cover up the investigation. Reporters managed to ask what he thought happened that night and whether it could be a collision with a UFO.

I saw things I shouldn't have seen. Most likely, I came across this or that test that was top secret.


However, a few days later, he issued a rebuttal. Johnson said that it was a joke, but in fact, there was an ordinary accident, the details of which he does not remember. Most of the case materials were not classified, as they quickly became widely publicized. This encounter with a UFO was one of the most open cases of this nature.

Official reports

Here we have tried to collect the most complete information on the reports related to this case.

Police report


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