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The largest UFO disaster in the USSR

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The largest UFO disaster in the USSR

1980, April 15 at 01: 50 local time (night) – according to a general from the NGO "Energia" in a private personal conversation with the famous Ukrainian ufologist A. L. Kulsky from Kiev, made in the spring of 1986, a fighter in the Urals shot down a UFO, "five years ago". It is impossible that Kulsky invented this conversation, as well as the general. The fact certainly took place. See Kulsky A. L. "At the crossroads of the Universe  - Donetsk: "Stalker", 1997, pp. 237-238.

The case took place in the Verkhotursky district of the Sverdlovsk region, the Urals, between the settlements of Likhanova, Glazunovka, Kosolmanka and Karelino – about 20 km south of the district center of Verkhoturye. Around 23: 50 local time, 14.04.1980, three or four UFOs were detected by air defense systems (4th Air Defense Army). The fourth UFO appeared and disappeared.

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The local command hesitated for a long time whether to raise the fighters or not. Finally, at about 01: 30, a pair of MiG-25PDS fighters from the Bolshoe Savino airfield (Perm), as well as a pair of MiG-23P from Nizhny Tagil, were raised to intercept (then two more pairs were sent from both airfields). The race for UFOs, using the afterburner, lasted about 45 minutes. As a result, 2 fighters used up fuel and returned. With a flash, one UFO began to work. When the UFO went head-on to the fighter, the pilot opened fire to kill and the disk was shot down by several missiles, as the general said (there were similar cases when it was possible to shoot down a UFO, as in 1978 in Kazakhstan, and in the 80s in the Caucasus). Searches were organized. On the morning of 15.04.1980, an equipped special group of officers with special equipment (including compressors) of 12 people in protective reflective spacesuits with oxygen cylinders was delivered to the place by the Mi-8 air defense helicopter. Radiation at the scene of the incident was 15-16 X-rays per hour (two of the group later hanged themselves).

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The object was a huge discoid, with a crack in the middle, with a diameter of about 26 and a height of 5 meters, with a gentle dome. According to the general, "fragments of devices" were found — heavy glass-like fragments, the inner surface of which had a kind of micro-granular structure. Without the slightest sign of anything resembling wires, printed circuit boards, mounting elements, etc., the" glass " was almost opaque. There was also a similarity of an ornament or an inscription on some fragments. The bodies of two dwarf biological creatures were found inside, according to the general. The bodies were promptly taken out in special containers to the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow, for autopsy, by Mi-8 helicopter, and then by Tu-134 aircraft from the Nizhny Tagil airfield. The disk was taken to Sverdlovsk, where it was hidden at the Aramil military airfield south of Koltsovo Airport. There, the disk was studied for 15 days, after which it was taken away on the external suspension of a helicopter to the Moscow region – to Protvino.

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Local residents observed the fall of the disk and the work of a special group of military personnel at the crash site, about which they wrote a letter to the Yaroslavl UFO group to Yu.A. Smirnov. It also said that the military obliged them not to tell anyone about it (alas, the letter was seized by the KGB during a search in 1985, but such a letter was accurate — Yuri Alexandrovich Smirnov remembers it well).

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