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3 cigar-shaped UFOs in NASA images

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Three cigar-shaped UFOs on NASA images

3 objects flying above the surface were found in photographs of the moon taken by the Apollo 9 mission in 1969. 

Three giant unidentified objects are flying over the surface of the Moon: a photo was taken on March 10, 1969, by the participants of the Apollo 9 mission was found in the NASA archives. There are all the details of the photo and shooting: camera, film, focal length, schemes, properties, etc.

It is not possible to explain what is captured on these frames without the participation of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Three cigar-shaped UFOs on NASA images

3 objects flying above the surface

This screenshot was taken by a ufologist, who discovered the phenomenon under discussion. I will say right away, for clarity, the picture is processed in Photoshop: the color has been changed and an increase has been made.

<palign="justify">The original of this photo, with all the details of this shooting, can be viewed at the following link:

If you hover the cursor over the picture, you can also see three objects circled in the screenshot of the ufologist. The form located under the picture contains all the details of this photo, as well as the ability to download it in high resolution. Actually, here is the original photo (without magnification):

cigar shaped ufo original photo

Information on the "Camera Information" tab:

Camera: Hasselblad
Focal Length: 80mm
Format: SO368: Kodak Ektachrome MS, equivalent to 2448 Kodak Aerochrome, ASA64, thin base, fine grain

Apollo 9 is a manned spacecraft that made its first test flight from March 3 to March 13, 1969 in full configuration (command and lunar modules), during the preparation of expeditions to the Moon

The Apollo 9 mission, help:

I note: everywhere, at all magnifications, resolutions, etc., etc., these three objects are visible everywhere, which the ufologist highlighted in the upper picture.

And here's what the hero of the occasion himself writes:

More than once pilots and other eyewitnesses have seen and reported UFOs over the surface of the Moon, the length of which exceeded 2-3 km. I myself have never reported UFOs that were about 10 km in diameter compared to the neighboring crater, the diameter of which is known.

Here again are three UFOs, long and gigantic, flying past the Moon and recorded by none other than NASA!

Skeptics will say, "It's a glitch, a scratch, a cheap lens on your telescope!"

Sorry guys, NASA buys only the highest quality parts for its observations, but thanks for playing!

The original photo looks greenish, but I added light to highlight its natural color, which I often do when I find a NASA photo unnaturally dark. It makes me think NASA is trying to hide something from us, but when I added the light... the truth has come out!

100% proof that NASA is not only hiding evidence of the existence of aliens, but also knows about the huge space fleets traveling in our solar system.

The quote:

Try to analyze this photo yourself. I wonder what conclusions you will get

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