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Undeclared War: UFOs vs USSR

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Undeclared War: UFOs against the USSR

The first official legal confirmation of their existence in the history of UFO studies was made in the USSR by the Board of the Military Tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District

Currently, there are two firmly established, but diametrically opposed points of view on the UFO phenomenon, on aliens, on extraterrestrials, and other, as they are commonly called, anomalous phenomena all over the world. Some, referring to the testimonies of eyewitnesses and so-called "contactees", photos and television, videos and sketches, recognize these phenomena as an objective reality. Others, also quite categorically, deny the very possibility of the existence, so to speak, of "all sorts of devilry", citing as proof strict scientific evidence that this can never be.

In these essays, I intend not to express my own opinion, but primarily and mainly to operate on documents of the military departments of the Soviet Union and other states.

You can say anything about the top leadership of the former armed forces of the USSR, but it is difficult to refute combat reports, directives of commanders-in-chief, orders of the Minister of Defense. All these documents were not written on the basis of "all sorts of devilry". By the way, combat contacts with UFOs took place in the armed forces of Western countries, whose leadership also issued official documents on this occasion.

UFOs against the Turkestan Military District

One day in the summer of 1984, at another meeting at the headquarters of the Turkestan Military District, the Chief of Staff read out the order of the Minister of Defense about an emergency at the Emba-2 air and missile defense forces test site located in the Mugodzhar Mountains. Just on the day when tests of a new anti-missile were conducted there, a huge spherical unidentified object (UFO) hovered over the landfill at a high altitude — up to 500 m in diameter. It is possible that he came to these places in view of the upcoming tests because such devices systematically appeared over missile ranges and areas where major events with the participation of troops took place.

I don't know how the local army authorities reacted to this, but in this case, the general who led the missile test decided, apparently, to take advantage of the appearance of an uninvited target and commanded: "Launch!" An experienced anti-missile launched and went in the direction of an unknown target, but was almost immediately blown up by a beam pulse from a UFO.

The order of the Minister of Defense mentioned a special directive of the Commander-in-chief of the country's air defense, which categorically prohibited firing or other combat operations against unidentified flying objects of any size and shape. The general, who showed a ridiculous initiative that led to the loss of a prototype missile defense, got what he deserved.

About six months before this meeting, an air defense system near Astrakhan detected a disk-shaped device flying at an altitude of more than 2 km along the coast of the Caspian Sea towards the state border. The device did not respond to requests from air defense operators. A pair of interceptors on duty was lifted into the air, which fired two air combat missiles into the UFO. None of them reached him.

In response, the disk dropped sharply and continued to fly at an altitude of about 50 m, inaccessible for firing missiles at it. He flew over many military units, which made it possible to take photos of him. When the UFO approached Krasnovodsk, a combat helicopter was raised, which opened fire on it with machine guns. But the disk soared up and gained altitude, where it was inaccessible to the helicopter's onboard weapons. Continuing the flight in a southerly direction, the UFO was soon lost by radar.

But three months after this incident, in the area of the same Krasnovodsk, the radar station of Captain Valuev's company spotted a huge ball at an altitude of 20 km, which had a diameter of about a thousand meters. The object was stationary, but soon a disk with a diameter of 6-7 meters separated from it, landing on the shore of the Caspian Sea 2 km from Krasnovodsk.

Patrol boats of the Caspian Flotilla were immediately sent to the landing site, but as soon as they approached the UFO, it took off and landed 200 meters away from them. The boats approached again, and the disk flew away again. And this was repeated five times as if the UFO pilots were mocking the boaters. Finally, the disk took off and headed at great speed towards the giant ball. Their marks on the radars coincided, after which the ball disappeared into the sky.

The most dramatic case, however, occurred in a fighter aviation regiment, with the combat report of the commander of which, on duty, I had to familiarize myself with in 1981.

This regiment was stationed in the city of Kizil-Arvat in western Turkmenistan. The document reported that an unknown cigar-shaped aircraft hovered over the airfield of the regiment at an altitude of more than 7 km, measuring approximately 100x200 m along the axes. By order of the regimental commander, a pair of interceptors on duty was lifted into the air. When the pilot of the leading car reported to the Command Post "There is a seizure", the regiment commander commanded: "Two rockets - fire!", and the pilot fired two air combat missiles at the UFO.

Undeclared War: UFOs against the USSR

And almost at the same moment, the marks of the shooting fighter and his missiles disappeared from the tracking radar screens. The pilot of the slave aircraft observed this disappearance visually. He landed safely, and the UFO disappeared at a speed of about 5000 km per hour with a climb. No traces of the crash of the plane, its wreckage on the ground was not found.

The commander of the regiment in the report justified the decision by the difficult situation in the area of the regiment's deployment: only 100 km to the border with Iran - literally a few minutes of fighter flight; Iran's war with Iraq; intensive combat operations of the 40th Army of the Turkestan Military District in Afghanistan, etc.

Nevertheless, the commander of the regiment, who gave the command to open fire on UFOs, which caused the loss of the aircraft and the pilot, was removed from his post. It also went to the command of the Turkestan Military District, which seemed to have nothing to do with this episode. The order of the Minister of Defense again confirmed the strictest prohibition of any military operations against unidentified flying objects.


