In search of Hyperborea — why the data of Alexander Barchenko's expedition were classified

In quest of Hyperborea — why the data of Alexander Barchenko's expedition were classified

At the beginning of the last century, many famous researchers were interested in solving the great mysteries of the past, one of which is the location of Hyperborea. One of these scientists was Alexander Barchenko.

Brain Institute and Scientific expedition

In 1920, Barchenko was invited to make a presentation at the Brain Institute. Here the scientist met Academician Vladimir Bekhterev. The men had common interests, they quickly found a common language.

At that time, the specialists of the Brain Institute, among other things, tried to find a scientific explanation for such phenomena as telepathy, hypnosis, telekinetics. It was the first institute of its kind in which a significant role was given to electrophysiology, neurochemistry, biophysics.

Hyperborea expedition

On January 30, 1920, at the academic commission on the assignment of Academician Bekhterev, Barchenko was elected a member of the conference, as well as the head of a scientific expedition to the Russian north. The purpose of the mission is to understand and understand what the mysterious polar hysteria is. A disease that drove the northern population crazy, which could not be explained from a scientific point of view. The symptoms of all patients are identical. Literally in an instant, someone who had just been an ordinary person became possessed. His body stopped obeying — convulsions and spasms began. The patient had incredible physical strength. For example, a teenager could not be held by 7 adult men.

In Search of Hyperborea

Nominally, the scientist and his team members were studying algae. Formally, they were looking for traces of the lost Hyperborea and the mysterious polar hysteria. And we have achieved some success.

Many megaliths were found, the origin of which could not be explained from the point of view of nature. For example, majestic granite blocks, precisely carved by someone so as to resemble human faces. In the areas of the little-studied tundra, Barchenko and company have repeatedly seen fragments of an ancient stone road that seemed to start from nowhere and end nowhere. Everyone was struck by the correct shape of the stone, and the compass also showed that it was oriented according to the countries of the world. Later, Barchenko found out that, although the Lapps universally profess the Orthodox faith, they secretly worship the Sun god and offer bloodless sacrifices to stone blocks - menhirs, in Lappish - "Sieidi".

Tunnels in Hyperborea

The members of the expedition were not able to get inside the tunnel, although they took several attempts

The most unexpected discovery was a mysterious passage deep underground, paved with granite. The members of the group could not find out what was in it. Every time they approached the hole, they were possessed by a primal horror, which they could not overcome. Local shamans said that there are several such tunnels and they are all sacred.



There were other strange finds. At the very beginning of the study, the group found a huge column of yellowish stone. Near her, people fell into a kind of trance state, they were seized by an inexplicable fear. These are all signs of a mysterious measurement. The locals said that the block was left by representatives of the Chud people who went to live deep underground.

After crossing Lovozero by sailing boat, the expedition moved on in the direction of the nearby Lake Seidozero, which was revered as sacred. A straight path cut through the taiga thicket, overgrown with moss and small shrubs, led to it. At the top point of the clearing, from where the view of Lovozero and Lake Seydozero opened simultaneously, there was another rectangular stone.

From this place, an island is visible on one side in Lovozero - a Horn Island, on which only the Lappish sorcerers could set foot. There were deer antlers lying there. If the sorcerer moves his horns, a storm will rise on the lake. On the other side, the opposite steep rocky shore of Lake Seidozero is visible, but on these rocks a huge figure, the size of St. Isaac's Cathedral, is quite clearly visible

Alexander Kondiain wrote in his diary:

Kuiva. Translated from the Sami Kuiva means "old man"

Kuiva. Translated from the Sami Kuiva means "old man"

Its contours are dark as if carved in stone. A figure in the “padmaasana" pose. In the photo taken from this shore, it could be easily distinguished." The figure on the rock, which reminded Kondiain of a Hindu yogi– is the "Old Men" from the Lappish legend.

