About the hole at the North Pole

The hole at the North Pole. Does it really exist? Is the earth hollow?

It all started in February 1967. Then the American meteorological satellite ESSA-3 sent images to Earth that alarmed the world: a huge round hole was visible near the North Pole. And no one had any doubts that it was not a fake. However, to this day people are arguing about what is depicted in the center of the North Pole in the photo.

Some say that there is nothing unusual in the picture: just a play of light and shadow, which at this moment were formed as a result of the tilt of the Earth relative to the position of the Sun. But others believe that this is an opening leading to the inner cavity of our planet. These are the pictures:

The hole at the North Pole. Does it really exist?

On the left - the North Pole of the Earth, on the right - the South. 

On November 23, 1968, images were taken by the American ESSA-7 apparatus. These are also images of the North Pole in the complete absence of clouds, which show a black hole in the area of the North Pole. Of course, it is very interesting, and most importantly - mysterious! But I remember that there were Soviet "Papanincy (North-Pole-1 expedition)" at the North Pole and something they "didn't notice" the holes there. They drifted on an ice floe for 237 days in 1937, and returned home in full force, becoming folk heroes.

Hollow earth

On November 29, 1929, American pilot Richard Byrd reached the North Pole by plane. But there is one clue here, even two: there are doubts that he flew to the North Pole, and his famous diary, where he allegedly saw green grasses, a beautiful land over the North Pole, and then even communicated there with representatives of another civilization living inside. The inhabitants themselves, the diary says, called their underground country Ariania.

Even earlier, in July 1897, Solomon Andre and two of his assistants, Swedes by nationality, went on a risky journey from the island of Danish in the west of Svalbard in a balloon, with the aim of reaching the North Pole, but after flying 475 km, they landed on pack ice, and, turning back, moved in an easterly direction, but never returned home.

On May 12, 1926, Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian, flew over the North Pole from Svalbard to Alaska on an airship with his team.

The Italian traveler Umberto Nobile also flew over the North Pole on an airship in 1928. Although this flight ended tragically, 7 people from his team survived.

In 1937, the transpolar flights of Valery Chkalov, and then, a month later, Mikhail Gromov. They opened an air route through the North Pole to America.

Since 1945, Soviet and American planes have repeatedly flown to the North Pole to study the polar ice. Planes are landing on drifting ice.

In our new century, people continue to fly to the North Pole. In May-June 2005, Russian balloonists successfully reached the North Pole with the help of a balloon. All these people have visited at different times where the satellite images allegedly show a "hole" that they did not see.

Where did these pictures come from?

The fact that our Earth is hollow inside, began to talk in the XIX century. Academician V. Obruchev wrote about the hollow Earth in his novel "Plutonia" (1915), Jules Verne in the novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (1864), and "The Smoky God, or A Voyage Journey to the Inner Earth" by W. Emmerson, etc.

In Tibet, it is believed that Shambhala and Agartha are located inside the Earth, where powerful beings endowed with ancient knowledge and power live.

The Third Reich not only believed that the Earth was hollow but even, according to some sources, tried to find a passage in Antarctica. There are still disputes about this between those who believe in the hollow Earth and those who do not.

Raymond Bernard writes the book "Hollow Earth" in 1969, and then disappears into the caves of South America. Many of his readers believe that. that he had found an entrance to the inner world.

Mathematician Leonard Euler voiced the idea that our planet is hollow inside, and in the center of it is another sun that illuminates the inner continents. He believed that there is only one hollow shell, which is separated from the inner luminary by a large space, and in this shell, there are exits at the North and South Poles.

Edmund Halley, the famous astronomer who discovered Halley's comet, suggested in 1692 that the earth's shell is 800 km thick, two outer concentric shells separated by atmospheres and having their magnetic poles and a central core with a diameter like Venus, Mars, Mercury, while the spheres rotate at different speeds. He associated the presence of the Northern lights with the leakage of the inner atmosphere.

American engineer John Cleves Symmes told the world that the Earth is hollow, that it is inhabited inside, and that there are holes at the poles. He appealed to the American Congress in 1818 with a request to finance an expedition in search of an entrance to the inner cavity of the planet. But the expedition did not take place, as Congress did not even pay attention to his statements.