In 1980, a secret directive signed by the then Chief of the General Staff, Marshal of the Soviet Union Nikolai Ogarkov, sent to the formations and district headquarters, it was mandatory to report anomalous aerospace phenomena to the Main Laboratory of the General Staff, specifically dealing with such problems. The head of this laboratory for 15 years was Colonel Alexander Plaksin.

 Chief of the General Staff, Marshal of the Soviet Union Nikolai Ogarkov

 Chief of the General Staff, Marshal of the Soviet Union Nikolai Ogarkov

Recently, he gave an extensive interview in which he named a number of figures and sensational, previously unknown data on combat contacts with UFOs of Soviet troops.

Over 15 years, the laboratory has received more than 10,000 official reports of such contacts. All of them have been thoroughly investigated. In 90 percent, these were man-made, atmospheric and physical anomalies. However, 10 percent — about a thousand reports - reported phenomena that had a completely unknown nature to modern science and were completely inexplicable from the point of view of terrestrial technologies.

It was precisely such anomalies that were by no means harmless to the troops, primarily aviation and air defense. In addition, it was found that the "true", so to speak, UFOs overwhelmingly appear and operate in certain areas: where there are large ranges and test centers of rocket and space forces and parts of nuclear weapons carriers of all kinds. And often the appearance of UFOs caused extremely deplorable consequences, up to the death of personnel and the destruction of military equipment…


One example of this kind of consequence is the incident in the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the air defense, stationed north of the city of Achinsk.

During combat duty on October 13, 1987, at 8:35 a.m. an aircraft of an unknown type of cigar-shaped shape was spotted over the area of responsibility of the 3rd Division. He hovered over the positions of the division at an altitude of 7000 m. He did not respond to requests. The division commander, Major N. Tymoshchuk, gave the command to launch one missile, which hit the target.

The device landed 250 m from the positions of the division and irradiated the soldiers standing at the fence. As a result, 20 soldiers and 3 sergeants of the 1st battery were killed…

From the report of the brigade commander, Colonel Naim Sadykov:

The laboratory of Colonel Plaksin conducted a thorough investigation of this incident, and although the facts of the report of Commander N. Sadykov were fully confirmed, it was not possible to establish the physical causes of the death of the personnel. The medical examination stated death from high-frequency radio emission. The unknown device, according to the testimony of the surviving servicemen of the division, instantly picked up speed and disappeared.

In the positional area of the 12th Missile Division on May 14, 1983, an unknown anomalous object was stationary over the main control point for four hours. All this time, the operators received commands that included the launch programs of the carriers. They had great difficulty deciphering the commands and exposing them as false…

In 1989, a large triangular UFO landed at the Emca station north of the Plesetsk cosmodrome. At that time, the Soyuz spacecraft with the Resurs spacecraft was being prepared for launch there.

During the pre-launch photography, two unknown spherical objects were found in the images, hovering on both sides of the rocket above it. And in the picture taken after 20 minutes, a large gray disk appeared on the left and above the ship. All objects were not observed visually and on radar screens. They disappeared together with a triangular unknown object, which, apparently, was a mother ship…

In the summer of 1987, in the area of the Baikonur cosmodrome, sentries of one of the launch pads noticed an unknown luminous ellipsoid object that had dropped to 200 m. The guard called to the gun opened fire from machine guns, after which the UFO abruptly gained altitude and disappeared. However, at the cosmodrome at this time, the lighting was completely turned off and the internal communication devices stopped working…

The report of the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Space Forces says:

The Navy also recorded a rather unpleasant behavior of UFOs during their maneuvers. Here are two cases from the reports of the Commander-in-chief.

... In 1982, during the large exercises of the Pacific Fleet in the Kamchatka region, radio communication between ships and coastal services was completely interrupted for half an hour. All this time, three unknown glowing objects were located at a high altitude above the exercise area…

In the summer of 1988, a UFO in the form of a saucer measuring at least 700 m in diameter was spotted near the aircraft carrier Novorossiysk. At the time of its discovery, the cruiser was on the traverse of the island of Shikotan, and a deck fighter on duty was lifted from it. After its takeoff, all the engines on the ship stopped and the electronic systems were de-energized. Their work resumed 15 minutes after the UFO disappeared…

The report of the Chief of Communications of the USSR Navy, Vice Admiral S. Berezhny, says:

I will quote another document:

Resolution of the Collegium of the Military Tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District. The analysis of the above evidence allows us to conclude that the failures of aviation equipment and fire during the flights of cadet Maxim Churbakov on August 16 and 28, 1991 occurred outside his will and desire, but for reasons of their abnormal origin. In connection with the above, the Tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District does not see any signs of violation of flight rules in the actions of cadet Churbakov M.G., and the criminal case against him is subject to termination for the absence of corpus delicti in his actions

The quote:

In such purely clerical terms, the military tribunal of the North Caucasus Military District, in fact, quite officially recognized the existence of unidentified flying objects! See how it happened in the video below

Thus, we can note that UFOs show the brightest interest in military equipment, and the cases described are proof of that. Do not forget that the official report says that most anomalous phenomena were identified as atmospheric collisions. However, it is surprising that they manifest themselves precisely when testing equipment or near military bases, which suggests that either the report intentionally indicates an incorrect description, or the interpretation does not correspond to logic. I believe that UAP is not so easy to study even by the military, due to the suddenness of its appearance and incredible physical characteristics, and since they also tried to do classification in the USSR, they recorded many phenomena in atmospheric ones. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but today we are one step closer to solving the mystery of the UFO phenomenon. Thank you for your attention

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