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Unique photos of "Arctic UFOs" taken in 1971.

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 Unique photos of "Arctic UFOs" taken in 1971.

The press "leaked" photos of unidentified flying objects taken from a US Navy submarine, according to the British newspaper Express. The publication writes that the images were allegedly taken in March 1971 by the crew of the SSN 674 submarine-on the way between Iceland and Norway. Express refers to the US Navy archive, according to which from August 1970 to December 1973, an American submarine under the command of Dean Reynolds was actually on duty in the specified area.

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The photos were first published in the French magazine Top Secret, and then they were replicated by tabloids in other European countries. The images, as usual, are not clearly visible mysterious objects of different shapes. They dive in and out of the ocean.

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Some paranormal researchers believe that these photos are one of the best evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life and visits to our planet by space aliens. But the quality of the images is such that even among ufologists there were skeptics.

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"It is very strange that a photo from one area shows many types of UFOs observed in different parts of the world, That's why I'm not sure the pictures are accurate. However, UFOs certainly exist. Many believe that they have an underwater base in the Arctic."

— says British ufologist Nigel Watson.

After the publication of the photos, there was even an opinion that they depicted secret tests of the US Navy. Allegedly, the military tested some aircraft created on the basis of accumulated knowledge about UFOs. In short, there are many versions, but there are no official comments from the Naval department yet.

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UFO sightings

UFO sightings

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