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Alien Mummy on Mars

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Rover Curiosity photographed a mummified humanoid

The exclusive that we are showing you was published on the ArtAlienTV channel and concerns a small mummified humanoid. Lying on the Martian ground and photographed by the Curiosity rover. The images were discovered by Lanyi Gabor. Who posted them on his Facebook profile with various magnifications.

Rover Curiosity photographed a mummified humanoid 

Photos taken by Rover Curiosity show incredible details. Gabor, in his photographic analysis, shows that the small figure has a belt and chain around the torso. You can also see the chain links in the raw image.

Mummy of alien on Mars

Rover Curiosity photographed a mummified humanoid. photo:

According to ArtAlienTv, it is a mummy of a mummified humanoid about 6 or 7 inches (17 cm) tall. Similar to others found in the area by other researchers. These are certainly interesting shots. But we still want to warn you to be careful with such pictures. The fact is that not all photos from the NASA website have the jpg extension (the standard extension for photos), but for some of the most beautiful there is a png format, which is often obtained due to rendering by a 3d modeling program. Do NASA have malicious intent? We do not undertake to assert this yet, it's just that sometimes a better picture is needed, and they could theoretically create something more beautiful identical to the natural one. Such cases with the mummy additionally attract interest in the activities of NASA, and indeed, we have something to think about!

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