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Varnamo UFO incident

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UFO over Varnamo, Sweden

An eyewitness's story: "I still have doubts to this day. Of all the UFO photos I've seen, this one is the most ambiguous. A dark object hovered over the city of Varnamo. The object wasn't even symmetrical, and no one noticed it except a 15-year-old boy."

The event occurred around 11 o'clock in the afternoon on March 21, 1974. Christer Sandstrom was in bed at home. He had chickenpox and had to skip school. The guy looked out the window, but there was nothing interesting there, except for the dark gray overcast sky. But suddenly the incredible happened: Christer noticed an unusual dark object that began to circle around the roof of a neighboring house. At first, the guy thought it was an eagle. But after circling the house for about 30 seconds, the object disappeared into the clouds.

Varnamo UFO incident

After a while, the mysterious object returned. This time the UFO flew much closer, and Christer managed to photograph it through the window of his room. After that, the "heavenly performance" ended. Subsequently, Christer Sandstrom told his story and showed the pictures to journalists and ufologists. Many did not believe him and said that this object is unlikely to be of extraterrestrial origin. Boris Junquist, a well-known expert on UFOs and an adherent of the theory of their extraterrestrial origin, did not mention this case in any of his books.

And the Gothenburg Society of Ufologists (currently no longer existing) called the picture a falsification. A specialist in photography, Gunnar Bunker, carefully examined the negatives and found a bright area around the object. He concluded that the UFO was made of cardboard glued to the windowpane. To prove his words, he even took a series of similar photos, which were published in a local newspaper. 20 years later, the pictures were interested in the journalists of one of the Internet resources about UFOs. By that time, Christer Sandstrom had become a priest, and even in the 70s, according to eyewitnesses, he was quite a serious young man with Christian beliefs, who had nothing to lie about.

Varnamo UFO incident

At the time of the meeting with the journalists, Christer was calm and relaxed and agreed to answer the proposed questions: Once, two UFO specialists tried to put me into a trance state to find out the details of my encounter with a UFO, but they failed. Sometimes I wonder if this meeting really happened. On the other hand, it would be strange if there were no life in other parts of the universe.

I don't think it's a good idea to study these things. Not because I think these objects are the machinations of the devil, but simply because the supernatural beings behind them can be dangerous to humans. Also, this phenomenon has already spawned several cults, and I don't think that's a good thing.

I was lying at home in my bed when I saw a strange round object in the sky outside the window. At first, I thought it was a bird. I stared at it for about a minute and a half, then the object quickly disappeared from view, leaving me perplexed. I got out of bed and went to the window, taking my camera with me.

- When the object flew closer, I took five pictures. Subsequently, four of the five negatives were empty, but the fifth picture came out very well. Then the object began to rise up. It grew smaller and smaller, becoming a dot that quickly disappeared from view.

I felt that it was something inexplicable, something I couldn't understand, something made by extraterrestrial intelligence. Still, I'm not entirely sure if it was a manned aircraft.

I didn't tell anyone what I saw until I printed out the photos. Then I told my parents about it. At first, they laughed, but then my father became interested in what had happened, and one of his friends helped print the pictures in the local newspaper. At school, I became the object of ridicule, so that by the end of my studies, I was already doubting whether this had really happened to me.

The quote:

- Today I am a supporter of the Christian worldview, and I try to find answers to my questions in the Bible.

- Specialists from Gotenburg examined my photos and came to the conclusion that it was a fake. This made me very upset and angry. I still maintain today that the photo is true. But after this "experience", I try not to look at the sky and try to convince myself that everything that happened is just a joke.

I loaned the camera and the negatives to Henry Svensson, and it took me a long time to get them back. In the end, the camera was returned to me, but he never returned my negatives.

Here's what he said:

-Many people sent me books and letters about their contacts with UFOs, called me on the phone. Many people wanted to talk to me about this topic. Among them were ufologists and ordinary people interested in mysterious phenomena. I didn't want to read these letters and asked my mother to throw them in the trash right away.

If I see something like this today, I know exactly what I'm going to do: run and hide!

he says indignantly:

Christer Sandstrom made a good impression on the journalists. There were no contradictions in his story, he did not offer any alternative scenarios, just calmly insisted that the photo was genuine.

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