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Flying saucers found in Chinese mine

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Stone disks found in Chinese mine

In the village of Huanggu, Jiangxi Province (China), while clearing a site for a coal mine, workers discovered a strange stone block – a disk with a small bulge in the middle. They began to dig further: another stone appeared from under the ground – ideally similar to the first, then another… In total, the miners pulled out ten identical blocks. Their diameter is about 3 meters, weight - 400 kilograms. Archaeologists have already arrived in Huanggu, but so far they have no assumptions about the purpose of these artifacts.

Stone disks found in Chinese mine. Flying saucers?

It would be possible to consider these disks as some objects of the cult of the ancient Chinese, if not for previous finds. In 1938, an archaeological expedition working on the border with Tibet in the spurs of the Bayan-Khara-Ula ridge discovered a strange cemetery - hundreds of caves hollowed out in the rock, each of which contained one body. It was not the method of burial that was surprising – in Tibet, almost half of the population lives in natural or dug caves - but the fact that all the corpses did not exceed 115 centimeters in height.

There was an anthropologist on the expedition who determined that the mummified creatures differ in structure from the Chinese and Tibetans, and from other peoples living in this part of Asia. In total, scientists found 716 graves. In each of them, a small stone disk lay at the feet of the deceased. On some of them, in ancient Chinese, it was written about certain apparatuses that flew to these places 12 thousand years ago. Like, some people controlled the devices – dropa. It was also said about another tribe - ham. But neither one nor the other is unknown in Chinese history.

Flying saucers found in Chinese mine

When it was time to return, the archaeologists took with them a dozen of these artifacts. But after the ongoing war with Japan, the Second World War, and the “cultural revolution” of the 60s, when the Red Guards smashed institutions and museums, not a single disc was preserved. The report of the expedition, in which the exact coordinates of the unusual cemetery were indicated, also disappeared. It is not acceptable to take the word for it in science, so experts have long considered this story a myth. Moreover, it is unclear where in a war-torn country there were funds for an expedition to uninhabited areas.

This was the case until 1994, when one of the Austrian engineers who worked under contract in China in the museum of the suburb of one of the oldest cities in China, Xi'an, discovered something suitable for the description of the ”dropa disk". Although there are no hieroglyphs on these stones, the drawings on them clearly depict something cosmic. But no clear interpretation has yet appeared.

Now Chinese archaeologists will examine the stone disks discovered in Jiangxi province. They hope that there may also be drawings or inscriptions on them under the petrified crust, which was formed due to the peculiarities of the local climate, telling about the history of the mysterious drops.

However, in our opinion, these disks are more similar not to drop disks, but rather to similar disks found in Karakan (Russia), watch the video below and see for yourself.

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