The members of the expedition spent the night on the shore of the Seidozer in one of the Lopar chums. The next morning they decided to swim up to the cliff to get a better look at the mysterious figure, but the lapps flatly refused to give a boat. In total, the travelers spent about a week at Lake Seidozero. During this time, they made friends with the lapps, and they showed them one of the "underground passages". However, it was not possible to get into the dungeon, because the entrance to it was filled up with earth...

On the way back, Barchenko and his companions tried to make an excursion to the "forbidden" Horn Island again. The boy, the son of a local priest, agreed to transport the members of the expedition on his sailboat. But as soon as they approached the island, a strong wind rose, drove the sailboat away, and broke the mast. In the end, the travelers washed up on a tiny, completely bare island, where they spent the night shivering from the cold. And in the morning we somehow dragged ourselves to Lovozersk by rowing.

The participants of the Lapland expedition returned to Petrograd in the late autumn of 1922. On November 29, Kondiain spoke at a meeting of the geographical section of the society "World Studies" with a report on the results of his trip, which was called "In the land of fairy tales and sorcerers". In it, he told about the amazing finds made by the expedition, which, in his opinion, indicate that the local Lapps come from "some older cultural race."

And after a while, a sensational interview with the head of the expedition and images of mysterious monuments of "ancient Lapland culture" appeared in Petrograd newspapers. "Prof. Barchenko discovered the remains of ancient cultures dating back to a period older than the era of the birth of Egyptian civilization," Krasnaya Gazeta informed readers on February 19, 1923.

Many believe that the Kola Peninsula is the ancestral home of human civilization.

People believe that the Kola Peninsula is the ancestral home of human civilization.

To this day, the Lapps of Russian Lapland honor the remains of prehistoric religious centers and monuments that have survived in the corners of the region inaccessible to the penetration of culture. For example, a hundred and fifty versts from the railway and 50 versts from the Lovozersky churchyard, the expedition managed to find the remains of one of these religious centers – the sacred lake Seid Lake with the remains of colossal sacred images, prehistoric clearings in virgin taybol (more often), with half-collapsed underground passages-trenches that protected the approaches to the sacred lake.

Local lapps are extremely unfriendly to attempts to examine interesting monuments more thoroughly. The expedition was refused a boat, warned that approaching the statues would entail all sorts of misfortunes on our and their heads

The discoverer himself told about his findings as follows:

Barchenko's story ended with a statement referring to the opinion of "a number of authoritative ethnographers and anthropologists" that the Lapps are "the oldest ancestors of the peoples who subsequently left the northern latitudes." At the same time, he noted that "recently, the theory has been strengthened, according to which the Lapps, in parallel with the dwarf tribes of all parts of the world, appear to be the oldest progenitors of the now much taller white race." Barchenko's research interested the authorities, and soon he received an invitation to cooperate from a prominent security officer Gleb Bokia.

As for the phenomenon of polar hysteria, Barchenko failed to shed serious light on the resolution of this issue. So, the locals believe that people exposed to it are either attacked by demons, or born to serve them, or there were shamans in their family. Scientific explanations only fix the symptoms, but do not explain the causes. By the way, the locals treat this phenomenon with humor.

Under the heading "Secret"

It is known that scientist has collected a lot of material that has not been made public. Here we have published only the information that we managed to get. Today, according to one version, these data are stored in the archives of the competent authorities of Russia. And apparently, they are a state secret. Has Barchenko found Hyperborea? We can definitely say that he definitely found traces of a highly developed civilization, as well as entrances to the dungeon.

His expedition was haunted by events that were inexplicable at that time. But let's speculate with you, because a highly developed civilization could have left various devices and devices that would not be allowed to them, and this is far from fantastic. Unfortunately, the period of time when the study was carried out was not very stable for Russia at that time, which did not allow for a full investigation of the objects and artifacts found.


The scientist himself was repressed and shot on Stalin's orders. Probably, Barchenko collected materials that should not have become public under any pretext. If you are interested in the subject of Hyperborea, then you can read this article. And that's it for today.

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