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UFO that interrupted a soccer match

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UFO that interrupted a football match

As you know, football is the most popular team game in the world. In Italy, this sport is also very popular. The hot southern temperament of Italian fans is well known. It seems that only a miracle can tear an Italian away from watching a football match with his favorite team.

And such a miracle happened on October 27, 1954.

UFO sightings on October 1954

On this day, a friendly match between Fiorentina and the less famous Pistoiese club took place in Florence. The full stands of the Artemio Franchi Stadium reacted like a single living being to every act of the football play. "Fiorentina" of course led the score, the second half began.

UFO sightings

At that moment, something happened that silenced the stadium of many thousands. Football players and fans froze, gazing into the sky. Two disc-shaped objects floated across the sky. Silver "flying saucers" made several circles over the stadium and sped off in an unknown direction. The match was stopped for eleven minutes in order to put the thoughts and feelings of those gathered at the stadium in order. The meeting continued. As expected, Fiorentina won 6-2.

Perhaps this was the only day when football fans discussed not only the match of their favorite team. Thousands of people then witnessed an inexplicable phenomenon. In those days, UFO activity was seen over the whole of Tuscany.

flying saucer incident

In addition to the appearance of silver "flying saucers" in the sky, another mysterious phenomenon occurred. After the UFO's flight, an unusual matter, similar to a spider web, descended to earth. It covered the roofs of houses, streets, and tree crowns. However, after about an hour she melted like snow.

The journalist of the local newspaper Giorgio Batini, seeing an opportunity for a sensational report, managed to collect a particle of the substance by winding it on a match and placing it in a jar. He took the material to the laboratory, where it was found out that the composition of the substance includes calcium, magnesium, and boron.

This autumn day was remembered by many football fans who visited Artemio Franchi stadium for a long time.

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