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Livingston Incident. Dechmont Woods Encounter

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Robert Taylor incident. Dechmont Woods Encounter

43 years ago, Scotsman Robert Taylor said that he was abducted by aliens while walking through the woods, which caused a real police investigation. Many people in the UK still consider this case to be one of the most plausible claims about UFOs.Taylor's case is also still the only UFO incident in the United Kingdom that has been investigated by the police. Taylor had mostly torn trousers from the evidence, but the police seriously studied the nature of the tears on his trousers and then came to the conclusion that they could not really understand what could have left such damage.

 Robert Taylor incident. Dechmont Woods Encounter

43 years ago, Robert Taylor worked as a forester in a forest near the Scottish town of Livingston. On November 9, 1979, he was making his usual evening rounds when he came to a clearing and saw a strange disk-shaped object with a high dome in its center. The height of the object was about 30 feet (9 meters). Taylor came closer to him to get a better look, but did not have time to do so, as two spheres suddenly appeared from the object, studded with "spikes". They surrounded Taylor, hooked his clothes with "spikes" and pulled, and then he abruptly lost consciousness.

Spheres with spikes.

Taylor regained consciousness in the same clearing and when he looked at his watch, he realized that he had been lying there for about 20 minutes. He was very agitated and his clothes looked torn and disheveled. Robert Taylor, who died in 2007, was a respected war hero and was well known in his neighborhood as a teetotaler and a very religious man. When he told the neighbors about what had happened to him, they immediately believed him, since no one doubted his sincerity.

In the following years, Taylor constantly claimed that everything was exactly as he told it and he never allowed his words to be doubted until his death. According to Taylor, he did not remember anything about what happened to him after the spiked spheres surrounded him, except for a strong smell of burning. And when he woke up, he noticed an unusual pattern in the center of the clearing, pressed deep into the ground.

When he reported the incident to the police, he was also taken seriously and a group led by investigator Det Con Ian Wark was immediately sent to the clearing.

Traces left by UFOs

He reportedly told the BBC that he, too, had seen strange footprints on the ground - about 32 holes, all 3.5 inches in diameter, similar to those that could have been left by the tracks of a bulldozer.

After examining all the cars they had, we didn't find anything suitable

He declared:

Next, the investigator paid a visit to the forestry to check if there were any equipment there that could leave such traces and also found nothing relevant.

These marks were quite fresh and they appeared there (in the clearing) as if from nowhere. It's like a helicopter landed from the sky or something like that

Det Con Ian Wark says:

A police report from that year stated that footprints on the ground indicated that "there was an object weighing several tons, but there was nothing to indicate that it had been driven or towed here from somewhere."

There was no rational explanation for these marks

wrote Officer William Douglas:

Taylor's torn trousers were also sent for forensic examination, but that was before DNA analysis was introduced into criminology, so the analysis focused only on how the damage was done. The forensic medical examiner reported that the trousers, apparently, were damaged by something that hooked them and then pulled them up sharply, which corresponded to Taylor's story.

Many theories have been put forward regarding what really happened to Mr. Taylor - with everything from the ball lightning incident to the fact that he simply ate poisonous berries and had hallucinations. Some people speculated that Taylor might have had an epileptic seizure, but at the time there was no evidence to support this.

Detective Horse Wark said he could still believe in the seizure theory, but he was sure that the seizure definitely could not have left those footprints on the ground that he saw.

UFO incident

Despite the existence of a police report, there are certain doubts about the reliability of the information provided. First of all, I would like to pay attention to the shape of the object. Not a single detail was reported that could not have existed in 1979, not a single technological solution, such as holograms, teleportation, and so on. Instead, we see a description of flying mini saucers with a dome on "their legs". Moreover, judging by the drawing, we again see the device according to the ideas about airplanes and other equipment of the past. As for the police report, the scheme is of course fine, but we did not find any photos attached to the report. And finally, if there was an abduction, then why drag a highly developed civilization by the trousers? What was the goal? No information. Are there any witnesses of UFOs in the sky during the same period? No. The closest case in November 1979 November is the "Manises UFO incident", this case is well documented.

This is certainly an interesting case, but we cannot say that it really happened.

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