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UFO encounter in Socorro. Lonnie Zamora incident

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UFO encounter in Socorro. Lonnie Zamora incident

Another case of a person meeting with a UFO, which became widely known and was investigated for a long time, occurred in New Mexico, in 1964.

Joseph Allen Hynek, who investigated the case, called this incident the largest and most important observation of the UFO phenomenon in the history of the study of this topic by representatives of the Air Force.

Image of a UFO created from the words of Lonnie Zamora

Image of a UFO created from the words of Lonnie Zamora

UFO sightings

This event took place on April 24, 1964. During the pursuit of a speeding Chevrolet car, police officer Lonnie Zamora turned onto Highway 85 from the city of Socorro. Suddenly Zamora heard a powerful rumble and roar and noticed a bright flash of fire, thinking that there was some kind of explosion nearby.

Zamora himself wrote in his report: "At that moment, it seemed to me that somewhere nearby there was an explosion in a dynamite storage facility, I immediately decided to stop the pursuit. The fire was a bluish-orange color and steady. With a small speed, it descended downwards. The shape of the fire was unusual – it seemed to burn in a jet downwards, the part at the top was much narrower than at the bottom. Of course, driving a car made it difficult to closely monitor the phenomenon. I didn't notice any smoke, just some commotion at the bottom of the fire. The weather was fine and clear, so it couldn't have been dust."

Lonnie Zamora

Lonnie Zamora

The cop pulled off the freeway onto a secondary road that led to the storage facility. He managed to climb the hill only on the 3rd attempt, but by that time the sound became quiet, and soon disappeared completely. 200 meters from the highway, the police officer saw a silver object that looked like an unusual car. Near the object stood two creatures, very similar to people. They were short, dressed in white jumpsuits.

Lonnie Zamora himself mentioned in the report that he did not notice anything unusual in them, specifying that in their proportions they were similar to teenagers. Thinking that there was an ordinary accident, the policeman immediately called for help on the radio. Skirting the hill on the car, Zamora approached this mysterious " car " and realized that the object is not a simple car, as he thought earlier.

Drawing of an aircraft made by L. Zamora

Drawing of an aircraft made by Lonnie Zamora

Description of the aircraft

The UFO was more than 12 feet long, its lower part standing on the ground on some supports. Lonnie Zamora did not see any creatures near the object that he had observed earlier. Zamora noticed something like a "coat of arms" on the surface of the UFO: it showed an arrow, below it a strip of red color. The lower part of the UFO began to glow brightly, and from the bottom began to come out an orange-blue flame.

At that moment, Lonnie Zamora heard a roar that increased in intensity by the second and, frightened, hid behind the car, covering his head with his hands. After the roar ended, Zamora opened his eyes and saw that the UFO was no longer on the ground. Looking up, the police officer saw a UFO that moved in a perfectly straight trajectory at an altitude of 15-20 feet, while making noises that were similar to the explosion of dynamite. The UFO was moving at a very high speed, and then, in an instant, the roar stopped and the object disappeared from view.

Lonnie Zamora (far left) and members of the air force at the place of landing of UFOs.

Lonnie Zamora (far left) and members of the air force at the place of landing of UFOs.

Investigation of the scene of the accident

In a short time, Sergeant S. Chavez arrived at the scene of the incident, who was called by Zamora on the radio. After listening to Zamora, the police together began to explore the area where the UFO landed. Soon, they found small dents in the ground, there were 4 of them, apparently, these were traces of the supports on which the UFO was standing.

Nearby, they saw a burning bush when the fire stopped – the police were surprised to touch it and not feel any heat. Half an hour later, FBI Agent Burns and Captain Holder arrived on the scene. They made all the necessary measurements, sketched a diagram of the footprints on the ground, and took several photographs.

UFO Researcher Joseph Hynek

UFO Researcher Joseph Hynek

Arrival of the ufologist J. Hynek

After the incident, the investigation was taken up by the ufologist J. Hynek, a consultant to the Air Force on the UFO phenomenon. Hynek interviewed a customer at a gas station that was located near the scene of the incident and learned that he had observed a mysterious "helicopter" that almost took his car off the highway, flying over it.

The person reported seeing the object land at the top of the hill, as well as the police car following it. Hynek himself, at the end of the investigation, did not determine what exactly happened that day in Socorro

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