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The Knowles Family UFO Incident

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UFO attack on a car with a family of Australians in 1988

1988, Australia. The country celebrates a round date - it's bicentennial. However, among the headlines about national celebrations in Australian newspapers, there was also a place for the publication of the story of an Australian family. It told about what these people had to go through while traveling around the country. And then something strange happened.

The Knowles Family UFO Incident

The Knowles family was heading to Melbourne from Perth on January 19, where they planned to celebrate the holiday with their friends. Mrs. Fay Knowles also took her three sons, Patrick, twenty-four, Sean, twenty-one, and Wayne, eighteen.

And since they also took two dogs with them, it was cramped and hot in the car. So the family traveled more at night when it got cooler. Having safely crossed the South Australian border, the Knowles found themselves on the broad Nullarbor plain early on the morning of January 20. Even though the road was unlit, the moonlight provided a perfect driving environment. There were almost no cars coming from either direction. But the danger, which was not mentioned in any of the tourist guides, lay in wait for them in the dark night sky.

The Knowles Family UFO Incident

Their adventure began seven or eight miles before their next scheduled stop in the small town of Mundrabilla. Sean Knowles, who was driving the car, noticed a strange object, glowing at the edges with white and yellow lights, which hovered over the road. The next second, he was out of sight, and the young man thought that he had imagined everything.

However, after driving another mile, he again noticed a glowing object that was moving towards them very slowly and at a low altitude, so that it was almost on a level with their car. At that moment, the driver screamed and woke up the rest of the family. The travelers opened their eyes just as the glittering object landed on the road near the braked car. Then Sean started the car again, trying to avoid the strange object, but almost collided with an oncoming car, the driver of which did not see anything unusual on the road.

The Knowles ' terrier barked furiously, and while being soothed, the strange object disappeared. After a brief meeting with his relatives, Sean Knowles decided to turn the car around and drive back, deciding that this was the best way out of the situation. However, as soon as he started the engine, a strange glow appeared above their heads, and with it a rumbling, engine-like sound.

The car began to sway, and the roof began to bend under the weight of something huge. At the same moment, the whole family realized that what had been blocking their path earlier was now sitting on the roof of their car. Suddenly, black dust fell through the half-open windows into the interior, and the next moment the Knowles realized that the car was being lifted into the air, as if by a strong invisible magnet. Along with the black dust, a foul smell entered the cabin, so strong that the two sons lost consciousness.

The Knowles Family UFO Incident

The torture ended abruptly. The car was thrown to the ground. At the same moment, one of the tires burst, the steering went out of control, the car swerved to the side, drove through a dense thicket of bushes, and then, bumping into a sand dune, stopped. When the terrified passengers got out, only the stars and the bright moon shone above them.

Interesting story? In the literature on UFOs, there are quite a few of them. Strange accidents on the roads (for example, engine shutdowns in cars whose drivers have seen UFOs) today have become typical for reports of meetings with alien guests. There were several completely identical stories, the participants of which, like the Australians, claimed that their cars were lifted into the air, and sometimes even into an alien ship. As a rule, such stories are not taken seriously, but the incident on the Nullarbor Plain, which occurred in January 1988, is marked by important details.

The Knowles Family UFO Incident

The Knowles family wasn't the only one driving on the ill-fated highway that night. John de Jong, a truck driver traveling with his girlfriend, saw a strange glow on the horizon near Mundrabilla. This happened at the time when Knowles had that unpleasant experience. Graham Henley, another driver of the truck, said that he saw an incomprehensible object, which according to the description completely corresponded to what Knowles saw. Henley was sure that the object he saw in the sky did not look like an ordinary Earth plane.

Another proof concerns this interesting detail. In dealing with the Knowles case, Officer Trebilcock of the Port Lincoln Police told reporters that all members of the Knowles family had raised the alarm and were very frightened by what they had experienced. Moreover, Mrs. Knowles, who was sitting in the car by the window, suffered severe burns.

Trebilcock personally examined the car and found specific marks on the roof, indicating that the car was lifted and put pressure on it from above. From an ordinary road accident, such traces did not remain. In addition, thick gray soot was found on the surface of the car and in the interior, the origin of which is absolutely inexplicable; this substance spread an unpleasant smell, which was described by Knowles.

A thorough analysis of the strange substance was made. It was studied by scientist Richard Haynes and employees of the geological laboratory. Curiously, the substance found in the composition resembles processed flax, except that it also contains an extremely high percentage of chlorine. It is quite clear that the unusual gray " soot " did not appear as a result of the operation of the car, so this particular detail, perhaps, represented the most important material evidence of the" strangeness " of the case.

The Knowles Family UFO Incident

Another interesting feature: the speedometer of the Knowles ' car showed a speed of 200 km/h. At this speed in 1984, the car brand "Ford Telstar" could not develop. Experts found out from the wheels that it really moved at such a speed and came to the conclusion that for some time the car was "driven" by an invisible force flying over it.

The widespread publicity that this story received due to newspaper publications led to the fact that for a while the Knowles family acquired the status of an Australian medium. The skeptics' futile attempts to find a natural explanation for what had happened only increased the interest in the Knowles case. The most common assumption is that the Knowles saw a simple sunset, but this version was rejected immediately because the strange object was seen by eyewitnesses after sunset.

The second version: the lights allegedly came from lightning-also did not come true, since the nearest weather station reported that no thunderstorms were happening in the area at that time. The third explanation was that the flashes of light may have occurred during military training rocket explosions. It was also not confirmed, since no such test explosions were conducted in the area.

Australians who have seen Knowles ' performance on television have become convinced that these people are not lying. When, the following year, University of Adelaide meteorologist Professor Peter Schwerdfeger finally presented a seemingly natural explanation for the phenomenon that did not contradict most of the facts, people refused to believe him.

The Knowles Family UFO Incident

Professor Schwerdfeger's hypothesis was that the Knowles family had encountered a rare type of natural phenomenon known as sky-clearing electrical discharges. It is characterized by strong and highly localized hurricane-force winds. A possible side effect of such winds, according to the professor, may be disturbances in the atmospheric physical balance, leading to the appearance of ash of an electrostatic sample, which covered the Knowles ' car.

Although Schwerdtfeger's arguments seemed convincing enough, for most people, the only explanation for what happened to the Knowless was their encounter with UFOs.


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