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The golden country is El Dorado. Where can the country from the myths of the Indians of South America be located?

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The golden country is El Dorado. Where can the country from the myths of the Indians of South America be located?

El Dorado is a country of the Ancient World. According to legends, many buildings of its settlements are made of gold and decorated with precious stones. The wealth of the cities of El Dorado is incalculable, and the population lives without knowing diseases and wars. What can I say? In fact, it sounds like a beautiful fairy tale. Everyone is doing well, and there are countless treasures around. Beauty! But, there are important explanations in this assignment. For example, when a person from outside (an alien) tries to find them, the country will be hidden from his eyes, and only travelers with the purest thoughts will be able to see El Dorado.


The text hints to us that the country of El Dorado is still not a myth, but it may well be discovered. For the first time, the conquistadors made attempts to penetrate into these incredible settlements. As we remember from history, the Europeans tried to take all the gold and jewelry out of America.


There is an opinion that El Dorado is a rite of rubbing the leader with gold.

Naturally, there was no question of the possibility of seeing the mysterious riches of El Dorado. In the 18th and 19th centuries, European mediums often pointed out that the way to the legendary country lies through the underworld. Given that mediums are very specific people and their knowledge is often difficult to verify, it's up to everyone to believe them or not. However, many believed it and went on multi-week expeditions.

As you know, so far no one has managed to find a mysterious country, but something interesting has been revealed to people. In Lake Guatavita, researchers have discovered beautiful jewelry works of art. The most sensational is the so-called golden raft. This is not an ornament, but a real model of the life of the Indians. When the discovery was made, many thought that it was an echo of El Dorado.


The golden raft of El Dorado.

This idea was supported by some psychics and contactees. They all, as one, declared that El Dorado rests under Lake Guatavita and it must be drained, then a hole will open into the underground cavities of America. Naturally, no one is going to drain the lake, but they decided to check with echo sounders.

It turned out that the bottom of the reservoir is really cut by large depressions, which, according to experts, can go hundreds of meters deep. It is interesting that all of them are flooded, and there is practically no possibility to go down there. Perhaps in the future, El Dorado will be discovered with the help of special equipment. In the meantime, the Colombian authorities have banned any work on the bottom of the reservoir. The fact is that Guatavita is a lake that is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. Experts believe that any large-scale work on its bottom can wake up the sleeping element.


An interesting hypothesis was expressed by Doctor of Historical Sciences Koltypin: "The legendary Aztlan and El Dorado may be part of the same thing. It is safe to say that these are echoes of ancient civilizations that have ceased to exist for some reason." The version has a place to be, but how can I check it? A big mystery.

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