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The earliest evidence of UFOs. UFO sightings of the past

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The earliest evidence of UFOs. UFO sightings of the past

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many references to unidentified flying objects, and some of them have even been captured on cameras. In this list, you will learn about the earliest evidence in favor of UFOs, documented by happy and frightened eyewitnesses. By the way, about contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, it was even said by very reputable historical figures!

Edmund Halley saw more than just a comet

Astronomer Edmund Halley, who became the first person to point out Halley's comet, during his entire scientific career managed to observe 2 other unidentified objects that flew high above the earth several centuries ago.

The first incident occurred in March 1676. Halley then wrote that it was "a huge body, obviously larger than the moon." According to the astronomer, the object flew at an altitude of 64 kilometers directly above it. Halley also noted that the body made a sound similar to "the rumble of a cart rushing over rocks." After observing the flight of the UFO for a few minutes, the scientist estimated that the speed of the object was over 15,500 kilometers per hour.

Astronomer Edmund Halley

Alexander the Great's Campaign

In 329 BC, during a military campaign, Alexander the Great and his army crossed the river. It was then that his men saw the silver shields in the sky, with rings of fire around them. The objects dived several times in the air directly towards the squad, until the war elephants and horses were so frightened that they refused to go any further. Alexander and his army were unable to cross the river that day, and the group had to try again the next morning.

Alexander the Great. UFO

UFO incident, crash in Aurora, Texas, USA

In 1897, many years before the UFO crash in Roswell (Roswell, American city), another mysterious disaster occurred in the United States. At approximately 6 am in the town of Aurora, Texas, an unidentified vessel fell directly on the mill of a local judge Proctor. The object exploded into many small fragments. In the process of cleaning up the wreckage, some of them were found to have supposedly alien writing, resembling hieroglyphs.

Also at the scene of the accident, the badly mutilated corpse of the "Martian pilot" was found. The city authorities decided to bury him in their cemetery, where the creature is still supposed to be buried under a layer of soil. However, you will hardly be able to visit the grave, because someone stole a marker indicating the exact location of the "alien".

Texas, Aurora

Alien Battle in Marseille, France

On the evening of August 25, 1608, near the French city of Marseilles, people noticed a lone spaceship moving in the sky on a chaotic trajectory. At some point, the object hovered between the sky and the ground, and two creatures got out of it, which began to fight with each other. A similar scene was soon observed in the Nice area.

A similar UFO battle also took place a few kilometers away in another city – Genoa. According to contemporaries, there was a heavy downpour of red color throughout the next week. The memories of such a large number of people give almost no reason for doubt, and what is especially interesting – the same event was described by people who were unfamiliar with each other, who lived in a time when flying machines were not yet in use.

Alien Battle in Marseille, France

Celestial geometry in Nuremberg, Germany

On the morning of April 14, 1561, the citizens of Nuremberg had the opportunity to watch the incredible action right in the sky. According to the Germans, they saw two giant black cylinders releasing black and blue spheres, blood-red crosses, and white disks into the air. The show lasted for about an hour, and at the end, some of the fantastic figures headed straight for the rising sun. Witnesses also reported seeing several objects fall outside the city.

The balls were collected in a row of three pieces, sometimes forming a quadrilateral, and some flew separately. Blood-colored crosses floated between them. Residents saw 2 huge pipes, which also had 3 or 4 balls. All these elements seemed to be fighting each other.

The local newspaper then wrote something like this:

UFO battle in Basel, Switzerland

At dawn on August 7, 1566, residents of the Swiss city of Basel saw black spheres engaged in an extraordinary aerial battle for as long as 4 hours in a row.

Samuel Coccius, who described the incident in the city newspaper, said something like this: "When the sun had already risen, the townspeople saw large black balls moving at high speed towards the sun. At some point, they turned around and started fighting each other. During the battle, many of the balls turned red and exploded. It looks like they were dying that way."

Bazel UFO battle

New Zealand has been watching UFOs for weeks

For almost a month in the winter of 1909, news of unidentified aircraft of various sizes and shapes appeared in New Zealand newspapers. Vesti reported the appearance of UFOs in completely different parts of the country. The places where these objects were seen most often became so popular that in the hope of seeing ghost ships, people came here just to watch the night sky for hours.

