Her eggs were taken by aliens, the woman confidently reported!

The woman confidently reported that her eggs were taken by aliens.

Users were divided into two camps. Some certainly believed her, while others assured her that her "experience" was just the effect of sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis, people often see dark figures and other frightening hallucinations.

Shira Lumira Rejois said that the incident had a huge impact on her and that she still remembers how she was floating in the air in her room when the aliens visited her.

This revelation was shared on social media. In 2018, the woman confidently claimed that aliens had come to her house and taken three of her eggs to breed hybrid children.

I have evidence in the form of scars where the alien beings took my eggs, which are visible on ultrasound. People may doubt the possibility of alien abductions, but my personal experience and physical evidence speak for themselves.

She said:

Shira Lumira Rejois recorded her revelation on video and a lot of people were interested in this video. They began to ask her various questions, including what she remembered during the abduction. After that, Shira published a series of short videos in which she told the details of her experience, saying that it was one of the most memorable moments in her life.

Shira Lumira Rejois

Shira Lumira Rejois 

She explained that she was not taken to the alien ship, but they did everything right in her house.

I was lying on the couch in my apartment, falling asleep, and suddenly I felt that I couldn't move. I looked at the door and it opened and there was a figure standing there looking like a man. It was gray in color, but with a black outline.

When they grabbed me, my body flew up to where I'm sitting now, I was literally levitating in the air, and my legs were spread wide apart

Shira Lumira Rejois:

Shira did not know that the eggs were extracted from her, but later she communicated with a psychic and he told her literally the following: "You have three hybrid babies, they took your eggs."

I had no idea about it until I met this person, but my intuition was telling. that he's right. After that, I stopped taking any substances that could act as irritants.

I refused cigarettes, coffee, alcohol. I began to go out into nature a lot more, healing myself and my body. In the end, I even completely changed my name because of how radical the impact on me was because of this experience.

She said:

The users were divided into two groups. However, the dismissive group's skepticism towards Shira's 'experience' as a result of sleep paralysis was unfounded. Sleep paralysis often causes people to see dark figures and other frightening hallucinations, but Shira's account was consistent with other reports of alien abductions. It is important to take these claims seriously, even if they seem strange.

The UFO-AC Research group team strongly advises against blindly trusting the opinions of psychics. None of them accurately predicted the current state of the world. It is crucial to remain objective. The decision of whether or not to believe this attractive woman is ultimately up to the individual.

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