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The last unearthly warning - an alien message to people has been found in London

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The last unearthly warning - an alien message to people has been found in London

Are beings from other star systems watching us? Do they know about our existence? Maybe they even tried to contact us? Yes. At least, that's what some researchers say. In the last century, aliens sent a secret message to earth that warned people about impending dangers.

Mysterious visits

It's worth starting with the fact that news about UFO sightings and finds related to an alien race has been coming from America (and not only) for decades. There are really so many of these cases that more and more people are beginning to believe in the existence of other civilizations outside our star system. Residents of the UK are no exception. In the Museum of Science, in London, in a dusty closet for ten years, pieces of a UFO were stored, which was found near the city of Scarborough. This UFO landed on Earth in 1957.

Aliens message

You may ask why such an important find was put on the dusty shelves of a closet and not remembered for ten years? Yes, simply because that year the Soviet Union sent the first satellite into outer space. And the find was designated as some kind of fragment that had fallen off from it. In general, no one attached much importance to this UFO. But only at first… Three eyewitnesses fished out an object from the swamp, which, according to them, was falling and glowing with a neon green light. It was a fourteen-kilogram disc made of metal.

Gradually, all the newspapers in England began to pick up and promote the news about the mysterious find, and enthusiasts explored it up and down. One day, people discovered strange hieroglyphs, exactly the same as on the UFO that fell in American Roswell ten years earlier. You've probably heard about the "Roswell incident", which caused a lot of controversy around the world.

From aliens with love

In addition to the strange hieroglyphs on the surface of the object, a whole book was found inside it. Its pages were made of metal, and painted with two thousand words. One version says that the message was sent by an alien named Ullo. The book talked about the danger of nuclear weapons for humanity.

The message ended with a very convincing phrase, which people really would do well to listen to, no matter who wrote it.

You have to improve or you will disappear

it was said at the end of the letter:

The researchers concluded that this was someone's elaborate prank, but the analysis showed that parts of the flying object were made of metal unknown on Earth.

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