The book "The Smoky God, or A Voyage Journey to the Inner Earth" by Emerson tells about a very mysterious journey of two Norwegians: Olaf Jansen and his father. They were fishing in the area of the north, and they were carried away by the current into a hole near the North Pole, but they did not die but found themselves in a beautiful world in which a highly developed civilization lived, able to communicate telepathically.

The inhabitants of the inner world had disc-shaped flying machines that moved at the speed of light. They lived there for two years, and came to the surface already at the South Pole, his father dies there, and Olaf himself was able to get to Europe, but after telling about his adventures, he ends up in a mental hospital, and 24 years later he went to live in the USA, and there he met the author who wrote this book, telling in detail about everything, showing plans and maps.

I want to add that Olaf Jansen is a real person. Do you know what makes me rather believe in this story? The year of publication of the book is 1908! At that time, the topic of disc-shaped UFOs was not yet popularized, as was the term itself, like flying saucers.

In the last century there lived a very interesting man: a politician, Ambassador of Chile to India, Bulgaria, and Austria - Miguel Serrano. He communicated with such famous people as Indira Gandhi, Dalai Lama XIV, Roerichs, etc. After World War II, he worked at the UN. Serrano believed that it was possible to get inside the Earth through a system of caves in the Himalayas, Tibet, the Andes, and also near Antarctica, where there are oases of warm waters.

The theorist of "eternal ice doctrine" Hans Herbiger also believed that the Earth is hollow and that it will be possible to hide inside if the Moon suddenly falls to Earth. For us, this is complete madness. However, everyone knows that in 1947 the American military expedition "HighJump" under the command of Admiral Byrd spent six months off the coast of Antarctica for "scientific purposes", taking for the same "scientific purposes" the aircraft carrier "Casablanca", 25 aircraft, 7 helicopters, a submarine, 12 tankers and almost 5,000 crew members. So you could just go and conquer a small country. And here - a scientific expedition! And they began landing in the area of Queen Maud Land. By the way, there are different myths about this expedition! And then, at the end of the XX century, Byrd's diary, allegedly written and kept secret, pops up...

As you can see, the theory of the hollow Earth has been developing for a long time and persistently for more than one century. But not one of these tales is not supported by any evidence and artifacts, and suddenly!..

Wonderful pictures from NASA taken in the late 60s. Friends, it's just mind-boggling. I know for myself, I also believed at first...

But I know that under the ice there is the normal Arctic Ocean, and the ice does not reach the ground, that is, there is an ocean in a liquid state, and the ice is only on top, and the currents carry these ice, so they drift. It is this drift that travelers, discoverers, and researchers have used more than once. Below - water, above - ice. Everything has been combed up and down there by planes, on foot, and on icebreakers, most recently there was a scientific expedition that lowered its bathyscaphe. The shortage of satellite images is due to the inclination of the planet's orbit, as well as the fact that the sky is constantly covered with clouds there. But there are satellites that take pictures of our poles systematically, and no holes were found there.

It is not known where the ESSA - 3 and 7 images came from. Scientists are in no hurry to comment on them, and even academic science does not know exactly how our planet is arranged inside, and the Kola ultra-deep well showed that not everything is true in the theory about the internal structure of the Earth. We cannot say that the hollow Earth does not exist - it has not been proven. It is impossible to say that the hollow Earth exists - this is also not proven!

But you can talk about the hole at the North Pole: it is not there, and it is quite scientifically proven, examined, examined, combed, photographed thousands of times, and you can put an end to it.

North Pole

And what is depicted in the old NASA photos needs to be fully understood. So, there are several options. Perhaps everyone is hiding everything from us and the pictures are not real, and the government is trying to hide a highly developed civilization from us. The version is interesting, but we have no direct evidence, there are only indirect ones. Another version, with regard to the pictures themselves, is that this is a compilation of several pictures (after all, the meridians are also applied), as a result of which a hole was obtained from a flat image when rounded. This version is more like the truth. and it has nothing to do with the hollow earth, but it clarifies the origin of the strange opening in the pictures. As for the hollow earth, the questions will continue to remain until the theoretical calculations of our scientists are confirmed by practice - they will drill, lower the probe and look at everything. Agree, the current achievement of 12 km does not allow us to obtain objective data on the internal structure of the earth. Circumstantial evidence is not 100% evidence, and it is always worth remembering.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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