Hybrid Alien: The Story of Eddie Page

A hybrid alien? The story of Eddie Page

A man from Florida said he was a hybrid alien. Eddie Page's story evokes the strangest claims in the world about UFOs and aliens. He claimed to be an alien, a hybrid alien whose father was from the Pleiadean star system. Eddie Page was born as Tommy Coleman Jr. in Florida. He was adopted at a young age, and his life was full of different oddities.

Mission in Vietnam

It all started with numerous UFO sightings in the form of a high-speed boomerang, which he saw at the age of 11. But things got even more interesting and complicated when he joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1972. And he was sent to Vietnam on a top-secret mission together with an elite group of special services.

According to Page, something went wrong, Vietnamese soldiers suddenly attacked him from the bushes, and he lost consciousness. When he woke up, it seemed to him that only a few minutes had passed. He was lying on a green rice field in a special black uniform for protection from infrared radiation, but he had no weapons and equipment.

While he was trying to find out what happened, military helicopters flew up to him, American soldiers jumped out of them. They grabbed Page and started interrogating him. It turned out that the rice field was more than 500 miles from his original landing point. And since he was attacked, 11 days have passed, this period of time he could not remember at all.

Non-human origin

After three months of interrogation, several doctors from Germany and other parts of Europe were sent to him. It turned out that Page has an unusual condition of internal organs and an abnormal blood type. Page's military medical records said, "Not of Human Origin." Thus, he wasn't completely human. He was eventually released and returned to his normal life. He was never told why he ended up in a rice field and what happened during those 11 missing days. A few years after his release, Eddie's first wife had a child. But he was not allowed to see the child. In addition, both the child and Page's wife disappeared from the hospital, and he never saw them.

Eddie claimed that he was a hybrid alien, and his father was from the Pleiadean star system.

Eddie claimed that he was a hybrid alien, and his father was from the Pleiadean star system. photo: howandwhys.com

Years after being haunted by the past, Eddie decided to undergo a regressive hypnosis session. To try to reconstruct what happened during those 11 days. Eddie met a hypnotherapist and regression analyst named Giles Hamilton.

While under hypnosis, Eddie learned the shocking details of the missing 11 days

He remembered that his mission had failed and his entire unit had been destroyed. And he was abducted by aliens from the Pleiades star system who came to save him from death because he was also shot.

Excerpts from the video in which Eddie Page told about his story.

He was taken to a spaceship surrounded by three or four little aliens in silver suits. He remembered that he was immersed in some kind of liquid that actually healed his wounds. Eddie, through telepathy, heard the little creature say, "Not one of my sons will be killed!"

According to Eddie, he was originally part of their program to create hybrid children. Which was conducted with the cooperation of the US government. And he's a real hybrid alien. He further discovered that he was one of the 32 clones in the experiment. Consisting of 21 women and 11 men, of which only 8 clones survived.

Page added that since then he has been constantly harassed by secret agents. And that he has medical records to back up his claims. His documents state that he has strange internal organs and abnormalities in the composition of his blood.

In this story, our research group is confused by a couple of points. Firstly, this is a typical description, Pleiadians from the Pleiades, silver suits, their description was very well known and sounds like a preset. In a normal situation, we would be able to get more detailed information. Secondly, there are no documents confirming hybridization, in any case, we could not find them in the public domain. And "icing on the cake", hypnosis is not proof of anything, it is a borderline state of sleep. Remember what kind of nonsense you sometimes dream about? And also remember how suggestible a person is in such a state, and there may be distortions when submitting questions. Still, this story is interesting but is it convincing for you

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