The Dropa Stone Discs - non-human elements

The Dropa Stone Discs - non-human elements

The little-known mountains in China, called Bayan-Kara-Ula, could hardly have become famous if not for the expedition in 1938. Under the leadership of Dr. Chi Pu Tei, research was conducted, which resulted in the discovery of tombs of unknown creatures and disks on which ancient texts were applied as on records…

The Dropa Disks - Alien library?

After studying the caves in detail, a group of archaeologists soon learned that it was a kind of cemetery. All the walls inside the cave were covered with images of the sun, moon, and stars, and the walls were painted with images of people with long heads.

There were also graves here. After their autopsy, archaeologists found the remains of unknown creatures there. They were just over 1 meter tall, their skulls were significantly different from human skulls and were disproportionately long and large than human skulls.

The Dropa Stone Discs - non-human element

In each grave, mysterious disks were found, saddled with stone. They were 30 cm in diameter and almost 1 cm thick, and archaeologists found them similar in appearance to modern vinyl records, as they also had a hole in the center. On the disk itself, from the edge to the hole, there was a spiral with small hieroglyphs. The texts on the disks were deciphered in 1962.

The Dropa Stone Discs - non-human elements

Tsum Um Nui, a professor at the Beijing Academy of Sciences, partially translated the text from the disks. The translation was made available for discussion by other scholars and immediately thereafter the government banned its further publication.

Alien "Dropa" Stay on Earth

It told the story of how an alien spaceship crashed in the Bayan Kara-Ula area more than 12,000 years ago. The aliens called themselves "Dropa", they never managed to repair their aircraft and they were forced to stay on Earth, adapting to local conditions.

Dropa disks

The aliens encountered the locals during their stay and were destroyed by them for some time. In the text on the disks, there are places where it is clearly mentioned that the "Dropa" has visited Earth not for the first time and almost always with bad intentions. This, according to Professor Tsum Um Nui, was the reason for such aggression on the part of local residents. After the publication of the translation of the hieroglyphs from the Drop disks, the professor was "asked to leave" his post at the Beijing Academy.

The alien skulls had an elongated shape

The alien skulls had an elongated shape

After that, the most interesting events in this story with the disks began. All the unusual skeletons disappeared, and almost all of the 716 disks found were "lost" or destroyed. The discovery was silenced and everything would most likely have ended in complete oblivion, if not for…

In the mid-sixties, an article about mysterious caves and found disks was published in the Soviet magazine Sputnik, immediately after this publication, researchers around the world began talking about the disks and they became known to the world community. This story has attracted the attention of the public and scientists for many years.

The Dropa Stone Discs - non-human elements 

In 1968, the Drop disks were transferred to the Soviet scientist V. Zaitsev. During a detailed study of the properties and materials of the disks, he discovered a strange and mysterious fact: when checking the stones with an oscilloscope, mysterious vibrations were registered. It gave the impression that the stones were charged with electrical energy and worked on the principle of electrical conductors. Also, it was found that the disks contain a large percentage of cobalt and metal.

The Dropa Stone Discs - non-human elements

Over time, the Dropa disks were forgotten. But one day, a certain engineer from Austria, whose name was Wegerer, during a trip to China, photographed in one of the museums 2 disks that he managed to find. The director of the museum was not against the photos but refused to answer the question about the origin of the disks. Today, no one knows where all the artifacts found in the cave at that time went – there are no skeletons, no disks themselves. There are only old polaroid images of the stones left and it is not possible to study them again…

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