The appearance of UFOs occurred both during the day and at night, but no one managed to get closer to these objects than 30 meters. According to official data, at the time of the appearance of these aircraft in the sky of New Zealand, there should not have been a single simple plane. According to numerous reports, UFOs began their demonstrations in the southern part of the country, then moved north, and eventually went towards Australia.

Not original photo, just example

Boston UFO Incident, Massachusetts

In 1639, Americans noticed a strange light in the sky over Boston. The beam traveled at high speed over the Charles River from Back Bay Fens Park to Charlestown. Governor John Winthrop even wrote about this unique glow in his personal diary. Winthrop's testimony can be considered fairly reliable since he was a man of good reputation and high status.

This year, James Everell (James Everell), a non-drinking and reserved man, and two other companions saw a bright light in the sky over the Muddy River (Muddy). When the light stopped, it suddenly flashed and became almost 3 meters in size, and then with the speed of an arrow rushed towards Charleston. For almost 2 or 3 hours, this beam was going up and down. The men followed the unknown celestial fire for a kilometer and a half, but eventually, it disappeared from sight in the same place where it was seen at the very beginning. Several other trustworthy people told the same story about the unusual light in the same place.

The governor wrote the following

Boston beam

Eyewitnesses from Windsor Castle, England

On the evening of 9: 45, August 18, 1783, 4 people were resting on the terrace of Windsor Castle. Suddenly, they saw a glowing object in the sky. Descriptions of this phenomenon are very similar to a meteor, except for the part in which eyewitnesses report the temporary hovering of a UFO and its multicolored iridescence. A year later, a report appeared in the scientific journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, confirming the words of the Windsor witnesses.

The article referred to an oblong cloud moving more or less parallel to the horizon. Beneath the cloud was a glowing object that soon took on the shape of a sphere. The ball first appeared to be a pale blue, but then its brightness suddenly increased, and the object moved away towards the east, dazzling. Then it changed direction and headed towards the southeast, again moving parallel to the ground. The light that the sphere emitted was so bright that it illuminated everything around it like the sun rising in the middle of the night.

Eyewitnesses from Windsor Castle, England

Pharaoh Thutmose III also saw a UFO

There is an assumption that the Tylli Papyrus is the oldest written evidence of contact with UFOs, documented in ancient Egypt. The papyrus includes records about the pharaoh Thutmose III (Thutmose), who ruled in the period from 1504 to 1450 BC. According to the chronicles, the paranormal phenomenon occurred in 1480 BC.

The chronicles describe a divine disc of fire that suddenly descended from the heavens. The sphere was emitting " bad breath, but it didn't have a head". The dimensions of the disc were 1 genus in length and 1 genus in width (an old unit of measurement, approximately 46 cm). The confused scribes bowed before the fire and hurried to inform the Pharaoh about it.

Thutmose ordered the sphere to be watched, while he fell into deep thought about what had happened. A few days later, it was no longer a single UFO, but several celestial objects that shone brighter than the sun itself. As the spheres rose high into the sky and disappeared from view, birds and fish fell to the ground. In order to appease the gods, the Pharaoh ordered incense to be lit and ordered the scribes to write about the glow in their chronicles.

Egypt UFO

UFO sightings by Jose Bonilla

In 1883, the Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla saw in the foggy sky an object flying directly in front of the solar disk. As a result, against the background of the sun, he managed to count several hundred dark spots moving at high speed high in the sky. The astronomer carefully recorded and documented everything he saw, as well as taking several photos. Bonilla believed that they were UFOs, and did not try to find any other explanation for what happened.

Three years later, the board of the French astronomical journal suggested that the photos showed either birds or bugs running through the camera lenses. In 2011, three Mexican researchers proposed a different version, which sounds much better against the background of French accusations of the incompetence of their overseas colleague. American astronomers believe that since Bonilla counted 447 objects in the sky in just 2 days, it could have been an exploding comet.

Jose Bonilla

Christopher Columbus

On October 11, 1492, while circling the deck of the ship Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus saw "a light flickering at a great distance from the earth." He hurried to call his colleague Pedro Gutierrez (Pedro Gutierrez), who also testified about the unusual glow. The beam disappeared and reappeared several times in the middle of the night, moving up and down, and constantly flashing.

4 hours after the incident, the sailors discovered America. Columbus later said that this mysterious light was a sign that they would sail to a new land and discover a hitherto unknown land.

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